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{i} şifre

Tom'un yaptığı çok emniyetli olmayan tek şey her Web sitesi için aynı şifreyi kullanmasıdır. - One thing Tom does that isn't very safe is that he uses the same password for every website.

Tom şifresini hatırlamıyor. - Tom doesn't remember his password.

{i} parola

Parola sözcüğünü parolam olarak kullanmamalıydım. - I shouldn't have used the word password as my password.

Parolanızı girin, lütfen. - Enter your password, please.

(Bilgisayar) giriş şifresi
(Bilgisayar) kullanıcı şifresi
(Askeri) PAROLA: Parola sormaya yanıt olarak verilen gizli bir kelime veya belirli özellikleri olan bir ses. Bak. "challenge", "countersign", "reply"

Birinin şifremi çaldığını düşünüyorum. - I think someone stole my password.

Neredeyse her gün şifremi değiştiririm. - I change my password almost every day.

password change
şifre değiştirme
password control
(Bilgisayar) parola denetimi
password control
(Bilgisayar) şifre denetimi
password field
(Bilgisayar) parola alanı
password for
(Bilgisayar) parola
password for
(Bilgisayar) için parola
password for
(Bilgisayar) hangi dosya için
password hint
(Bilgisayar) parola ipucu
password is incorrect
şifre yanlış
password is incorrect
parola yanlış
password protect
(Bilgisayar) parolalı koruma
password protected
(Bilgisayar) parola korumalı
password protection
(Bilgisayar) parola güvenliği
password protection
(Bilgisayar) şifre güvenliği
password required
(Bilgisayar) parola gerekli
password required
(Bilgisayar) parola gerekiyor
password cracking
(Bilgisayar) Parola kırma, şifre kırmna
password security
şifre güvenliği
Password Window
(Tekstil) Şifre ekranı
password and username
şifre kullanıcı adı
password confirmation
(Bilgisayar) parola onayı
password control
parola denetimi, sifre denetimi
password dialogs
(Bilgisayar) parola iletişimleri
password edit
(Bilgisayar) parola düzenleme
password edit
(Bilgisayar) parolalı düzenleme
password error
(Bilgisayar) parola hatası
password for private key
Özel Anahtar Parolası
password generation wizard
Parola Oluşturma Sihirbazı
password history
Parola Geçmişi
password level
şifre düzeyi
password list
Parola Listesi
password list editor
(Bilgisayar) parola listesi düzenleyicisi
password locally
(Bilgisayar) yerel olarak parola
password not valid
(Bilgisayar) parola geçerli değil
password policy
(Bilgisayar) parola ilkesi
password protect backup set
(Bilgisayar) parola korumalı yedek kümesi
password protection
parola guvenligi, sifre guvenligi
password synchronization scheme
Parola Eşzamanlama Düzeni
password to open
koruma parolası
password uniqueness
Parola Tekliği
password wait
(Bilgisayar) parola bekle
enter password
(Bilgisayar) parolayı girin
client password
(Bilgisayar) istemci parolası
confirm new password
(Bilgisayar) yeni parolayı onaylayın
confirm new password
(Bilgisayar) yeni parolayı doğrula
confirm password
(Bilgisayar) parolayı onaylayın
enter password
(Bilgisayar) parola gir
enter password
şifre girmek
enter password
(Bilgisayar) parola girin
incorrect password
(Bilgisayar) geçersiz parola
invalid password
(Bilgisayar) geçersiz parola
previous password
eski şifre
receive password
şifre almak
remote password
(Bilgisayar) uzaktaki aracı parolası
requires password
(Bilgisayar) parola gerektirir p
reset password
(Bilgisayar) parolayı sıfırla
secure password authentication
güvenli parola doğrulaması
trust password
(Bilgisayar) güven parolası
wrong password
(Bilgisayar) yanlış parola
confrim password
şifreyi doğrulayın
confrim password
şifreyi onaylayın
create password
şifre oluşturmak
enter password
şifreyi girin
master password
efendi parola
repeat password
şifreyi tekrar edin
retype password
şifreyi yeniden yaz
the username or password you entered is incorrect
girmiş olduğunuz kullanıcı adı veya şifre hatalı
verify password
şifre doğrula
blank password
(Bilgisayar) boş parola
capture password
(Bilgisayar) yakalama parolası
depends on password
(Bilgisayar) parolaya bağlı
expired password
zamanasimina ugramis parola
fixed password
sabit parola
logon password
Oturum Açma Şifresi
mailbox password
Posta Kutusu Parolası
media password
(Bilgisayar) ortam parolası
private key password
Özel Anahtar Parolası
save my name and password
Parola ve adımı kaydet
secure password authentication
(SPA) Güvenli Parola Doğrulaması
simple password
(Bilgisayar) basit parola
strong password
Güçlü Parola
super user password
(Bilgisayar) süper kullanıcı şifresi
temporary password
geçici şifre
windows password
(Bilgisayar) windows parolası
Englisch - Englisch
To protect with a password
A secret word used to gain admittance or to gain access to information; watchword
A string of characters used to log in to a computer or network, to access a level in a video game, etc
a secret word or phrase known only to a restricted group; "he forgot the password"
A secret character string that is required to log onto a computer system, thus preventing unauthorized access to personal files
passwords used to log-in to a system, a key to an account such as an email account or an internet account; a password is different than a 'user name'; passwords are typically blanked out while typing, but user names are not
A secret code used to gain access to a protected system, used in combination with a login ID Good passwords contain letters, non-letters, numbers and Uppercase Letters such as NoTgu5D Bad passwords are easy to guess and can result in your system being accessed Examples of bad passwords are mypass, monday, password, root, openseasame etc
A secondary identification word (or string of alphanumeric characters) associated with a username A password is used for data security and known only to its owner Passwords are entered in conjunction with an operating system login ID, Oracle username, or account name in order to connect to an operating system or software application (such as the Oracle database) Whereas the username or ID is public, the secret password ensures that only the owner of the username can use that name, or access that data
A secret word used to gain admittance, or to gain access to information
Once secret word or phrase spoken to a guard to gain admission Passwords are now commonly used to protect computer resources You may need to enter a password when you turn on your computer, to use a printer, or to gain access to a network resource When selecting a password, do not use your name or any part of it Do not use words that are found in a dictionary or that are common around your office Secure passwords should contain a combination of upper and lower case letters and may contain symbols or numbers
