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Englisch - Türkisch
hiç kimse

Bu evde hiç kimse yaşamıyor. - Nobody lives in this house.

Hiç kimse bizi kontrol edemez. - Nobody can control us.

önemsiz biri
önemsiz kişi
sıradan kimse
{i} önemsiz şahsiyet
{i} bir hiç
önemsiz bir kimse

Hiç kimse bizi kontrol edemez. - Nobody can control us.

Bu evde hiç kimse yaşamıyor. - Nobody lives in this house.


Mary'nin konuşacak hiç kimsesi yok fakat o kendini yalnız hissetmiyor. - Mary has nobody to talk with, but she doesn't feel lonely.

İleride ne olacağını hiç kimse bilmiyor. - Nobody knows what will happen next.

nobody was by
kimse tarafından yapılmıştır
nobody's home
evde kimse yok
nobody else
başka kimse

Odada başka kimse yok. - There's nobody else in the room.

O başka kimsenin yapmadığı bir şey. - That's something nobody else does.

nobody is perfect.
hatasız kul olmaz
nobody's fool
(deyim) kolay kanmayan
nobody's fool
kimsenin enayisi olmayan kişi
nobody's fool
(deyim) kimsenin oyuncağı olmayan
nobody's fool
(deyim) kaçın kurası
nobody's fool
kimsenin kandıramadığı tip
nobody's fool
(deyim) kolay aldanmayan
while nobody is around
hazır kimse yokken
be a nobody
bir hiç olmak
It is an ill wind that blows nobody good
Her işte bir hayır vardır
kill nobody
kimseyi öldürme
Let's do it; nobody'll
{k} Onu yapalım. Kimsenin haberi olmaz
be nobody
bir hiç olmak
have nobody to turn to
tutunacak dalı olmamak
have nobody to turn to
tutunacak dalı kalmamak
he is nobody's fool
kimsenin enayisi değildir
he is nobody's fool
onu kimse kandıramaz
legal nobody
(Ticaret) yasal yetkisi olmayan kişi
nobody else
başka hiç kimse
Englisch - Englisch
Not any person; the logical negation of somebody

Nobody called or visited that day.

Someone who is not important or well-known

Whether you're a nobody or a player, everyone in Tinseltown wants to be King of Hollywood! -.

{n} not any one whatever, not any person
sterling, or about $1
To make noble; to ennoble
A person of no influence or importance; an insignificant or contemptible person
A European fish; the lyrie
No person; no one; not anybody
The quality or state of being noble; greatness; dignity; magnanimity; elevation of mind, character, or station; nobili
8 d
Having a noble mind; honorable; magnanimous
Nobody means not a single person, or not a single member of a particular group or set. They were shut away in a little room where nobody could overhear Nobody realizes how bad things are Nobody else in the neighbourhood can help. = no one
{i} no person; unimportant person (Slang)
One of the nobility; a noble; a peer; one who enjoys rank above a commoner, either by virtue of birth, by office, or by patent
pron. no person
An English money of account, and, formerly, a gold coin, of the value of 6 s
a person of no influence
A person of rank above a commoner; a nobleman; a peer
disapproval If someone says that a person is a nobody, they are saying in an unkind way that the person is not at all important. A man in my position has nothing to fear from a nobody like you. nobodies someone who is not important and has no influence
Contraction of nobody is
nobody's perfect
Used when someone's mistakes or flaws are acknowledged, to remind that everyone else makes mistakes and has flaws

I feel so sad. What I did wasn't right. I feel so bad and I must say to you: Sorry, but nobody's perfect. Nobody's perfect. What did you expect? I'm doing my best.

nobody gives a damn
nobody cares, there's no one to talk to around here
nobody special
only a regular person, no one remarkable
it's an ill wind that blows nobody any good
There is usually something of benefit to someone, no matter how bad the situation
like nobody's business
In an extreme manner; rapidly; excessively; like crazy

His customers reimburse him for the equipment he buys, but it looks like he spends money like nobody's business.

Diary of a Nobody
a humorous book by George and Weedon Grossmith. It is written in the form of a diary belonging to the main character, Mr Pooter, who describes his life during the early 1890s. Mr Pooter is a very ordinary man, who often gets into embarrassing social situations and makes himself look stupid (1892)
don't ask nobody knows anyway
don't waste your time asking the question because no one is sure of the answer, DANKA (Internet Slang)
plural of nobody
{i} unimportant people (Slang)
the lights are on but nobody's home
expression suggesting and implying that a person is stupid (Slang)