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Englisch - Türkisch

Tom teknesini iskeleye bağladı. - Tom keeps his boat at the pier.

Tom iskelenin sonuna kadar yürüdü. - Tom walked to the end of the pier.

{i} rıhtım

Sen hiç rıhtım gördün mü? - Have you ever seen a pier?

payanda ayak
(İnşaat,Teknik) orta ayak
(İnşaat) temel ayağı
(Askeri) yanaşlık

Tom ayakları suda iskelede oturdu. - Tom sat on the pier with his feet in the water.

Tom ayaklarını suya sarkıtarak iskelede oturdu. - Tom sat on the pier, dangling his feet in the water.

(Askeri,İnşaat) köprü payandası
(Askeri) köprü ayağı
(Askeri) geminin sol yanı
iki pencere veya kapı arasında bulunan duvar
{i} kapılar arasındaki duvar
kemer veya köprü payandası
{i} mendirek
{i} pencereler arasındaki duvar
{i} dalgakıran
{i} kemer/köprü payandası
pier foundation
ayaklar üzerine temel
pier bead
payanda dizmek
pier drag
ayak direnci
pier dues
(Ticaret) rıhtım ücreti
pier fishing
(Denizbilim) iskele balıkçılığı
pier foundation
ayak temel
pier glass
duvar aynası
pier glass
boy aynası
pier mount
(Askeri) PİLYE MESNET: Açı ölçen bir alet; daima bir mesnet teşkil etmek üzere beton içine veya çeliğe tespit edilmiş üç ayak başlığı
pier mount
(Askeri) pilye mesnet
pier power
ayak gücü
pier system
payanda sistemi
pile pier
kazık iskele
pile pier
kazık ayak
piled pier
(Askeri) kazıklı istif transportörü
(Askeri) KOLON VEYA MÜREKKEP AYAKLAR: Köprülerde kullanılan kargir orta ayaklar
wall pier
(İnşaat) pilaster
brick pier
tuğla payanda
bridge pier
köprü ayağı
floating pier
dubalı iskele
ex pier
iskelede teslim
fall off the pier
iskeleden düşmek
belled pier
(Jeoloji) ucu genişletilmiş ayak
brick pier
(İnşaat) tuğla ayak
causeway pier
(Askeri) geçiş yolu köprü ayağı
crib pier
(Askeri) İSTİF AYAK: Bir cins köprü ayağı
crib pier
(Askeri) istif ayak
detached pier
(Askeri) ayrık iskele
drilling pier
(Jeoloji) sondaj ayağı
engaged pier piedrot
(İnşaat) duvar ayak
floating pier
(Askeri) yüzer iskele
gate pier
geçit orta ayağı
intermediate pier
ara ayak
live load pier reaction
(Askeri) HAREKETLİ YÜK AYAK REAKSİYON: Hareketli yüke karşı köprü ayaklarında görülen reaksiyon
lumber pier
(Askeri) kereste iskele
masonry pier
(İnşaat) kagir ayak
nose pier
orta ayak ucu
nose pier
ayak ucu
nosing of pier
orta ayak burnuna uygun
observation pier
(Askeri) gözlem iskelesi
quay pier
(Askeri) rıhtım iskele
timber pier
(Marangozluk) ağaç ayak
Englisch - Englisch
A structure that projects tangentially from the shoreline to accommodate ships; often double-sided
A similar structure, especially at a seaside resort, used to provide entertainment
A structure supporting the junction between two spans of a bridge
A rectangular pillar, or similar structure, that supports an arch, wall or roof
A raised platform built from the shore out over water, supported on piles; used to secure, or provide access to shipping; a jetty
{n} the column or support of an arch, a wharf or mound in a river or the sea
A free-standing column
A vertical masonry column, usually rectangular, used to support other structural members
a platform built out from the shore into the water and supported by piles; provides access to ships and boats a support for two adjacent bridge spans (architecture) a vertical supporting structure (as a portion of wall between two doors or windows)
A long, narrow structure extending into the water to afford a berthing place for vessels, to serve as a promenade, etc (6)
A column of masonry, usually rectangular in horizontal cross section, used to support other structural members
landing place for ships, as in: We waved from the pier as the cruise ship sailed
a shaft or block-like structure that supports the ends of the spans of a multispan superstructure midway between its abutments Several types apply to bridge construction Some are classified by functional distinctions (anchor, pivot, and rest piers), and others are classified by shape (cylinder, pedestal, pile, and rigid-frame piers)
The structure to which a vessel is secured for the purpose of loading and unloading cargo
A structure composed of stone, concrete, brick, steel or wood and built in shaft or block-like form to support the ends of the spans of a multi-span superstructure at an intermediate location between its abutments
Any additional or auxiliary mass of masonry used to stiffen a wall
{i} landing for ships, wharf; support beam, pillar; dock, platform
Support for arch, usually square
a support for two adjacent bridge spans
A dock for the mooring of ships or boats
A column of masonry, usually rectangular in horizontal cross section, used to support other structural members Also see Caisson
A loading/landing platform extending at an angle from the shore
architectonic element which is a feature or a support of a wall or a pillar
A person whose work of causing alarum amongst his acquaintances and passing ruffians has come to the attention of the Crown, prompting them to bestow upon the person the right to supervise Alarmigers succor uncultured louts into washing dishes, moving tables, and asking the recently arrived band of unwashed ruffians, cutthroats and baboons to move elsewhere, much to the alarm of his gentleand formerfriends
A solid vertical supporting member, usually stone, brick, or concrete, square or polygonal in section, and broad in relation to its height
Any column of masonry that is used to support other structural members such as beams or girders
Loading platform extending out from the shore
A projecting wharf or landing place
The mass of stone work between the openings in the wall of a building, the support of an arch, bridge, gate pillar
a platform built out from the shore into the water and supported by piles; provides access to ships and boats
-A type of support used as a foundation, which consists of vertical poles or columns set on footers
