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İngilizce - İngilizce
A rounded mass or irregular shape; a little knot or lump
{n} a small knot, or irregular lump
A small lump or tumor that can be benign or malignant
8 d
To make noble; to ennoble
{i} node; lump; swelling; small mass of tissue
is a small more or less rounded body
a small rounded mass or lump
The most severe form of acne lesion, a nodule is a large, deep-seated, pus-filled, often painful lump Acne with nodules often results in permanent scarring and requires treatment by a physician Sometimes called an acne "cyst "
a palpable, solid, round or oval lesion
A structure developed on the roots of most legumes and some other plants in response to stimulus by Rhizobia bacteria or actinomycetes
A European fish; the lyrie
a small node or knob-like area of tissue; in rheumatoid arthritis patients may develop rheumatoid nodules especially over the forearms which are often associated with a more aggressive form of arthritis
Small somewhat rounded object, usually harder than the surrounding rock or sediment in which it is found
A small solid collection of tissue that can be felt A nodule may be present at any level in the skin
A small, hard node that can be felt by touch (onchocerciasis, coenurosis, cysticercosis, myiasis)
An English money of account, and, formerly, a gold coin, of the value of 6 s
a small node
A small mass of tissue frequently malignant
a small node (mineralogy) a small rounded lump of mineral substance (usually harder than the surrounding rock or sediment) small rounded wartlike protuberance on a plant A person of rank above a commoner; a nobleman; a peer
Swelling or enlargement of roots of plants, predominantly legumes, due to the presence of nitrogen-fixing microorganisms
-A small concretionary deposit usually of sesquioxides or carbonates, usually hard
Having a noble mind; honorable; magnanimous
a small solid mass
diminutive of Latin nodus = knot, hence, a little knot
A roughly spherical or knob-like swelling
A nodule is a small round lump which is found on the roots of certain plants. a small round raised part, especially a small swelling on a plant or someone's body (nodulus, from nodus; NODE). In geology, a rounded mineral concretion that is distinct from, and may be separated from, the formation in which it occurs. Nodules usually are elongated and have a knobby irregular surface; they are generally oriented parallel to the bedding. Chert and flint, clay ironstone, and phosphorites commonly occur as nodules. Manganese-rich nodules are found on the ocean floor
A growth on the surface of the vocal fold, believed to be caused by repeated and prolonged collision between the tissue of opposing vocal folds
The enlargement or swelling on roots of nitrogen- fixing plants The nodules contain symbiotic nitrogen- fixing bacteria See Nitrogen fixation
The quality or state of being noble; greatness; dignity; magnanimity; elevation of mind, character, or station; nobili
One of the nobility; a noble; a peer; one who enjoys rank above a commoner, either by virtue of birth, by office, or by patent
= A rounded projection formed on a cathode during electrodeposition
A nodule is a small round lump that can appear on your body and is a sign of an illness
a solid, raised bump that is larger than a papule Nodules can be seen in nodular-cystic acne
a solid, raised bump
small rounded wartlike protuberance on a plant
A large, usually roughly spherical piece of stone such as flint which was selected as a material from which to remove flakes or blades for the manufacture of stone tools and projectile points
a small circumscribed mass of differentiated tissue; may contain a parasite
a hard, raised area of the skin or a mucous membrane; a knot or swelling
A small, irregular, knobby, or rounded rock that is generally harder than the surrounding rock
sterling, or about $1
(mineralogy) a small rounded lump of mineral substance (usually harder than the surrounding rock or sediment)
manganese nodule
a concretion of oxides of manganese and iron found on the floor of many oceans
The process that forms nodules
The presence of nodules
a small knot like protuberance or node
milker's nodule
(Tıp, İlaç) Milker's nodules are a cutaneous condition that is most commonly transmitted from the udders of infected cows
Swellings on root of most Fabaceae; produced by bacteria (e g Rhizobium spp ) associated with the roots of these plants These bacteria are able to fix atmospheric nitrogen and to accumulate it in the nodules Different from the term "nodule" applied to early stages of attachment of parasitic plants
plural of nodule
Pimples that appear on some beef rounds or beef bung caps
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benign nodule
iyi huylu nodül



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    /ˈnäʤo͞ol/ /ˈnɑːʤuːl/


    [ 'nä-(")jü(&)l ] (noun.) 15th century. Middle English, from Latin nodulus, diminutive of nodus.

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