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İngilizce - Türkçe
İngilizce - İngilizce
Traveling businessmen and tradesmen
A creatures which flies at night; a nocturnal flier or traveler
One who departs or flees at night in order to avoid creditors, law enforcement etc. (often used attributively)

Do not give your credit card number to that fly-by-night operation.

Businesses that appear and disappear rapidly, or that give an impression of transience
of businesses and businessmen; "a fly-by-night operation
a debtor who flees to avoid paying of an impermanent nature; "the symphony is no fly-by-night venture"
disapproval A fly-by-night businessman is someone who wants to make money very quickly, without caring about the quality or honesty of the service they offer. fly-by-night operators who fail to complete jobs. = cowboy. a fly-by-night company or businessman is one that you cannot trust because they have only been in business for a short time and are only interested in making quick profits
{f} escape under the cover of darkness
{i} shady or untrustworthy business enterprise; person who escapes at night to avoid paying debts; transient