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İngilizce - İngilizce
Distant and close relatives, collectively
Peoples of the same ethnic descent, not including speaker; brethren
Of the same nature

We have said in the Ethics what the difference is between art and science and the other kindred faculties;.

A combination of extended family and religious group, of the Ásatrú religious order in America
{a} related, allied, similar, like, congenial
{n} relation, affinity, relatives, a class
{i} group of people who are related to one another; person's family, relatives, kinfolk
similar or related in quality or character; "a feeling akin to terror"; "kindred souls"; "the amateur is closely related to the collector"
group of people related by blood or marriage
a family group bound together by their kinship ties to one person An individual's kindred consists of all of the people who are related to him or her through consanguinal ties and possibly affinal ones as well That is, it includes one's biological relatives and sometimes spouse and in-laws
{s} related, from the same family; similar in nature or origin, having a common background
related by blood or marriage; "kindred clans
Related; congenial; of the like nature or properties; as, kindred souls; kindred skies; kindred propositions
The word that vampires use to refer to themselves Note: The word "Vampire" was made by humans to give a name to the terror that stalks them in the night
Relationship by birth or marriage; consanguinity; affinity; kin
related by blood or marriage; "kindred clans"
Kindred things are similar to each other. I recall many discussions with her on these and kindred topics. = similar. your whole family kin (kin + rAden )
persons related by blood
Relatives by blood or marriage, more properly the former; relations; persons related to each other
Your kindred are your family, and all the people who are related to you. = relatives
people related to one another by blood, marriage, and adoption
a group of blood-related persons
kindred soul
Someone with the same feelings or attitudes as oneself; kindred spirit

Many of the participants found themselves among kindred souls who shared their interests.

kindred spirit
Someone with the same feelings or attitudes as oneself

She found in her neighbor a good friend, gardening companion and kindred spirit.

Kindred souls
These are souls with a very deep love for each other
kindred languages
languages that are closely related in structure and form
kindred souls
two people who have a close connection
kindred spirit
{i} person whose interests are similar to yours; person who is similar to you in character
kindred spirit
A kindred spirit is a person who has the same view of life or the same interests as you
plural of kindred