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Englisch - Englisch
Cautious, hesitant, or nervous about something; having reservations or concerns

Since he was bitten by a dog when he was young, he has always been leery of animals.

{s} wary, cautious, doubtful, suspicious (especially of a look or expression)
If you are leery of something, you are cautious and suspicious about it and try to avoid it. Executives say they are leery of the proposed system They were leery about investing in a company controlled by a single individual. = wary
disapproval If someone looks or smiles at you in a leery way, they look or smile at you in an unpleasant way, usually because they are sexually interested in you. a leery grin. careful in the way that you deal with something or someone because you do not trust them = wary leery of (Perhaps from leer ; LEER)
openly distrustful and unwilling to confide
The property of being leery, suspiciousness, distrustfulness
{i} wariness, suspicion, mistrustfulness