içeri hizada inşa etme

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Türkçe - İngilizce
A backset; a check; a repulse; a ; a relapse
The required distance between a structure and a road
The distance measured from the line of travel to the center of the sign
The distance from the curb or other established line, within which no building may be erected
The minimum distance a house or building must be from the lot line
minimum horizontal distance that buildings, structures, or activities are positioned back from a natural or manmade feature, such as a shoreline, bluff line, road, or property line
The required minimum horizontal distance between the building line and the related front, side, or rear property line (Baltimore County, Md )
A setback is an event that delays your progress or reverses some of the progress that you have made. The move represents a setback for the Middle East peace process. a problem that delays or prevents progress, or makes things worse than they were setback for. In architecture, a steplike recession in the profile of a high-rise building. Usually dictated by building codes to allow sunlight to reach streets and lower floors, the building must take another step back from the street for every specified added height interval. Without building setbacks, many of New York City's streets would be in constant shadow. In the 1920s architects drew attention to their setbacks with decorative devices mosaics; Chinese, Mayan, or Greek motifs; or geometric blocks but later architects deemphasized them. The International Style glass-wall skyscraper was typically built without intermittent setbacks, but architects met zoning requirements by creating one huge setback at ground level that created a plaza. The late 20th century saw a return to decorative setbacks
The minimum distance a house or buildings must be from the lot line
The minimum distance required between a man-made structure and a watercourse This distance is measured from the top edge of the highest channel bank
A minimum distance required by zoning to be maintained between two structures or between a structure and property lines
The legal distance from the curb or property line that a structure can be built
the distance between the side property line extended lakeward, and the closest point to the applicant's boat dock
A zoning provision requiring new homes to be separated from existing farms by a specified distance and vice versa
(SMP) A required open space, specified in shoreline master programs, measured horizontally upland from an perpendicular to the ordinary high water mark
a reduction of climate control energy demand in HVAC controls when a building is unoccupied
  The minimum distance which a wall face or window is required to be from a property boundary or another window to a habitable room   It is measured as the horizontal distance between the proposed wall or window and boundary or other window
Offset, n
The space between a structure and the property line in feet
içeri hizada inşa etme