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Bu karbon fiber bisiklet inanılmaz hafiftir. - This carbon fiber bicycle is incredibly lightweight.

İtalya'da yapılan bu titanyum bisiklet inanılmaz hafiftir. - This titanium bicycle made in Italy is incredibly lightweight.

eften püften
normalin altındaki kiloda (kimse ya da nese)
hafif sıklet
hafif siklet (boksör)
{s} önemsiz
{i} kiloca hafif kimse
{i} hafif siklet
{i} spor tüysıklet, hafifsıklet
hafif sıklet/zayıf
{s} yükte hafif
spor tüy siklet
{i} yeteneksiz kimse
{i} önemsiz kimse
zekâ ve şahsiyeti önemsiz olan kimse
hafif sıklet boksör
eksik ayar
lightweight aggregate
(İnşaat) hafif agrega
lightweight aggregate
(İnşaat) hafif agregalı
lightweight aggregates
(İnşaat) hafif agregalar
lightweight aggregate
hafif agregat
lightweight boots
hafif çizmeler
lightweight commercial vehicle class
hafif ticari araç grubu
lightweight aggregate concrete
(İnşaat) hafif beton agregası
lightweight aggregate concrete
(İnşaat) hatif agregalı beton
lightweight airborne recovery system
(Askeri) hafif hava indirme kurtarma sistemi
lightweight amphibious container handler
(Askeri) hafif amfibi konteyner elleçleyici
lightweight concrete block
(İnşaat) hafif beton blok
lightweight construction
(İnşaat) hafif konstrüksiyon
lightweight digital facsimile
(Askeri) hafif dijital faksimile
lightweight directory access protocol
(LDAP) Hafif Dizin Erişimi İletişim Kuralı
lightweight plaster
(İnşaat) hafif sıva
lightweight sand
(İnşaat) hafif kum
lightweight structure
(İnşaat) hafif strüktür
i would like a pair of lightweight summer shoes
yazlık hafif bir ayakkabı istiyorum
precise lightweight global positioning system (GPS) receiver
(Askeri) kesin hafif küresel konumlama sistemi (GPS) alıcısı
small, lightweight ground receiver (GPS)
(Askeri) küçük, hafif gps almacı
survey instrument azimuth gyroscope lightweight
(Askeri) ufuk açısı jiroskopik hafif araştırma aracı
Englisch - Englisch
A person who can't handle their drink
A political candidate with little chance of winning
One of little consequence or ability
Lacking in earnestness, ability, or profundity
Having less than average weight
A boxer in a weight division having a maximum limit of 135 pounds for professionals and 132 pounds for amateurs
A competitive weight division between bantamweight and welterweight, with specific weights varying by organization
Light in weight, as a coin; specif
a wrestler who weighs 139-154 pounds
{s} light in weight, not very heavy; in the low weight category (Boxing, Wrestling); trivial, not serious
One of less than average weight; In boxing, wrestling, etc
someone who is unimportant but cheeky and presumptuous
A belt with a working tension of less than 160 pounds per inch of width
an amateur boxer who weighs no more than 132 pounds
adj Opposite of {heavyweight}; usually found in combining forms such as `lightweight process'
A error where a coin is struck on an incomplete blank - caused when the machine punching out the blanks strikes partially beyond the end of the metal sheet
Weight of an empty vessel including equipment and outfit, spare parts required by the regulatory bodies, machinery in working condition and liquids in the systems, but excluding liquids in the storage tanks, stores and crew
Something that is lightweight will not consume computer resources (such as RAM and disk space) too much and will thus run on less expensive computer systems
A weight division in some events for women weighing 59 kilograms or less and men weighing 72 5 or less
{i} person who weighs less than average, person who is not very heavy; boxer or wrestler who weighs less than a certain amount; insignificant person, nobody, weakling
Traditional U S bicycle industry term for bicycles with tires narrower than about 1 5"
a professional boxer who weighs between 131 and 135 pounds a wrestler who weighs 139-154 pounds an amateur boxer who weighs no more than 132 pounds having relatively little weight; "lightweight fabrics"
A person of small impotance or mental ability
Someone who weighs less than 300 pounds or has a BMI less than 50 but wishes to have WLS
having no importance or influence; "a lightweight intellect"
Something that is lightweight weighs less than most other things of the same type. lightweight denim The company manufactures a range of innovative light-weight cycles
A person who cant handle their drink
140 pounds
A weight division for lighter rowers In the Olympics, 72 5 kilograms (about 160 pounds) or less for men and 59 kilograms (about 130 pounds) or less for women
a professional boxer who weighs between 131 and 135 pounds
disapproval If you describe someone as a lightweight, you are critical of them because you think that they are not very important or skilful in a particular area of activity. Hill considered Sam a lightweight, a real amateur. heavyweight Lightweight is also an adjective. Some of the discussion in the book is lightweight and unconvincing
A SWB Land Rover that was built with some modifications for the military - heavier than the normal 88", but light enough to be airportable There also exists an extremely rare LWB version
having no importance or influence; "a lightweight intellect
Lightweight is a category in some sports, such as boxing, judo, or rowing, based on the weight of the athlete. By the age of sixteen he was the junior lightweight champion of Poland A lightweight is a person who is in the lightweight category in a particular sport
amateur rules 135 pounds, Eng
having relatively little weight; "lightweight fabrics"
one weighingnot more than 133 pounds U
applied to a man or animal who is a lightweight
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
set of protocols which enable computers to access X 500 information directories (Computers)
lightweight gas mask
not very heavy gas mask
junior lightweight
weighs no more than 130 pounds
plural of lightweight