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Englisch - Türkisch
{i} mantıklı açıklama
ussal açıklama
mantıksal temel
Mantıklı açıklama, birşeyin neden yapıldığını açıklayan gerekçeler ve sebebler bütünü
Esbab-ı mûcibe

The rationale behind the changes is not at all evident.

underlying reason
rational or logical basis
rationale of
mantığı ile
vague rationale
belirsizlik gerekçesi
Englisch - Englisch
a liturgical vestment worn by Christian bishops of various denominations
a justification or rationalization for something
an explanation of the basis or fundamental reasons for something
(law) an explanation of the fundamental reasons (especially an explanation of the working of some device in terms of laws of nature); "the rationale for capital punishment"; "the principles of internal-combustion engines"
Definition: Rationale is the justification behind decisions It includes the issues that are being resolved, the alternatives being considered and discarded, the criteria used to evaluate alternatives, the assessments of alternatives against critera, the argumentation, and the decision [Bruegge & Dutoit, 2000]
Written statements providing the reasons for steps taken and choices made
an explanation or reason
The main ideas that underpin the thesis If the thesis is the point, then the rationale is both the reason behind and the explanation or discussion of the point It is the How? and the Why? part of the thesis Categories of analysis are one part of the rationale and generally contain any specific examples the author wishes to include Back
The design is based on hardware module design failure rates (in Failures in a trillion (FITs)) of the hardware modules The pattern recalls the extreme caution of first-generation developers of stored program control switching systems
The rationale for a course of action, practice, or belief is the set of reasons on which it is based. However, the rationale for such initiatives is not, of course, solely economic. the reasons for a decision, belief etc rationale behind/for/of (rationalis; RATIONAL)
An explanation or exposition of the principles of some opinion, action, hypothesis, phenomenon, or the like; also, the principles themselves
(rash-oe-narl) A rationale is a reason or justification for an action or belief
the reason for a criterion/standard, if not obvious
An explanation of the reason for constructing or introducing something
Explains why the particular syllabus has been written and why it exists in that form
{i} argument, reasoning; grounds for an action
Except for special circumstances, administration of cancer care in a community requires a community commitment to develop and maintain high standards of patient care The hospital and the community cancer care providers will participate in developing goals, objectives and strategic plans for the community service This collaborative group will function as a team to coordinate cancer services in order to best meet the needs of the patient population served In partnership with the Communities Oncology Network, it will ensure implementation and planning of effective clinical operations, quality management and improvement Members To be effective, this team needs to include representatives from all the principal stakeholder groups
plural of rationale