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Englisch - Türkisch
{i} hassaslık
{i} duyarlık
{i} duyarlılık
{i} alınganlık
(Biyoloji) sensitivite

Ben senin hassasiyetini takdir ediyorum. - I appreciate your sensitivity.

{i} (to) (-e) duyarlılık, (-e) hassaslık, (-e) hassasiyet
sensitivity analysis
(Askeri,Teknik,Ticaret) duyarlılık analizi
sensitivity analysis
duyarlılık çözümlemesi
sensitivity coefficient
duyarlılık katsayısı
sensitivity label
duyarlılık etiketi
sensitivity ratio
duyarlılık oranı
sensitivity to
sensitivity to
sensitivity time control circuit
duyarlılık zamanı kontrol devresi
sensitivity analysis
(Nükleer Bilimler) duyarlılık (hata) analizi
sensitivity analysis
sensitivity coefficient
duyarlilik katsayisi
sensitivity label
duyarlilik etiketi
sensitivity of clay
kilin hassasiyeti
sensitivity ratio
duyarlilik orani
sensitivity ratios
(Ticaret) duyarlılık rasyoları
sensitivity to aging
eskimeye karşı hassaslık
sensitivity to vibrations
titreşime karşı hassaslık
price sensitivity
Fiyat duyarlılığı
idle sensitivity
(Bilgisayar) boş duyarlığı
luminous sensitivity
ışık duyarlığı
sensitivity to
threshold sensitivity
duyarlılık eşiği
cathode luminous sensitivity
katot ışık duyarlığı
chromatic sensitivity
renk duyarlığı
code sensitivity
kod duyarlığı
colour sensitivity
renk duyarlığı
contrast sensitivity
kontrast duyarlığı
current sensitivity
akım duyarlığı
deflection sensitivity
saptırma duyarlığı
luminous sensitivity
ışık duyarlılığı
receive sensitivity
alış duyarlılığı
spectral sensitivity
izgesel duyarlık
spectral sensitivity
spektral duyarlık
automatic sensitivity control
otomatik duyarlık kontrolü
spectral sensitivity
spektral duyarlık, izgesel duyarlık
voltage sensitivity
gerilim duyarlığı
voltmeter sensitivity
voltmetre duyarlığı
angular velocity sensitivity
(Havacılık) açısal hız duyarlığı
contrast sensitivity
(Aydınlatma) karşıtlık duyarlılığı
contrast sensitivity
(Nükleer Bilimler) kontrast hassasiyeti
contrast sensitivity
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) tezat duyarlılığı
contrast sensitivity
zıtlık duyarlılığı
contrast sensitivity
(Aydınlatma) ayrımsal duyarlılık
control sensitivity
kontrol (denetim) duyarligi
decrease sensitivity
hassasiyeti azalmak
defect detection sensitivity
(Nükleer Bilimler) hata belirleme hassasiyeti
directional sensitivity
(Nükleer Bilimler) yönsel duyarlık
flaw sensitivity
(Nükleer Bilimler) hata hassasiyeti
gain sensitivity
kazanc duyarliligi
image quality indicator sensitivity
(Nükleer Bilimler) görüntü kalite göstergesi
notch sensitivity
kertik hassaslığı
photocell sensitivity
(Elektrik, Elektronik,Teknik) fotosel duyarlığı
relative spectral sensitivity
goreli spektral duyarlilik
thickness sensitivity
(Nükleer Bilimler) kalınlık hassasiyeti
threshold sensitivity
duyarlilik esigi
Englisch - Englisch
The proportion of individuals in a population that will be correctly identified in a binary classification test
The degree of response of an instrument to a change in an input signal
The ability of an organism or organ to respond to external stimuli
The quality of being sensitive
The degree of response of a film etc. to light of a specified wavelength
The quality or state of being sensitive; used chiefly in science and the arts; as, the sensitivity of iodized silver
the ability of an organism to be affected by a drug or other agent (e g , a virus is sensitive to AZT if AZT is able to prevent viral replication) Sensitivity also refers to a statistical measure of the accuracy of a screening test, i e , how likely a test is to label as positive those who have a disease or condition Contrast with specificity
The ability of a system to detect epidemics and other changes in disease occurrence The proportion of persons with disease who are correctly identified by a screening test or case definition as having disease
When talking about riometer experiments, sensitivity refers to the minimum change in sky temperature (measured in Kelvin (K)) that can be detected by the given riometer system It is also important how big the area is that is affected by the temperature change Generally, the requirements the antenna system has to fulfil in order to achieve the required spatial resolution are harder to fulfil than the requirements for a reasonable sensitivity This means that, in general, one need not worry about the sensitivity being too low
For a receiver, the input signal (in : V or mV) required for a specific output level The sensitivity of a receiver is taken as the minimum signal level required to produce an output signal having a specified signal-to-noise ratio *
The proportion of individuals with the target condition in a population who are correctly identified by a screening test
the ability to respond to affective changes in your interpersonal environment
The probability that a patient with a disease, condition or injury will test positive by a particular test for the problem
An operating characteristic of a diagnostic test that measures the ability of a test to detect a disease (or condition) when it is truly present Sensitivity is the proportion of all diseased patients for whom there is a positive test, determined as the number of true positives divided by the sum of true positives + false negatives (Contrast with specificity )
The ratio of change in transducer output to a change in the value of the measurand
is the proportion of people with disease who have a positive test See also Calculating Sensitivity and Specificity
the proportion of individuals in a population that will be correctly identified in a binary test
