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gümrük vergisi

Yabancı ürünlere haksız tarifeler uygulanmaktadır. - Unfair tariffs are imposed on foreign products.

O zaman, tarifeler birçok üründe yüksekti. - At that time, tariffs were high on many products.

{i} fiyat listesi
(Ticaret) koruyucu gümrük vergisi
{i} gümrük

Başkan Arthur gümrük vergilerini düşürmek istedi. - President Arthur wanted to reduce the tariffs.

Bazı gümrük vergileri yüzde 60'a varıyordu. - Some of the tariffs were as high as sixty percent.

ithalât veya ihracat üzerine hükümetin koyduğu vergi
preferential tariff dost memleketlere uygulanan indirimli gümrük tarifesi
gümrük tarifesi yapmak
vergi koymak
(fiil)rgilendirmek, tarife uygulamak
tarife uygulamak
{i} (otel/motel/pansiyon için) tarife
{i} (ithalat/ihracat üzerine konulan) vergi

Yüksek tarifeler uluslararası ticaret için bir engel haline gelmiştir. - High tariffs have become a barrier to international trade.

Yabancı ürünlere haksız tarifeler uygulanmaktadır. - Unfair tariffs are imposed on foreign products.

(Ticaret) vergi

Bazı gümrük vergileri yüzde 60'a varıyordu. - Some of the tariffs were as high as sixty percent.

Cleveland yüksek gümrük vergilerinin yanlış olduğuna karar verdi. - Cleveland decided that high tariffs were wrong.