A series of characters that enable a user to access a file, computer or program Ideally, the password should be something that nobody could guess
A string of characters, known only to a user, used, along with a user name, to log in to some computer or network etc
A protected word or string of characters which serves as authentication of a person's identity (personal password), or which may be used to grant or deny access to private or shared data (access password)
A code that is known only to the account owner This code is usually 6-8 characters in length and should be a mix of numbers, letters (both lower and upper case), and special characters The purpose of a password is to authenticate the user before gaining system access The more complex a password is, the more secure it is Never use words found in the dictionary or words and numbers that are easily associated with you (i e your pet's name, street address, birthdate, etc ) as a password These are easily broken by hackers and could lead to your account being compromised
A unique string of characters that a user types as an identification code to restrict access to computers and sensitive files The system compares the code against a stored list of authorized passwords and users If the code is legitimate, the system allows access at the security level approved for the owner of the password
A string of characters containing letters, numbers, and other keyboard symbols that is used to authenticate a user's identity or authorize access to data A password is generally known only to the authorized user who originated it
A string of letters or letters & numbers chosen by a user or network system administrator and used to authenticate the user when he attempts to log on in order to prevent unauthorized access to his account It is recommended to use a mixture of letters and numbers (a combination that you can remember) and avoid proper names and real words to prevent computer nerds or hackers from attempting to discover a user's password
Confidential authentication information, usually composed of a string of characters used to provide access to a computer resource
A code used to insure the security and privacy of your account Each Username has a password associated with it Some rules apply to the form of a password DGS's passwords must be 6 letters long and contain at least two of several classes of characters; upper case, lower case, numbers, or punctuation marks A good password is a string of nonsense letters that have no meaning on their own but is easy for you to remember For example, the first letters of each word in a long movie title, or book See Also: Login
A secret combination of characters used to access a secured resource such as a computer, a program, a directory, or a file; often used in conjunction with a username OIT requires the password used for accessing OSU network services to consist of both letters and numbers
A string of characters that a user must type to gain access to a computer system The password is linked to a person's userid
A code used to gain access to a locked system Good passwords contain letters and non-letters and are not simple combinations such as virtue7 A good password might be: Hot-6
A unique case sensitive combination of letters and numbers that is provided to registered users to login A password may be changed by the user at any time to maintain secrecy and privacy
A word to be given before a person is allowed to pass; a watchword; a countersign
A code necessary to gain access to a locked system Good passwords use a combination of small and capital letters in conjunction with non-letters They are not simple combinations such as virture7 An example of a good password might be: Hot$1-6
{i} keyword, code word, special code that is used to gain entry (to a computer system, etc.)
Your E-mail address is public information; it's listed in the campus directory To keep your computer files confidential, a password is entered along with your user name When you log onto the system, the host looks to see if the password is appropriate to the user name you have entered If so, you are logged on
A code used to gain access to a locked system Good passwords contain letters and non-letters and are not simple combinations such as "virtue7 " A good password might be: Hot$l-6 See also: Login
a secret word or phrase known only to a restricted group; "he forgot the password
A code used to gain access (login) to a locked system Good passwords contain letters and non-letters and are not simple combinations such as abc123
This is the password you'll need to access the administration section for your message board It must be from 5-8 characters
For security purposes, we recommend that your password is six to eight characters and contains a combination of letters (A-Z, a-z), numbers (0-9) and the characters _ - ~ ! $ # % ^ * ^ & ' " < > + Your password will be case sensitive EXAMPLE: My1Secret Close this window
A password is a secret word or phrase that you must know in order to be allowed to enter a place such as a military base, or to be allowed to use a computer system. No-one could use the computer unless they had a password
access code
password cracker
one who deciphers or otherwise steals computer access codes
password protection
restriction of access to a resource by requiring a password (without which access is denied)
The security protection attached to a participant's user name The original password is assigned by ICONS, but users can change their own passwords Please see Administrative Features
UNIX passwords are 8 characters in length and can include almost any character that can be typed Upper and lower case characters are different The characters which cannot (or should not) be used include #, @, DEL, and backspace
Network security feature Supervisors of NetWare networks have the option of requiring users to use a password when they log in to the network If passwords are required, all users must have unique passwords Passwords in the NetWare network operating system(NOS) are encrypted; that is, they are stored on the server in a format only the server can decode
plural of password