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Onun teklifini reddetti. - She refused his proposal.

Teklifin lehine misiniz? - Are you in favor of the proposal?

{i} öneri

Patronumuz önerimizi geri çevirdi. - Our boss turned down our proposal.

Ben öneriyi destekliyorum. - I support the proposal.

{i} evlenme teklifi

O onun evlenme teklifini henüz kabul etmedi. - She has not yet accepted his proposal.

O, evlenme teklifini geri çevirdi. - She turned down his proposal.

{i} önerge
{i} tasavvur
{i} tasarı
{i} plan
{i} önerme
evlilik teklifi
proposal evaluation
(Askeri) teklif değerlendirme
proposal form
(Ticaret) teklifname
proposal form
teklif mektubu
proposal envelope
teklif zarfı
proposal for award of contract
(Ticaret) sözleşme teklifi
proposal writing in business
işletmelerde teklif yazısı
preliminary priced proposal
önkeşif özeti
program change proposal
(Askeri) PROGRAM DEĞİŞİKLİK TEKLİFİ (HV.): Kuvvet ve mali tahsis planı hakkında, Hava Kuvvetleri Komutanı tarafından onaylanan, fakat Milli Savunma Bakanının da onayına ihtiyaç gösteren bir değişiklik teklifi
programme change proposal
(Askeri) program değişiklik teklifi
consider the proposal
teklifi değerlendirmek
consider the proposal
teklif değerlendirmek
receive a proposal
evlenme teklifi almak
receive a proposal
evlilik teklifi almak
research proposal
(Ticaret) araştırma önerisi
budgetary proposal
bütçe tasarısı
counter proposal
karşı teklif
request for proposal
teklif isteme
standardization document improvement proposal
standartlaştırma döküman geliştirme önerisi
excellent proposal, good offer
mükemmel önerisi, iyi bir teklif
make a proposal
bir teklif yapmak
make proposal
yapmak önerisi
offer of proposal
Teklifin teklif
the proposal
to be proposal
öneri için
accept one's proposal
evlilik teklifini kabul etmek
accept one's proposal
evlenme teklifini kabul etmek
accept proposal
(Bilgisayar) teklifi kabul et
accept the proposal
teklif kabul etmek
accept the proposal
teklifi kabul etmek
budget proposal
call for proposal
(Ticaret) proje teklif çağrısı
commission proposal
(Avrupa Birliği) Komisyon Tasarısı
commission proposal
(Politika, Siyaset) komisyon önerisi
conciliatory proposal
anlaşma önergesi
contingent proposal
(Ticaret) bağımlı teklif
contractor's proposal
(İnşaat) müteahhit teklifi
data automation proposal
(Askeri) BİLGİ OTOMATİKLEŞTİRME TEKLİFİ: Bir bilgi otomatikleştirme ihtiyacıyla ilgili olarak, resmi bir rapor veya yeni bir otomatik bilgi sisteminin bulunması ya da mevcut bir sistemin tadili yolunda yapılan teklif veya tavsiye
emergency command precedence; engineering change proposal
(Askeri) acil durum komuta önceliği; istihkam değişiklik tekilifi
engineering change proposal
engineering proposal
mühendislik teklifi
marriage proposal
evlenme teklifi
modification proposal
değişiklik teklifi
put forward a proposal
öneri götürmek
put forward a proposal
öneri sunmak
request for proposal
(Askeri) teklif talebi
secure conferencing project; system change proposal
(Askeri) güvenli konferans projesi; sistem değişikliği teklifi
submit a proposal
(Politika, Siyaset) proje teklifi sunmak
submit a proposal
öneri götürmek
submit a proposal
öneri sunmak
Englisch - Englisch
That which is proposed, or propounded for consideration or acceptance; a scheme or design; terms or conditions proposed; offer; as, to make proposals for a treaty of peace; to offer proposals for erecting a building; to make proposals of marriage
The offer by a party of what he has in view as to an intended business transaction, which, with acceptance, constitutes a contract
{n} a scheme propounded, an offer
A proposal is a notice that the ministry intends to do something environmentally significant and is seeking your comments Proposal notices will give you a summary of the proposal; the location where you can get the detailed proposal; the contact name and address to send you comments to; and the deadline for having your comments considered (sample proposal notice)
a set of documents containing a descriptive narrative of an idea and a budget to be submitted to a funding agency for sponsored support Some agencies require that proposals are submitted on preprinted forms while others have no specific format
A written request or application for a gift, grant or service
A written application or materials submitted to a foundation requesting a grant
An application for funding that contains all the information that is necessary to describe the project plans, staff capabilities and funds requested
an application or request to a sponsor for funding for a research, training, or service project Formal proposals are prepared by a PI/PD, consist of descriptions of project goals and methods as well as a budget, and are submitted through ORDA on behalf of SIUC
an offer of marriage
An application for funding that contains all information necessary to describe project plans, staff capabilities, and funds requested Formal proposals are officially approved and submitted by an organization in the name of a principal investigator
