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Englisch - Englisch
To screen, hide
To avoid, especially persistently
To shove, push
To escape (a threatening evil, an unwelcome task etc)
{v} to avoid, endeavor to escape, push
avoid and stay away from deliberately; stay clear of
To avoid; to keep clear of; to get out of the way of; to escape from; to eschew; as, to shun rocks, shoals, vice
Shove, push
If you shun someone or something, you deliberately avoid them or keep away from them. From that time forward everybody shunned him He has always shunned publicity. to deliberately avoid someone or something. v. In Chinese mythology, one of the three legendary emperors, along with Yao and Da Yu, of the golden age of antiquity ( 23rd century BC), singled out by Confucius as models of integrity and virtue. Though his father repeatedly tried to murder him, Shun remained loyal to him. Because heaven and earth knew of Shun's virtue, animals assisted him in all his labours. The emperor Yao bypassed his own son to select Shun as his successor, and he gave Shun his two daughters in marriage. Shun is credited with standardizing weights and measures, regulating waterways, and organizing the kingdom into provinces
{ü} avoid, eschew
{f} avoid, stay away from, abstain from
expel from a community or group
Avoid, especially persistently; to exclude socially
Escape (a threatened evil, an unwelcome task etc)
Screen, hide
shun danger
avoid risks
To shun
past of shun
{i} one who avoids, one who stays away from a person or thing
Shunning refers to the Sensor's ability to use a network device to deny entry to a specific network host or an entire network
deliberately avoiding; keeping away from or preventing from happening
present participle of shun
To avoid deliberately and especially consistently: shunned his neighbor
The act of a Cisco router dynamically reconfiguring its ACLs to terminate a detected attack and to block the attacking IP address from future transmissions through the router for a set period of time
third-person singular of shun