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A Native American council or meeting
to hold such a meeting
A Native American shaman, or a ritual conducted by such a shaman
A short, private conference
performed by Indians for the cure of diseases, to procure success in hunting or in war, and for other purposes
American Indian ceremony or gathering of various kinds. Powwows originally were healing ceremonies, but the word could also refer to exuberant celebrations, with dancing and singing, of success in hunting or victory in battle. Meetings of tribal councils were also called powwows. Today the word is used for large-scale Indian social gatherings, often representing more than one tribe, with traditional drumming, singing, and dancing. Modern powwows draw tourists as well as participants, and craft items and souvenirs are offered for sale
Hence: Any assembly characterized by noise and confusion; a noisy frolic or gathering
an online Internet community and communications software Used for creating, managing and hosting online PowWow Communities, including one for residents of AlphaWorld
To use conjuration, with noise and confusion, for the cure of disease, etc
as among the North American Indians
A priest, or conjurer, among the North American Indians
{i} discussion, conference, meeting; Native American festival or ceremony that involves feasting and dancing
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hold a powwow, talk, conference or meeting
Hence: To hold a noisy, disorderly meeting
{f} conduct a discussion, hold a conference, hold a meeting; hold a powwow
Conjuration attended with great noise and confusion, and often with feasting, dancing, etc
a quick private conference
[n] A secular (non-religious) event usually hosted by an American Indian tribe that features group singing and social dancing by men, women, and children
plural of powwow