turn about

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To turn (something) one way and then another; to move about
To revolve
To change or reverse the position of
Alternative spelling of turnabout
To turn (oneself) around

Jesus tourned him about, and behelde her saynge: Doughter be off goode comforte, thy fayth hath made the safe.

To reverse one's position; to turn round
reverse, turn over, invert
sequentially; in turn

He not only sold matches like any ordinary match-man, but he drew pavement pictures as well. He did these things turn-about according to the weather. If it was wet, he sold matches because the rain would have washed away his pictures if he had painted them. If it was fine, he was on his knees all day, making pictures... .

Alternative spelling of turnabout
a decision to reverse an earlier decision
{i} change of direction; change (of opinion, loyalty, etc.); merry-go-round (British); acting towards someone in the manner they have acted towards others; radical person (Archaic)
The act of turning about so as to face in the opposite direction
turning in the opposite direction
A reversal of a decision or opinion etc; a change of mind or flip-flop
A turnabout is a complete change in opinion, attitude, or method. As her confidence grows you may well see a considerable turnabout in her attitude. = turnaround
turn about


    turn a·bout

    Türkische aussprache

    tırn ıbaut


    /ˈtərn əˈbout/ /ˈtɜrn əˈbaʊt/


    [ 't&rn ] (verb.) before 12th century. Middle English; partly from Old English tyrnan & turnian to turn, from Medieval Latin tornare, from Latin, to turn on a lathe, from tornus lathe, from Greek tornos; partly from Old French torner, tourner to turn, from Medieval Latin tornare; akin to Latin.

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