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İngilizce - İngilizce
Flair, zest, or vitality; vigor; energy

The show had a lot of pizzazz, with glittering costumes and upbeat music.

the activeness of an energetic personality
approval If you say that someone or something has pizzazz, you mean that they are very exciting, energetic, and stylish. a young woman with a lot of energy and pizzazz. something that has pizzazz is exciting and has a strong interesting style (Probably an invented word)
{i} vigor, energy, courage, spunk
Of, characterized by, or exhibiting pizazz

To make the cereal brand seem sexier and more exciting, the campaign renamed the dull old shredded wheat squares as punchy, pizazzy New Diamond Shreddies..

{i} courage, daringness; vitality, "spunk", pep
Alternate spelling of pizzazz
{i} pizzazz, vigor, energy, courage, spunk