(Ticaret) gümrük resmi
(Kanun) kota
(Ticaret) gümrük resimleri
(Ticaret) gümrük tarifesi
(Hukuk) ithalat ve ihracat üzerine hükümetin koyduğu vergi
tariff barriers
gümrük engelleri
tariff rate
gümrük vergisi oranı
tariff wall
gümrük duvarı
tariff barriers
(Avrupa Birliği) tarife engelleri
tariff ceilings
(Ticaret) tarife tavanları
tariff committee
(Sigorta,Ticaret) tarife komitesi
tariff company
(Ticaret) tarifeye tabi şirket
tariff company
(Sigorta) tarife fiyatı
tariff concessions
(Avrupa Birliği) tarife tavizleri
tariff cuts
(Ticaret) tarife kesintileri
tariff description
(Avrupa Birliği) tarifenin tanımı
tariff description
(Ticaret) tarife tanımı
tariff discount
(Sigorta) tarife indirimi
tariff factories
(Ticaret) tarife fabrikaları
tariff headings
(Ticaret) gümrük pozisyonları
tariff laws
(Ticaret) gümrük tarifesi mevzuatı
tariff level
(Ticaret) tarife düzeyi
tariff like factors
(Ticaret) tarife benzeri faktörler
tariff negotiations
(Ticaret) tarife görüşmeleri
tariff negotiations
(Ticaret) gümrük görüşmeleri
tariff of exception
(Ticaret) istisnai tarife
tariff position
(Ticaret) gümrük tarife pozisyonu
tariff price
(Turizm) tarifede belirtilen fiyat
tariff protection
(Ticaret) gümrük tarifesi koruması
tariff quota
(Ticaret) gümrük tarifesi kotası
tariff quota
(Ticaret) gümrük tarife kotası
tariff rate
(Ticaret) gümrük tarife oranı
tariff rate quotas
(Ticaret) tarife oranları kotası
tariff rates
(Sigorta) tarife fiyatları
tariff revenue
(Ticaret) gümrük tarifesi geliri
tariff scales
(Ticaret) gümrük tarifesi kademeleri
tariff schedules
(Ticaret) gümrük tarife cetvelleri
tariff surcharge
(Ticaret) gümrük tarifesi ek vergisi
tariff system
(Ticaret) tarife sistemi
tariff theory
(Ticaret) gümrük tarifesi teorisi
tariff wall
(isim) gümrük duvarı
tariff war
(Ticaret) gümrük savaşı
tariff war
(Ticaret) tarife savaşı
bound tariff rates
(Politika, Siyaset) zorunlu tarife oranları
confidential tariff
(Turizm) gizli tarife
custom tariff
(Ticaret) gümrük tarifesi
external tariff
(Politika, Siyaset) gümrük dış tarifesi
fee tariff
(Kanun) harç tarifesi
freight tariff
yük tarifesi
freight tariff
(Ticaret) taşıma ücreti tarifesi
import tariff
(Ticaret) ithalat gümrük tarifesi
import tariff
(Ticaret) ithalat tarifesi
impose a tariff on
(Ticaret) vergiye bağlamak
preferential tariff
(Ticaret) rüçhanlı tarife
premium tariff
(Ticaret) prim tarifesi
specific tariff
(Ticaret) özel tarife
specific tariff
(Ticaret) spesifik gümrük tarifesi
specific tariff
(Ticaret) spesifik tarife
common customs tariff
ortak gümrük tarifesi
compound tariff
karma gümrük tarifesi
customs tariff
gümrük tarifesi
favour tariff
ikramlı tarife
flexible tariff
değişken tarife
inclusive of tariff
gümrük vergisi dahil
inland tariff
yurtiçi gümrük tarifesi
preferential tariff
farklı tarifeler
protective tariff
koruyucu vergi
compensatory tariff reduction
telafi edici gümrük vergisi indirimi
concessionary customs tariff
ayrıcalıklı gümrük tarifesi
confidential tariff
Özel tarife
customs tariff quota
gümrük tarife kotası
customs tariff rates
gümrük tarife oranları
customs tariff reduction
gümrük tarife indirimi
customs tariff schedule
gümrük tarife cetveli
customs tariff treaty
gümrük tarifesi antlaşması
double column tariff
çift kolonlu gümrük tarifesi
educational tariff
iç endüstriyi koruyan gümrük tarifesi
escalated tariff
eskalasyonlu gümrük tarifesi
export tariff
ihracat gümrük tarifesi
high tariff
yüksek gümrük vergisi
import tariff
(Ticaret) İthalat gümrük tarifesi
autonomous tariff
(Avrupa Birliği) otonom tarife
autonomous tariff system
(Kanun) serbest tarife sistemi
binding tariff information
(Ticaret) bağlayıcı tarife bilgisi
brussels tariff nomenclature
(Politika, Siyaset) brüksel tarife nomenklatürü
brussels tariff nomenclature
(Ticaret) brüksel tarife nomanklatörü
brussels tariff nomenclature
(Avrupa Birliği) Brüksel Tarife Nomanklatürü (gümrük tarifelerinin standart sınıflandırılması)
common customs tariff
(Avrupa Birliği) (CCT) Ortak Gümrük Tarifesi (OGT)
common customs tariff nomenclature
(Avrupa Birliği) ortak gümrük tarife nomenklatürü
compound tariff
(Ticaret) karma tarife
compound tariff
(Ticaret) bileşik gümrük tarifesi
contractual tariff
(Ticaret) antlaşmalı gümrük tarifesi
contractual tariff rate
(Ticaret) sözleşmeli tarife oranı
conventional tariff
(Ticaret) akdi gümrük tarifesi
conventional tariff system
(Ticaret) sözleşmeli tarife sistemi
conventional tariff system
(Ticaret) akdi tarife sistemi
educational tariff
(Ticaret) terbiye edici tarife
explanatory notes of tariff
(Politika, Siyaset) tarife izahnamesi
external customs tariff
dış gümrük tarifesi
general tariff
(Ticaret) genel tarife
general tariff
(Ticaret) umumi tarife
general tariff
(Ticaret) genel gümrük tarifesi
goods tariff
(Ticaret) mal tarifesi
insurance tariff
(Sigorta,Ticaret) sigorta tarifesi
integrated customs tariff of the european communities
(Avrupa Birliği) (TARIC) Avrupa Toplulukları Entegre Gümrük Tarifesi
items of the tariff
(Avrupa Birliği) tarife kalemleri
minimum tariff
(Ticaret) asgari tarife
multiple tariff
(Ticaret) çok kolonlu gümrük tarifesi
night tariff
gece tarifesi
nominal tariff
(Ticaret) nominal tarife
nominal tariff rate
(Ticaret) nominal tarife oranı
nominal tariff rate
(Ticaret) nominal koruma oranı
off peak tariff
indirimli tarife
optimum tariff
(Ticaret) optimal gümrük tarifesi
optimum tariff
(Ticaret) optimum gümrük tarifesi
postal tariff
posta tarifesi
preferential tariff measure
(Ticaret) tercihli tarife düzenlemesi
preferential tariff measure
(Politika, Siyaset,Ticaret) tercihli tarife önlemleri
preferential tariff treatment
(Ticaret) tercihli tarife düzenlemesi
preferential tariff treatment
