on the line

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İngilizce - Türkçe
telefonda olmak
telefonla konuşmak

Onun kariyeri tehlikede. - Her career is on the line.

Benim kariyerim tehlikede. - My career is on the line.


Telefonda sizin için bir Bay Kimura var. - There is a Mr. Kimura on the line for you.

Tom'a telefonda sahibim. - I have Tom on the line.

peşin ödeme
(deyim) Risk altında

Mothers can easily lay themselves on the line for their children. Anneler, çocukları uğruna kendilerini kolayca riske atarlar.

peşin (ödeme)
on line
on line
on line
(Bilgisayar) hat üzerinde
to be on the line
tehlikede olmak
to be on the line
risk altında olmak
on a line
aynı hizada
on line
on a line
bir sırada
İngilizce - İngilizce
On one of the lines marked on a playing field or court

The ball was on the line but the umpire ruled it out.

at risk (dependent upon success) in a contest or enterprise

I have a stalker, my life is on the line! - Gabrielle, from Desperate Housewives Season 3 episode 13.

on a level with the eye of the spectator; said of a picture, as hung in an exhibition of pictures
Calling on the telephone

I have John on the line for you.

(deyim) at great risk : "puts his future on the line by backing that policy"
(deyim) on the border between two categories
talking on the telephone
on line
On a queue; waiting one's turn for something

I'm waiting on line at the bakery.

on line
To be part of a network of computers
on line
1   In computer technology, the state or condition of a device or equipment that is under the direct control of another device   2   In computer technology, the status of a device that is functional and ready for service
on line
Accessible by computer For a computer sitting on a desk, only data on disks are on-line If the computer also has a modem, and can connect to a computer network, than anything on that network is on-line Any computer that accepts incoming modem connections can make information available to other computers (via modem) on-line
on line
Actually connected or linked with a DFU station
on line
A printer communicating with a computer is said to be "on line " "Off line" means the printer is communicating with itself Form and line feed only work when the printer is off line A printer cannot receive data from a computer unless it is "on line " Internet users are often said to be "on line," but it's bad terminology
on line
Connected to the computer system and ready to communicate  
on line
connected to the Internet, while hooked up to a computer network
on the line

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    ôn dhi layn


    /ˈôn ᴛʜē ˈlīn/ /ˈɔːn ðiː ˈlaɪn/


    ... a selection of songs when I am off line. And second, I can select albums, play lists ...
    ... SAL KHAN: So the whole line was stopped? ...

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