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Englisch - Türkisch
{i} kurumla yürüme
kasıla kasıla yürümek
(Arkeoloji) duvar direği
{i} direk
{f} çalımla gez
{f} kasılarak yürümek
payanda/kurumla yürüyüş
fiyaka kasılma
{f} kurumla yürümek
{i} çalım
azametli yürüyüş
{f} payanda ile desteklemek
{f} çalımla yürümek
çalım yaparak gezinmek
(İnşaat) dayanak
{i} (çatıda) göğüsleme
kurumla yürü
caka satarak yürümek
{i} kasılarak yürüme
(Askeri) KİLİT PARÇASI: Otomatik tabancalarda, kilit tertibatının horoza tazyik yapan parçası
gergi kolu
strut about
strut hakkında
strut one's stuff
(deyim) Yeteneğini sergilemek
strut your stuff
(deyim) Bkz: strut öne's stuff
strut (of roof)
(İnşaat) göğüsleme çeliği
strut bearing
payandalı metal yatak
strut mounting
(Otomotiv) payanda bağlantısı
strut mounting
(Otomotiv) gergi kolu bağlantısı
strut rod
(Otomotiv) gergi rodu
steel strut
(Otomotiv) çelik taban
star strut
(İnşaat) çift çapraz destek
double strut
çift dikme
hydraulic strut
hidrolik dikme
main strut
ana dikme
kurumla yürüyen
gas strut
Gazlı amortisör
angle strut
eğik destek
bridge strut
(İnşaat) köprü desteği
diagonal strut
(İnşaat) diyagonal destek
diagonal strut
(İnşaat) köşeleme destek
drag strut
(Havacılık) kuvvet çubuğu
floor strut
(Havacılık) putrel desteği
forked strut
(Havacılık) çatallı dikme
front stabilizer bar/strut
(Otomotiv) ön dengeleme çubuğu/dikmesi
fuselage strut
(Havacılık) gövde dikmesi
hood support strut
(Otomotiv) kaput destek çubuğu
invert strut
taban gergisi
invert strut
taban iksası
jury strut
(Havacılık) destek dikmesi
oleo strut
(Havacılık,Teknik) hidrolik dikme
gururla yürümek
payanda vurma
çalım satarak yürüyen
hindi gibi kabaran
kurumla yürüme
Englisch - Englisch
A support rod
To walk proudly or haughtily

He strutted about the yard, thinking himself master of all he surveyed.

to bulge out
{v} to walk affectedly, parade, swell
{n} a proud affected walk, stateliness, pomp
A strut is a piece of wood or metal which holds the weight of other pieces in a building or other structure. the struts of a suspension bridge
Internal member connecting the third point and the quarter point on a FINK TRUSS
A brace fitted into a frame work which resists axial forces
The act of strutting; a pompous step or walk
To swell; to bulge out
Moving forward, place the heel then the ball of the foot on the floor for counts 1, 2
a proud stiff pompous gait
{f} walk in a pompous manner, swagger, walk proudly
See Brace, and Illust
An efficient type of shock absorber
A suspension element in which a reinforced shock absorber is used as one of the wheel's locating members, typically by solidly bolting the wheel hub to the bottom end of the strut
1 a support or brace
Strut, n
A small timber which braces or supports a tie-beam or a king post
Heel Struts: Moving forward, place the heel, then the ball of the foot on the floor for a count of 1,2 with a weight change on count 2 Toe Struts: Moving forward, backward or right or left side, place the toe and then the heel of the foot on the floor for counts 1,2 with a weight change on count 2
Any brace or support, but most commonly the support for the propeller shaft's rear bearing
To hold apart
a proud stiff pompous gait brace consisting of a bar or rod used to resist longitudinal compression
A structural member used as a brace to resist axial forces
A combination of a coil spring and a shock absorber in one device The strut smoothes out your vehicles ride by absorbing bumps from the road
A short timber placed in a structure either diagonally or vertically, designed to act in compression along the direction of its lengths
Aircraft structural components designed to absorb or distribute abrupt compression or tension such as the landing gear forces
To walk with a lofty, proud gait, and erect head; to walk with affected dignity
In general, any piece of a frame which resists thrust or pressure in the direction of its own length
This was the metal piece that held the cage to the motor
The main support member in a MacPherson suspension system The strut also serves as the shock absorber
A single, self contained pivoting suspension unit that integrates a coil spring with a shock absorber Struts are used on front wheel drive automobiles
brace consisting of a bar or rod used to resist longitudinal compression
disapproval Someone who struts walks in a proud way, with their head held high and their chest out, as if they are very important. He struts around town like he owns the place
A Compression Element of a Tensegrity Structure
A roof timber, either upright and connected to the rafter above it, or sloping, connecting another post to the rafter
to walk with a lofty proud gait, often in an attempt to impress others; "He struts around like a rooster in a hen house"
{i} pompous walk or step, swagger; wooden or metal brace
a piece or member acting to resist compressive stress
Any part of a machine or structure, of which the principal function is to hold things apart; a brace subjected to compressive stress; the opposite of stay, and tie
of Frame, and Roof
strut one's stuff
To behave, or to perform in a showy or ostentatious manner, especially in a way to impress others; to show off
strut one's stuff
(deyim) 1 INFORMAL - MAINLY HUMOROUS to dance in a confident and usually sexually exciting way, especially trying to be noticed by other people: Hey baby, why don't you get out on the floor and strut your stuff?2 INFORMAL to show your abilities: Wimbledon is the opportunity for all the world's best tennis players to strut their stuff
strut your stuff
(deyim) See: strut one's stuff
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The structural members of a foam material These roughly triangular features contain most of the solid polymer and form the cell shape
past of strut
{i} person who struts
One who struts
present participle of strut
from Strut, v