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İngilizce - Türkçe

Dersin ortasında konuşma. - Don't speak in the middle of a lesson.

Dersimiz fen ve teknoloji. - The lesson is science.

{i} ibret: Let it be a lesson to you. Size ibret olsun
give a lesson
ders vermek
lesson study
Ders araştırması
lesson to learn
çıkarılacak ders
lesson learning plan
lesson plan
learn one's lesson
dersini almak
learn one's lesson
ağzı yanmak
learn a lesson
ders almak
learn one's lesson
burnu sürtülmek
let this be a lesson to you
bu sana ders olsun
singing lesson
şan dersi
a lesson
ders olmak
follow the lesson
ders takip etmek
dance lesson
dans dersi
dancing lesson
dans dersi
golf lesson
golf dersi
hebrew lesson
ibranice dersi
language lesson
dil dersi
music lesson
müzik dersi
object lesson
piano lesson
piyano dersi
tennis lesson
tenis dersi
violin lesson
keman dersi
a lesson
bir ders
disrupt the lesson
ders kaynatmak
drama lesson
drama dersi
give so. a lesson
vermek çok. bir ders
have a lesson
Ders almak

O, 6 yaşında piyano derslerine başladı. - She began lessons in piano at age 6.

O, müzisyenlik ve dansçılık dersleri alıyor; yüzme ve tenis derslerini saymıyorum. - She takes singing and dancing lessons, not to mention swimming and tennis lessons.

moral lesson
Ahlâkî ders

A fable always carries a moral lesson which is explicitly stated at the end of the story.

read a person a lesson
bir kişi bir ders okumak
skiing lesson
kayak dersi
taught him a lesson
ona bir ders öğretti
theoretical lesson
teorik ders
weekly lesson plan
haftalık ders programı
Turkish lesson
{s} Türkçe dersi
attend the lesson
derse katılmak
attendance to lesson
derse katılım
break down the lesson
dersi asmak
break down the lesson
dersi kırmak
disrupt the lesson
dersi kaynatmak
economics lesson
(Eğitim) ekonomi dersi
give a good lesson
ders vermek
give a lesson
ders anlatmak
he has learnt his lesson
dersini aldı
object lesson
object lesson
uygulamalı ders
object lesson
private lesson
özel ders

Özel dersler de mevcuttur. - Private lessons are also available.

scripture lesson
din dersi
teach a lesson
(Eğitim) ders işlemek
teach a lesson
(deyim) teach someone a lesson kulagina kupe olmak,ders olmak
teach a life lesson
hayat dersi vermek
teach smb.'s lesson
burnunu sürtmek
teach somebody a lesson
yuvasını yapmak
this was a lesson to me
bana ders oldu
verbal lesson
sözel ders
weekly lesson plan
(Eğitim) haftalık ders planı
weekly lesson plan
(Eğitim) haftalık ders pogramı
withdraw lesson
(Eğitim) ders bırakmak
İngilizce - İngilizce
A section of the Bible or other religious text read as part of a divine service
A learning task assigned to a student; homework
A section of learning or teaching into which a wider learning content is divided

In our school a typical working week consists of around twenty lessons and ten hours of related laboratory work.

Something learned or to be learned

I hope this accident taught you a lesson!.

Something that serves as a warning or encouragement

The accident was a good lesson to me.

To give a lesson to; to teach

her owne daughter Pleasure, to whom shee / Made her companion, and her lessoned / In all the lore of loue, and goodly womanhead.

