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Englisch - Türkisch
{s} riayet eden
{s} uyan
{s} dikkatli

Gazeteci olmak istiyorsan dikkatli olmalısın. - If you want to be a newspaperman, you have to be observant.

Sanırım çok dikkatliyim. - I think I'm very observant.

{s} itaatkâr

O senin itaatkarlığın. - That's very observant of you.

Olmam gerektiği kadar itaatkâr değilim. - I'm not as observant as I should be.


Tom itaatli, değil mi? - Tom is observant, isn't he?

Tom çok itaatli, değil mi? - Tom is very observant, isn't he?

observantly dikkat ederek
{s} bağlı
{s} dikkat eden
kanuna riayetkâr
observant of
e dikkatli
observant; alert; acute
gözlemci, uyarı, akut
observant of
-e dikkatli
observant of customs
töreleri uygulayan
observant of customs
geleneklere bağlı
be very observant of forms
kurallara harfi harfine uymak
itaat/dikkat ederek
Englisch - Englisch
Alert and paying close attention

The too observant police officer noticed that my tax disk was out-of-date.

Diligently attentive in observing a law, custom, duty or principle

I was normally observant of the local parking restrictions.

quick to notice
{a} attentive, diligent, submissive, fond
{n} a slavish or very careful attendant
(of individuals) adhering strictly to laws and rules and customs; "law-abiding citizens"; "observant of the speed limit"
Taking notice; viewing or noticing attentively; watchful; attentive; as, an observant spectator; observant habits
An Observantine
One who observes forms and rules
Someone who is observant pays a lot of attention to things and notices more about them than most people do. That's a marvellous description, Mrs Drummond. You're unusually observant An observant doctor can often detect depression from expression, posture, and movement
quick to notice; showing quick and keen perception
A sycophantic servant
Submissively attentive; obediently watchful; regardful; mindful; obedient (to); with of, as, to be observant of rules
{s} paying attention; watching; noticing; keeping religious laws; meticulous
paying close attention especially to details quick to notice; showing quick and keen perception
paying close attention especially to details
observant Jew
Jew who follows Jewish law, traditional Jew
observant family
traditional Jewish family, family that follows Jewish law
in an observant way; watchfully; perceptively; carefully
In an observant manner
strictly observant
very stringent in the practice of religious laws