A written application, often with supporting documents, submitted to a grant-making organization requesting a grant Preferred procedures and formats may vary
A plan for a new scrutiny, drawn up by the Scrutiny Team for consideration and approval by the Investigative Committee It will normally contain a draft of: the Terms of Reference; approach; risks and how they can be minimised; recommended output; timetable; staffing; estimated costs For internal use only
Document outlining a proposed PR campaign to an existing or potential client
A sales document designed to help a customer make a purchase decision by providing all relevant information, such as a price quotation and terms & conditions The sales proposal artfully summarizes your sales message and guides your prospect to a final decision
{i} proposition, suggestion; tender; plan; offer of marriage
A proposal is a plan or an idea, often a formal or written one, which is suggested for people to think about and decide upon. The President is to put forward new proposals for resolving the country's constitutional crisis The Security Council has rejected the latest peace proposal
the act of making a proposal; "they listened to her proposal"
a written document that typically answers who, what, where, when, why, and how, in addition to how long and how well, a prospective contractor or grantee proposes to carry out a project A proposal is usually submitted by an eligible proposer in response to a Request for Proposal (RFP)
A package put together for the editor, including a synopsis of your book, plus a partial of the actual manuscript Generally, first-time authors will only sell on complete manuscript, while subsequent sales are made on proposal
an offer, submitted in response to a request from a contracting authority, that constitutes a solution to the problem, requirement or objective in the request
A written application, often accompanied by supporting documents, submitted to a foundation or corporate giving program in requesting a grant Most foundations and corporations do not use printed application forms but instead require written proposals; others prefer preliminary letters of inquiry prior to a formal proposal Consult published guidelines
something proposed (such as a plan or assumption)
definition of project conditions and expenses prepared by a potential grantee and presented to a potential grantor; see Application
the act of making a proposal; "they listened to her proposal" something proposed (such as a plan or assumption)
A written application, often accompanied by supporting documents, submitted to a foundation or corporate giving program in requesting a grant See also: Query Letter Topic areas: Fundraising and Financial Sustainability
Document accompanying a petition introducing legislative amendments to the Constitution of the Commonwealth
Under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act there are two types of proposals that can be made A proposal filed under Division I, which is applicable to companies and any individual who wants to avail himself of it There are also "consumer proposals", which are a special type of proposal that a consumer can avail himself of but only if his debts, excluding mortgages on real property, do not exceed $75,000 One of the main features of a consumer proposal is that if the creditors do not accept the proposal, the person is not automatically bankrupt as in a Division I proposal
A request for funding submitted to an external funding agency
A proposal is the act of asking someone to marry you. After a three-weekend courtship, Pamela accepted Randolph's proposal of marriage
The document submitted to a funding source that requests monetary support for a specified period of time to carry out a specific project
1 A formal written document soliciting business and spelling out what will be delivered, the costs, terms, conditions, and so forth 2 A suggestion for a course of action
formal written document that provides detailed information to a funder on the components and cost of a proposed project in response to some substantiated need or problem; represents a plan for change rather than a request for money
request for proposal
A formal publicly released document outlining a need and inviting businesses to submit plans to fulfill that need
requests for proposal
plural form of request for proposal
made him a proposal
made him an offer, suggested something to him
marriage proposal
an offer of marriage
partition proposal
suggestion for division, proposal of division
plural of proposal
received a proposal
was given an offer
request for proposal
(Ticaret) (RFP) A document used to detail proposed goods or services requirements and invites responses and bids from prospective suppliers
request for proposal
(Business) request for a price quotation submitted by a company to potential suppliers which includes detailed specifications for the desired product
spring a new proposal
suddenly offer a new suggestion, suddenly submit a new proposal
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güvensizlik önergesi proposal
for a vote of nonconfidence