{v} to instruct
{n} a task to learn or read
A lesson is a fixed period of time when people are taught about a particular subject or taught how to do something. It would be his last French lesson for months Johanna took piano lessons
a unit of instruction; "he took driving lessons"
Anything read or recited to a teacher by a pupil or learner; something, as a portion of a book, assigned to a pupil to be studied or learned at one time
{i} study session; exercise, assignment given to a student; something to be studied and learned; experience which brings knowledge or wisdom; scolding, rebuke; portion from a sacred text which is read during a religious service
A portion of Scripture read in divine service for instruction; as, here endeth the first lesson
To teach; to instruct
a unit of instruction; "he took driving lessons
A reading from the Bible during a worship service Lessons are usually read by a lay person and are not taken from the Gospel or the Psalms Lessons are usually read from the epistle side of the church building and conclude with the reader saying, "The word of the Lord" or "Here ends the reading "
A unit of learning concerned with a specific skill This term is sometimes interchanged with the terms section or module
Any block of learning designed around a specific skill It may be made up of a number of modules (Bennett and Clasper)
unit of instruction, as in: My favorite science lesson was the one about the butterflies
a task assigned for individual study; "he did the lesson for today" a unit of instruction; "he took driving lessons
the significance of a story or event; "the moral of the story is to love thy neighbor"
{f} instruct, teach a lesson; rebuke, scold, reprove
punishment intended as a warning to others; "they decided to make an example of him"
That which is learned or taught by an express effort; instruction derived from precept, experience, observation, or deduction; a precept; a doctrine; as, to take or give a lesson in drawing
A training method using a number of instructional techniques designed to ensure the participation of the students in reaching the specified behavioural objectives The instructor is able to ascertain whether material is being assimilated
XE "Lesson"  - A unit of measurement within a training program, containing its own three to five objectives
also the Epistle; any reading from the Bible except the Gospels or Psalms; usually read on the opposite side of the church from where the Gospel is read; in older practice the Lesson was read from the "Epistle Side"--the right side facing the altar, while the Gospel was read from the "Gospel Side"--the left side facing the altar Current practice in many Episcopal churches does not conform to this older pattern
The basic building block of all training The level at which training is designed in detail The lesson is structured to facilitate learning A lesson normally includes telling or showing the soldiers what to do and how to do it, an opportunity for the soldiers to practice, and providing the soldiers feedback concerning their performance A lesson may take the form of an instructor-presented, a small group leader-presented, or a self-paced lesson, such as a correspondence course or CBI lesson
a task assigned for individual study; "he did the lesson for today"
A severe lecture; reproof; rebuke; warning
You use lesson to refer to an experience which acts as a warning to you or an example from which you should learn. There's still one lesson to be learned from the crisis -- we all need to better understand the thinking of the other side. If you say that you are going to teach someone a lesson, you mean that you are going to punish them for something that they have done so that they do not do it again
the content that is to be taught or the activity that is to be done during a specific period of instructional time See Instruction
An exercise; a composition serving an educational purpose; a study
French conjunctions
lesson plan
A teachers' document used to plan a lesson
lesson study
A teaching improvement process that has origins in Japanese elementary education, where it is a widespread professional development practice
lesson introduction
opening lesson in which the subject matter is presented in general terms using demonstrations
lesson plan
plan arranged by a teacher which notes times and subjects to be taught
learn a lesson
study or learn by experience a moral lesson
learn one's lesson
gain valuable experience
learnt a lesson
learned a rule, learned valuable information
A live lesson broadcast over the internet
epistle lesson
A reading from one of the New Testament epistles (written by St. Paul and others); one of the usual four readings from the bible found in many (Sunday) Christian church services, in various denominations
object lesson
an example that typifies a principle
object lesson
a lesson taught (especially to young children) using a familiar or unusual object as a focus
object lesson
Anything used an example or lesson which serves to warn others as to the outcomes that result from a particular action or behavior, as exemplified by the fates of those who followed that course

Let that be an object lesson to him.

object lesson
a punishment intended as a deterrent to others
teach someone a lesson
To punish someone
as a lesson for all to see
so that all shall see the mistake committed and fear the consequences
dance lesson
a lesson in dancing
french lesson
instruction in the French language
german lesson
instruction in the German language
give a lesson
teach, instruct (in an informal or organized setting)
golf lesson
a lesson in playing gold
hebrew lesson
instruction in the Hebrew language
history lesson
a less in the facts of history
language lesson
a period of instruction learning a language
plural of lesson
music lesson
a lesson in performing music
object lesson
If you describe an action, event, or situation as an object lesson, you think that it demonstrates the correct way to do something, or that it demonstrates the truth of a particular principle. It was an object lesson in how to use television as a means of persuasion. = example
object lesson
practical example; instructive example
piano lesson
a lesson in playing the piano
private lesson
lesson given by a tutor, individual lesson given for a select number of students
taught a lesson
helped him to understand, taught him morals
taught him a lesson
taught him a moral lesson, paid him back for his evil deeds
teach a lesson
teach morals
tennis lesson
a lesson in playing tennis
violin lesson
a less in playing the violin