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İngilizce - Türkçe
{s} zamanından önce

Mary 16 saatlik bir kıtalararası uçuş sırasında, zamanından önce doğdu. - Mary was born prematurely during a 16 hour transcontinental flight.

Zamanından önce doğdum. - I was born prematurely.

vaktinden evvel
zamanından önce olan
(Tıp) ekstrasistol

Tom vakitsiz konuştu. - Tom spoke prematurely.


Anlamsız bir yaşam, erken doğmuş bir ölümdür. - A pointless life is a premature death.

Mary'nin bebeği üç hafta erken doğdu. - Mary's baby was three weeks premature.

erken doğmuş

Anlamsız bir yaşam, erken doğmuş bir ölümdür. - A pointless life is a premature death.

mevsimsiz olarak
{s} erken doğmuş, prematüre (bebek)
prematurity vaktinden evvel gelişme
{s} zamanından önce olan/gelişen, erken
prematurelyvaktinden evvel
(Tıp) Vaktinden önce (erken) olan veya gelişen
vaktinden evvel olan veya gelişen
(Tıp) Erken doğan
(Tıp) erken vuru
premature infant
(Tıp) prematüre bebek
premature beat
erken vuru
premature birth
erken doğum
premature ignition
erken ateşleme
premature menopause
erken menopoz
premature death
erken ölüm
premature baby
vaktinden önce doğmuş çocuk
premature baby
önce doğmuş çocuk
premature contact
(Diş Hekimliği) Erken temas
premature disability
erken malullük
premature dud
premature inflation
(Ticaret) erken enflasyon
premature labor
(Tıp) prematüre doğum yapmak
premature labor
(Tıp) prematüre doğum eylemi
premature leaf
orta olgunluk
premature performance
(Kanun) vaktinden evvel ifa
premature release
(Kanun) erken tahliye
premature stiffening
erken katılaşma
premature stiffening
(İnşaat) yalancı priz

Karım erken 1500 gramlık bir bebek kız doğurdu. - My wife gave birth prematurely to a 1500-gram baby girl.

zamanından önce
physeal premature closure
physeal erken kapanması
Türkçe - Türkçe
Vaktinden önce, erken doğmuş bebek
İngilizce - İngilizce
Taking place earlier than anticipated, prepared for, or desired
Occurring before a state of readiness or maturity has arrived

A premature birth.

coming too soon
{a} ripe too soon, too early, too hasty
A premature baby is one that was born before the date when it was expected to be born. When my daughter Emma was born she was two and a half months premature. + prematurely prema·ture·ly Danny was born prematurely, weighing only 3lb 3oz
uncommonly early or before the expected time; "illness led to his premature death"; "alcohol brought him to an untimely end"
You can say that something is premature when it happens too early and is therefore inappropriate. It now seems their optimism was premature + prematurely prema·ture·ly Holmgren is careful not to celebrate prematurely
uncommonly early or before the expected time; "illness led to his premature death"; "alcohol brought him to an untimely end" born after a gestation period of less than the normal time; "a premature infant
Happening, arriving, existing, or performed before the proper or usual time; adopted too soon; too early; untimely; as, a premature fall of snow; a premature birth; a premature opinion; premature decay
Infant born before 37 weeks gestation
{s} mature before the proper time; untimely, before the proper time; too early; hasty, hurried
Occuring before the usual or expected time
too soon or too hasty; "our condemnation of him was a bit previous"; "a premature judgment"
born after a gestation period of less than the normal time; "a premature infant"
Mature or ripe before the proper time; as, the premature fruits of a hotbed
describes a baby born before 37 weeks of pregnancy
Arriving or received without due authentication or evidence; as, a premature report
Something that is premature happens earlier than usual or earlier than people expect. Accidents are still the number one cause of premature death for Americans a twenty-four-year-old man who suffered from premature baldness. + prematurely prema·ture·ly The war and the years in the harsh mountains had prematurely aged him
born after a gestation period of less than the normal time; "a premature infant
premature antifascist
One who opposed fascism at a time when the United States government was still on relatively friendly terms with fascist Italy and (to a lesser extent) Nazi Germany, especially a supporter of the Second Spanish Republic in the Spanish Civil War
premature birth
: Childbirth occurring earlier than 37 completed weeks of gestation, but later than 20th week, which is regarded a miscarriage
premature birth
The birth of an infant prior to the completion of its prenatal development
premature births
plural form of premature birth
premature ejaculation
The occurrence of male orgasm too quickly during intercourse
premature ejaculations
plural form of premature ejaculation
premature aging
early aging of the body
premature articulation
speaking without thinking, saying something before considering it
premature baby
an infant that is born prior to 37 weeks of gestation
premature baby
baby that is born before it reaches the full term of development, baby born before its time
premature birth
Birth less than 37 weeks after conception. Infants born as early as 23-24 weeks may survive but many face lifelong disabilities (e.g., cerebral palsy, blindness, deafness). Premature infants account for 8-9% of live births but two-thirds of infant deaths. 40-50% of cases have no explanation; other cases can be attributed to such causes as maternal hypertension or diabetes, multiple pregnancy, or placental separation. With good care, about 85% of live-born premature infants should survive. Infants born very early (before 32-34 weeks) lack fully developed lungs and often develop respiratory distress syndrome. They also have problems maintaining body temperature and fighting infection. Most deaths result from breathing problems, infections, and brain or lung hemorrhages. Premature infants are characterized by low birth weight, small size, irregular breathing, absence of subcutaneous fat, and thin skin
premature child
child that is born more than two weeks early
premature death
Death that occurs before the projected age of 75
premature death
In life insurance terminology, death of the insured occurring when the family is normally relying on the earnings of the insured for support Death that occurs other than in retirement years when one's major responsibilities are fulfilled
premature death
A death that occurs before statistical expectation, usually attributable to a specific cause, and usually referring to deaths statistically estimated in a population rather than to individuals
premature death
death occurring by unnatural causes (murder, car accident, etc, ) before old age
premature ejaculation
ejaculation during the early stages of sexual excitement or soon after the insertion of the penis into the vagina
premature ejaculation
ejaculation of sperm before penetration
premature ejaculation
More rapid occurrence of climax and ejaculation in the male during sexual intercourse than he or his partner wishes
premature labor
labor beginning prior to the 37th week of gestation
premature nursery
special hospital room for supervising babies born before a full-term pregnancy
premature ventricular contraction
irregularity of cardiac rhythm; recurrent occurrences can be a precursor of ventricular fibrillation
In a premature manner; too soon or too early
{a} too early, too soon, too hastily
physeal premature closure
(Tıp, İlaç) Usually the result of injury and seen most often in dogs. Causes abnormal development of the bone, the type and severity depending on the age of the animal and the particular location. The most vulnerable are the radius and ulna, mainly because closure of one physis results in unequal growth of the two parallel bones and angular deformity often results
it is premature
it is too early, it is untimely, it would be hasty; it is incomplete, it is undeveloped
(of childbirth) before the end of the normal period of gestation; "the child was born prematurely"
before the proper time; too early, too soon; rashly, hurriedly, hastily
(of childbirth) before the end of the normal period of gestation; "the child was born prematurely
Occurring before the proper time, early, too young
too soon; in a premature manner; "I spoke prematurely"