(Ticaret) tercihli tarife önlemleri
preferential tariff treatment
(Ticaret) tercihli tarife uygulaması
prohibitive tariff
(Ticaret) yasaklayıcı tarife
protection tariff
(Ticaret) himaye tarifesi
protective tariff
(Ticaret) koruyucu tarife
reduced tariff
(Ticaret) indirimli tarife
restrictive tariff
(Ticaret) bsıtlayıa gümrük tarifesi
revenue tariff
(Ticaret) gelir amaçlı tarife
sliding scale tariff
(Ticaret) değişebilir ücret tarifesi
sliding tariff
(Ticaret) değişik tarife
uniform tariff
(Ticaret) tek şekilli gümrük tarifesi
world tariff
dünya tarifesi
zero tariff
(Ticaret) sıfır gümrük tarifesi
English - English
a sentence determined according to a scale of standard penalties for certain categories of crime
a schedule of rates, fees or prices
a system of government-imposed duties levied on imported or exported goods; a list of such duties, or the duties themselves
to levy a duty on (something)
{n} a table of duties fixed by authority
The schedule of all rates and services offered by CVPS or CVEC filed with the state PSB or PUC
A public document filed with the FCC or a PUC that outlines services and rates Usually, all customers are offered the same rate for a specific service, based on published constraints
A tax applied to goods transported from one customs area to another, or on imported products Tariffs can be imposed to raise income for a country or to limit import competition
A general term for any listing of rates or charges The tariffs most frequently encountered in foreign trade are: tariffs of international transportation companies operating on sea, land, and in the air; tariffs of international cable, radio, and telephone companies; and the customs tariffs of the various countries that list goods that are duty free and those subject to import duty, giving the rate of duty in each case There are various classes of customs duties
A regulatory-agency-approved document listing the terms and conditions, including a price schedule under which the utility services will be provided
To make a list of duties on, as goods
Pricing document that covers strictly regulated shipments Each tariff is public record and is on file with the STB These documents are usually not customer specific and are often used as reference for other prices created by a carrier Tariffs allow customers to get consistency in pricing by comparing their situation to existing prices on record Glossary Top
A published collection of rate schedules, terms and conditions for the use of service
A Tariff is the governmental regulation of rates, regulations, and descriptions for the provision of communications services by telephone companies
charge a tariff; "tariff imported goods
A published rate schedule and general terms and conditions under which utility service will be rendered
A tariff may be imposed solely for, and with reference to, the production of revenue (called a revenue tariff, or tariff for revenue, or for the artificial fostering of home industries (a projective tariff), or as a means of coercing foreign governments, as in case of retaliatory tariff
A tax imposed on a good imported into a country A tariff may be specific, when it is levied as a fixed sum per unit of the imported good, or ad valorem, when it is applied at a percentage rate with reference to the value of the import
A duty on a particular class of imports or exports Also a list of duties or customs to be paid
Any schedule or system of rates, changes, etc
a government tax on imports or exports; "they signed a treaty to lower duties on trade between their countries"
A document, approved by the responsible regulatory agency, listing the terms and conditions, including a schedule of prices, under which utility services will be provided
A fee that a government charges to the importer of a foreign good Tariffs are passed along to the consumer through higher prices on imported goods
A schedule, system, or scheme of duties imposed by the government of a country upon goods imported or exported; as, a revenue tariff; a protective tariff; Clay's compromise tariff
tax or duty placed on goods when they are imported into a country or trading bloc (such as the European Union ) from outside The aim of tariffs is to reduce imports by making them more expensive
A duty (or tax) levied upon goods transported from one customs area to another Tariffs raise the prices of imported goods, thus making them less competitive within the market of the importing country
A tariff is the rate at which you are charged for public services such as gas and electricity, or for accommodation and services in a hotel. The daily tariff includes accommodation and unlimited use of the pool and gymnasium. or customs duty Tax levied upon goods as they cross national boundaries, usually by the government of the importing country. The words tariff, duty, and customs are generally used interchangeably. Usually assessed on imports, tariffs may apply to all foreign goods or only to goods produced outside the borders of a customs union. A tariff may be assessed directly, at the border, or indirectly, by requiring the prior purchase of a license or permit to import specified quantities of the good. Examples of tariffs include transit duties and import or export taxes, which may be levied on goods passing through a customs area en route to another destination. In addition to providing a source of revenue, tariffs can effectively protect local industry by driving up the price of an imported item that competes with domestic products. This practice allows domestic producers either to charge higher prices for their goods or to capitalize on their own lighter taxes by charging lower prices and attracting more customers. Tariffs are often used to protect "infant industries" or to safeguard older industries that are in decline. They are sometimes criticized for imposing hidden costs on domestic consumers and encouraging inefficiency in domestic industries. Tariffs are subject to negotiation and treaties among nations (see General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade; trade agreement; World Trade Organization)