Any detached mass of masonry, whether insulated or supporting one side of an arch or lintel, as of a bridge; the piece of wall between two openings
A pier is a platform sticking out into water, usually the sea, which people walk along or use when getting onto or off boats. Brighton Pier. In building construction, a vertical load-bearing member such as an intermediate support for adjacent ends of two bays or spans. Bulkier than a column but smaller than a wall, a pier can support an arch or beam. The lower portion of a pier may be widened to better distribute the downward pressure of a massive overlying structure. In Romanesque and Gothic architecture, a feature of the nave arcade is the compound pier, which is cross-shaped in cross section, with shafts placed in the recesses. Cavalli Pier Francesco Nervi Pier Luigi Pasolini Pier Paolo
A structure, usually of open construction, extending out into the water from the SHORE, to serve as a landing place, recreational facility, etc , rather than to afford coastal protection
A structure that projects out from the shoreline, to which boats are secured; Compare to dock and wharf
a substructure unit that supports the spans of a multi-span superstructure at an intermediate location between its abutments
1 A column designed to support concentrated load 2 A member, usually in the form of a thickened section, which forms an integral part of a wall; usually placed at intervals along the wall to provide lateral support or to take concentrated vertical loads
One of the massive supports on which an arch or upper part of a church stands A pier is generally larger than a column, but may consist of a cluster of columns
(architecture) a vertical supporting structure (as a portion of wall between two doors or windows)
A vertical architectural element
pier glass
A tall narrow mirror, usually set between two windows, above a pier table
pier table
A small table, usually set against the wall between two windows
Pier Francesco Cavalli
orig. Pietro Francesco Caletti-Bruni born Feb. 14, 1602, Crema, Republic of Venice died Jan. 14, 1676, Venice Italian opera composer. In his teens he was a singer under Claudio Monteverdi at St. Mark's Basilica, Venice. Also an organist, he would rise to the post of maestro di cappella there in 1668. He wrote some 30 operas for Venice's public opera houses. The most popular opera composer of the decades following Monteverdi's death, he was the latter's leading successor, his chief rival for that status being Antonio Cesti (1623-69). His most celebrated operas were Egisto (1643), Giasone (1649), Xerse (1654), and Erismena (1655)
Pier Luigi Nervi
born June 21, 1891, Sondrio, Italy died Jan. 9, 1979, Rome Italian engineer and building contractor. He became internationally renowned for his invention of ferro-cement, a material of his own invention composed of dense concrete heavily reinforced with evenly distributed steel mesh that together give it both lightness and strength. His first significant projects included a series of airplane hangars in Italy (1935-41) conceived as concrete vaults with huge spans. In addition to designing buildings, he succeeded in building a sailboat with a ferro-cement hull only 0.5 in. (1.25 cm) thick. Ferro-cement was vital to his complex for the Turin Exhibition (1949-50), a prefabricated, corrugated cylindrical 309-ft (93-m) arch. Nervi worked on the UNESCO headquarters in Paris (1950) with Marcel Breuer and helped design Italy's first skyscraper, the Pirelli Building in Milan (1955-59). Although Nervi's primary concern was never aesthetic, many of his works nonetheless achieved remarkable expressive force
Pier Paolo Pasolini
an Italian film director, poet, and writer, who was murdered on a beach near Rome. He used his films, which include Oedipus Rex (1967) and Medea (1970), to criticize society (1922-75). born March 5, 1922, Bologna, Italy died Nov. 2, 1975, Ostia, near Rome Italian film director, poet, and novelist. He wrote novels about Rome's slum life as well as a significant body of poetry. Pasolini became a screenwriter in the mid-1950s, collaborating most notably on Federico Fellini's Nights of Cabiria (1956). His directorial debut, Accattone (1961), was based on his novel A Violent Life (1959). His best-known film, stylistically unorthodox and implicitly radical, is perhaps The Gospel According to Saint Matthew (1964). Later films include Oedipus Rex (1967), Teorema (1968), Medea (1969), The Canterbury Tales (1972), and The Arabian Nights (1974), which won a special jury prize at Cannes. His use of eroticism, violence, and depravity were criticized by Italian religious authorities
pier arch
an arch supported on piers
pier glass
A tall narrow mirror, hung in a narrow space (such as between two windows), usually over a console-type table
pier glass
A large, window-height mirror suspended above a table
pier glass
a large mirror between two windows
pier glass
A tall mirror, especially one placed between windows
pier table
a low table set below a pier glass
A male given name; the Middle English vernacular form of Peter, revived in the twentieth century
take a long walk on a short pier
Used to tell someone to go away, or that their request will not be met
the Middle English vernacular form of Peter, revived in the twentieth century
Floating pontoons used in marinas to provide access to recreational craft
plural of pier
the tall "legs" of the bridges shown throughout the web site
Supporting structure 2 Central supporting element in a whole
A column of masonry, usually rectangular in horizontal cross section, used to support other structural members
The shepherd who relates the fable of the Kid and her Dam, to show the danger of bad company (Spenser: Shepherd's Calendar )
wall pier
{i} (In construction) section of a wall having a horizontal length to thickness ratio between 2.5 and 6 and its clear height is at least 2 times its horizontal length