The capacity of a metal detector to perceive changes in conductivity within the detection pattern Generally, the more sensitivity a detector can smoothly provide, the more depth it will achieve in sensing targets
  In an electronic device, e g , a commu­ni­cations system receiver, or detection device, e g , PIN diode, the minimum input signal required to produce a specified output signal having a specified signal-to-noise ratio, or other specified criteria   (188) Note 1:  The signal input may be expressed as power in dBm or as field strength in microvolts per meter, with input network impedance stipulated   Note 2: "Sensitivity" is sometimes improperly used as a synonym for "responsivity "
(physiology) responsiveness to external stimuli; "sensitivity to pain"
The control on a component that adjusts the gain of an electronic circuit (e g , Most power amplifiers will produce minimum hiss when the sensitivity control is set to its minimum )
susceptibility to a pathogen
The ratio of a change in response to a change in an undesirable or secondary input (as the scale factor variation to a unit of power supply voltage change)
The "what if" relationship between variables; the degree to which changes in one variable cause changes in another variable A specific synonym is volatility
sensitivity to emotional feelings (of self and others)
{i} ability to perceive sensation; responsiveness; delicateness, state of requiring special treatment or care; susceptibility to outside influences; quality of being temperamental
Given a Boolean function f: {0,1}n->{0,1}, the sensitivity sX(f) of an input X=x1 xn is the number of variables such that flipping them changes the value of f(X) Then s(f) is the maximum of sX(f) over all X
The ability of a shortwave radio to repond to weak signals It is measured in microvolts The lower the measurement in microvolts, the fainter the signal the radio can receive
The level of random noise in the temperature measurement
In wired microphones, phono cartridges, etc , the amount of output for a given input In RF receivers, the amount of input signal a device requires in order to produce a reference quality of output
sensitivity to emotional feelings (of self and others) susceptibility to a pathogen
the ability of an organism to be affected by a drug or other agent (e g , a virus is sensitive to AZT if AZT is able to prevent viral replication)
refers to the lowest level of PPM capable of detection by a gas leak detector Generally, FID units are the most sensitive Many semi-conductor sensors are only sensitive down to 10 to 300 PPM range
A term used with microphones to indicate how well a microphone will pick up the sound from the voice or instrument Sensitivity is affected by such things as distance to the sound source, manufacturer (some mics just pick up better than others), gain on the amplifier, directionality, resonance of the room (feedback), etc
the ability to respond to physical stimuli or to register small physical amounts or differences; "a galvanometer of extreme sensitivity"
The proportion (or percentage) of people who truly have the condition of interest who 'test positive' for that condition
The ratio of output power to input power in a speaker system, defined as either as power sensitivity or voltage sensitivity   Power sensitivity is determined by inputting one watt into a speaker and measuring what comes out; the ratio is the power sensitivity rating   The current/voltage relationship depends on the speakerÕs impedance  
is the degree to which a system will respond to a change in climatic conditions
the ability to respond to affective changes in your interpersonal environment the ability to respond to physical stimuli or to register small physical amounts or differences; "a galvanometer of extreme sensitivity"
Sensitivity in an information technology environment consists of the system, data, and applications that must be examined individually and in total All systems and applications require some level of protection for confidentiality, integrity, and availability This level is determined by an evaluation of the sensitivity and criticality of the information processed, the relationship of the system to the organization's mission, and the economic value of the system components
Sensitivity analysis
Sensitivity analysis is the study of how the variation in the output of a model (numerical or otherwise) can be apportioned, qualitatively or quantitatively, to different sources of variation
sensitivity analysis
is a term applied to a range of techniques employed to assess how solutions derived from GIS systems are affected by the accuracy and precision of data employed in the analysis Sensitivity analysis allows users to gauge how errors will affect solutions and provides various means for estimating the precision with which data must be gathered in order to reach the goals a system is designed to meet
sensitivity analysis
Technique used to determine the effects on net income or cash flow due to changes in assumptions, i e , "what-if" analysis
sensitivity analysis
The analysis of the possible effects of adverse changes on a project Values of key variables are changed one at a time, or in combinations, to assess the extent to which the overall project result, measured by the economic net present value, would be affected Where the project is shown to be sensitive to the value of a variable that is uncertain, that is, where relatively small and likely changes in a variable affect the overall project result, mitigating actions at the project, sector, or national level should be considered, or a pilot project implemented