A tax on imports or exports
a document filed with the appropriate regulatory authority specifying lawful rates, charges, rules, and conditions under which the utility provides services to parties A tariff typically includes rates schedules, list of contracts, rules and sample forms
A tax on imports
{i} price, rate; protective tax
A document, approved by the ICC, that contains the terms, conditions, and prices for electric services There may be separate tariffs for different services and products
A document that outlines the agreement between regulating agencies and service providers for rates for services or goods within a given area
The duty, or rate of duty, so imposed; as, the tariff on wool; a tariff of two cents a pound
A tariff is a tax that a government collects on goods coming into a country. America wants to eliminate tariffs on items such as electronics
as, a tariff of fees, or of railroad fares
charge a tariff; "tariff imported goods"
Public schedules that detail a utility's rates, rules, service territory and terms of service that are filed for official approval with a regulatory agency
Tariff barriers are taxes imposed on commodity imports based either on the value of the good or on a fixed price per unit The tariff is usually levied by a national government when the imports cross its customs boundary Protective tariffs attempt to shelter selected domestic industries by restricting the quantity and raising the price of competing imports, while revenue-producing tariffs are enacted mainly to increase government income Some tariffs comprise fixed duties on a variety of imported products However, in most cases, tariffs are ad valorem duties: that is, they are a percentage of the imported products' value
a schedule of duties, rates, or charges imposed by the government on imported or exported items
The published rates, regulations, and descriptions governing the provisions of communications service
– A published description of rate schedules and general terms and conditions under which an LDC product or service will be supplied
tariff reduction
lessening the fee when bringing merchandise into a country
tariff wall
{i} presumably high tariff in many industries
ad valorem tariff
Duty or other charges levied on an item on the basis of its value and not on the basis of its quantity, size, weight, or other factor
import tariff
An import tariff or import duty is a schedule of duties imposed by a country on imported goods. It is paid at a border or port of entry to the relevant government to allow a good to pass into that government's territory
non-tariff barriers
Non-tariff barriers to trade are trade barriers that restrict imports but are not in the usual form of a tariff
Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act
(1930) U.S. legislation that raised import duties by as much as 50%, adding considerable strain to the worldwide economic climate of the Great Depression. Despite a petition from 1,000 economists urging Pres. Herbert Hoover to veto the act, it was passed as a protective measure for domestic industries. It contributed to the early loss of confidence on Wall Street and signaled U.S. isolationism. Other countries retaliated with similarly high protective tariffs, and overseas banks began to collapse. In 1934 Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Trade Agreements Act, which reduced such tariffs
customs tariff
rate of tax paid on imported goods
customs tariff
Schedule of charges assessed by the government on imports/exports
customs tariff
Import duty schedule, usually commodity specific, often categorized by harmonized numbers
customs tariff
A schedule of charges assessed by a country on imported goods
protective tariff
a tariff imposed to protect domestic firms from import competition
protective tariff
additional tax levied by the government on foreign imports in order to encourage the purchase of locally made products
revenue tariff
a tariff imposed to raise revenue
revenue tariff
A tariff imposed chiefly to generate public revenue
Customs duties on merchandise imports Levied either on an ad valorem basis (percentage of value) or on a specific basis (e g $7 per 100 kgs ) Tariffs give price advantage to similar locally-produced goods and raise revenues for the government
Please refer to fees
Similar in principle to royalties, tariffs are fixed by the Copyright Board upon application by a collective society of their proposed rates
taxes imposed on imports
Taxes that affect the movement of goods across economic or political boundaries and can also affect imports, exports or goods in transit p 85
Taxes placed on foreign goods coming into the United States
plural of tariff
Governmental charges imposed on goods at the time they are imported into a state
Taxes on imported goods 318
Tariffs are the taxes that a government places on the imports that come into the country They are an important source of revenue for a government, but can also be used to make imports more expensive and reduce competition for local producers
A duty (tax) on goods imported into a country
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ahdi tarife tariff based
on an international agreement, international tariff