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English - Turkish

Ben gece motosikletimin üstüne bir kılıf koyduğumu sağlama alırdım. - I used to make sure I put a cover over my motorcycle at night.

Tom arabasının üstüne bir kılıf koydu. - Tom put a cover over his car.

(Mimarlık,Teknik) çukur

O çukur doldurulmalı, kapatılmamalı. - That hole should be filled, not covered.

(Coğrafya,Teknik) körfezcik
(Mimarlık) içbükey kemer
{f} kovuk haline sok
{i} barınak
{i} körfez
{i} dik yamaçlarla çevrili koy/körfez/vadi
{i} sığınak
{i} kemer
{i} kovuk
duvarın tavan veya yerle içbükey şekilde birleşmesi
(fiil) kemer oluşturmak
{f} kemer oluşturmak
{i} ahbap
cove lighting
(Aydınlatma) korniş aydınlatması
(İnşaat) kubbelenme
the cove
English - English
A thin line, sometimes gilded, along a yacht's strake below deck level
A concave vault or archway, especially the arch of a ceiling
A small coastal inlet, especially one having high cliffs protecting vessels from prevailing winds
A hollow in a rock; a cave or cavern
A recess or sheltered area on the slopes of a mountain
A friend; a mate
The wooden roof of the stern gallery of an old sailing warship
A fellow; a man
{n} a small creek, shelter, hole, arch
Water indentation in the shoreline of a large pond, lake or ocean
A member, whose section is a concave curve, used especially with regard to an inner roof or ceiling, as around a skylight
A small sheltered recess in a shore or coast, generally inside a larger embayment
A thin line, sometimes gilded, along a yachts strake below deck level
To brood, cover, over, or sit over, as birds their eggs
A cove is small, horseshoe-shaped body of water along the coast; the water is surrounded by land formed of soft rock
A concave profile cut into the edge of the board
In roofing, a heavy bead of sealant material installed at the point where vertical and horizontal planes meet It is used to eliminate the 90° angle See also Fillet
a small inlet small or narrow cave in the side of a cliff or mountain
A boy or man of any age or station
A trim tile with a concave radius on one side Used to form a junction between the bottom wall course and the floor
{i} small bay, inlet; chap, fellow (Slang)
A strip of prairie extending into woodland; also, a recess in the side of a mountain
A concave moulding or recess, usually where a ceiling adjoins a wall
Front of house lighting positions accessible via a catwalk
A concave molding
A small narrow sheltered bay, inlet, creek, or recess in a coast, often inside a larger embayment; it usually affords anchorage to small craft (Bates & Jackson 1987)
A setting of three stones in a "U" shaped formation Examples can be seen at Stanton Drew, Avebury and Arbor Low
a small inlet
A retired nook; especially, a small, sheltered inlet, creek, or bay; a recess in the shore
A cove is a part of a coast where the land curves inwards so that the sea is partly enclosed. a hillside overlooking Fairview Cove. A fellow; a man
A small, sheltered recess in a coast, often inside a larger embayment
To arch over; to build in a hollow concave form; to make in the form of a cove
{f} make with an inward curve; arch over; have a cove, design or build a wall with a cove
small or narrow cave in the side of a cliff or mountain
A quarter round concave moulding, normally produced by a radius cutter, used for edging purposes
Council On Vocational Education: a state-level advisory council dealing with career and technical education issues -- in states moving toward consolidated and integrated service delivery planning, the COVE's functions may now be performed by a Human Resource Investment Council
A small bay or inlet
Centre of Vocational Excellence
cove base
(See Wall base )
cove base
Ceramic tile shaped to interface the bottom of a wall to a floor
cove base
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cove base
A water resistant border of vinyl or wood attached to a wall at the floor Required in most restrooms and kitchens Across the cove base is usually 3" to 4" high
Abram cove
A scoundrel

So loathly was he and verminous they scarce could seize and bind him, but when haled before the magistrate he proved to be an abram-cove named Jacques Roulet, who with his brother Jean and a cousin Julien.

A licensed (badged) beggar
A parish pensioner
bang up cove
a dashing fellow who spends his money freely
{n} an arch or projection
(Mimarlık) Fit with a cove
{s} arched over; constructed with a cove
past of cove
plural of cove
The splayed jambs of a flaring fireplace
A decorative plaster or polystyrene molding used to cover the join between walls and ceiling
A decorative moulding of plaster, plasterboard or foamed plastic used to conceal the join between walls and ceilings
A cove or series of coves, as the concaved surface under the overhang of a projecting upper story
v. or cove Concave molding or deeply arched section of a wall surface. The curve typically describes a quarter-circle and serves to connect walls and ceiling (cove ceiling). The arched sections may be used to conceal light fixtures for dramatic effect, hence the term cove lighting. Coving can also refer to the curved soffit connecting the top of an exterior wall to a projecting eave
A concave surface, often of gypsum or expanded polystyrene, forming a junction between a ceiling and a wall