sensitivity analysis
Analysis of how sensitive outcomes are to changes in the assumptions The assumptions that deserve the most attention should depend largely on the dominant benefit and cost elements and the areas of greatest uncertainty of the program or process being analyzed [GAO]
sensitivity analysis
Varying the value of a parameter to find the extent to which the change affect the results of the analysis If a small change in an assumption results in a proportionately greater change in the results, then the results are said to be "sensitive" to that assumption or parameter
sensitivity analysis
A method of analyzing the results of a sensitivity test Because a sensitivity test does not provide individual measures of the critical stress levels of members of the sample, it is not possible to compute an estimate of the mean in the normal manner of adding up the values and dividing by the sample size It is similarly difficult to calculate the estimate of the standard deviation
sensitivity analysis
A method used by economists (and others) to test whether variations in assumptions affect the conclusions of a cost-benefit or similar study {2} Use your browser's "BACK" button to return to the page you were viewing previously
sensitivity analysis
A process of examining specific tradeoffs that would result from making changes in single elements of a plan alternative
sensitivity analysis
The process of calculating the sensitivities
sensitivity analysis
(Ticaret) The process of varying parameters in a given model to assess the level of change in its output
sensitivity analysis
Analyses that determine the impact of changing one or several variables in a model or analysis on the outcome of the analysis A sensitivity analysis allows a range of plausible inputs to be considered when there is uncertainty about the true value of an input An example is comparing results using a discount rate of 3% with result using rates of 5% and 10%
sensitivity analysis
used to test the project for changes in the assumed values of key variables
sensitivity analysis
Varying the parameters of a model to assess the change in its output
sensitivity analysis
a systematic and comprehensive test to evaluate how changes in the parameters of a model affect the model's output Often used to identify influential parameters
sensitivity analysis
Used in life cycle cost (LCC) analyses to determine how robust a particular alternative is, and how sensitive the overall cost is to certain variables
sensitivity analysis
An analytical procedure to determine how the results of a study would change if the facts were different or different studies included This is chiefly important in meta-analysis or complex techniques such as decision analysis and cost-effectiveness analysis
sensitivity analysis
presentation of possible results and ways to create the result in a process which involves uncertain factors by assigning different values for these factors
sensitivity analysis
An analytical process by which the results and conclusions of an economic analysis are assessed for robustness
sensitivity analysis
systematic procedure for estimating the effects on the outcome of a study of the chosen methods and data
sensitivity analysis
The concern with how the solution changes if some changes are made in either the data or in some of the solution values (by fixing their value) Marginal analysis is concerned with the effects of small perturbations, maybe measurable by derivatives Parametric analysis is concerned with larger changes in parameter values that affect the data in the mathematical program, such as a cost coefficient or resource limit
sensitivity analysis
Determination of the extent to which model behavior (output) varies as model parameters are varied
sensitivity analysis
In its narrow sense, computing or approximating the jacobian of the simulator at the `best' input However, in use this term seems to be muscling in on the territory of Uncertainty analysis [JCR, 17 04 00]
sensitivity analysis
used to recognize the effects of a user-defined design variable on the analysis results
sensitivity analysis
A risk analysis technique in which key variables are changed one at a time and the resulting changes in the NPV and IRR are observed
sensitivity threshold
threshold at which one begins to feel, place where a person has developed a sensitivity
sensitivity training
Training in small groups in which people develop a sensitive awareness and understanding of themselves and of their relationships with others
case sensitivity
The characteristic of being case sensitive; having different reactions to typed letters based on whether the letters are uppercase or lowercase
The characteristic of being case sensitive; having different reactions to typed letters based on whether the letters are uppercase or lowercase
chemical sensitivity
an extreme sensitivity, or allergic reaction, to any of various chemical compounds present in the normal environment
multiple chemical sensitivity
a chronic disease caused by a person's inability to tolerate a variety of environmental substances
price sensitivity
The degree to which the price of a product affects consumers purchasing behaviors
chemical sensitivity
An allergic condition attributed to extreme sensitivity to various environmental chemicals, as in air, food, water, building materials, or fabrics. Also called multiple chemical sensitivity
local sensitivity
touchiness of a specific location, susceptibility of a particular place
luminous sensitivity
sensitivity to light
showed sensitivity
showed consideration, acted in a considerate manner