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Simple past tense and past participle of pen
Confined in a pen, imprisoned

Of innocent merriment! — W.S. Gilbert, The Mikado.

Penned or shut up; closely confined
Penned or shut up; confined; often with up
closely confined
{s} shut in, jailed, confined; shut, closed
repressed or suppressed, especially of emotions or impulses

He punched his pillow and screamed at the top of his lungs about all the pent-up frustrations from the day.

not expressed
Pent-up emotions, energies, or forces have been held back and not expressed, used, or released. He still had a lot of pent-up anger to release. pent-up feelings or energy have not been expressed or used for a long time (pent an old past participle of pen; PEN2)
pent up
held in, inhibited, withheld
characterized by or showing the suppression of impulses or emotions; "her severe upbringing had left her inhibited"; "a very inhibited young man, anxious and ill at ease"; "their reactions were partly the product of pent-up emotions"; "repressed rage turned his face scarlet

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    /ˈpent/ /ˈpɛnt/


    [ 'pent ] (adjective.) 1550. probably from past participle of obsolete English pend to confine.

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