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one or several stages of an event which occurs after the start and before the end
an agent acting as a mediator between sides that may disagree
An intermediary is someone who advises potential clients about their insurance needs, helps them to select the most appropriate policy and provides an ongoing service in all subsequent matters relating to such policy
a negotiator who acts as a link between parties
A public or private entity that contracts with the federal Department of Health and Human Services to process claims and carry out other administrative functions in connection with the Hospital Insurance Program (Part A) of Medicare
A node is an intermediary if a message from the service requester to the service provider (or vice versa) passes through the node See SOAP intermediary
A private insurance organization that contracts with the Federal Government to handle Medicare Part A payment for services by hospitals, SNFs, and home health agencies
A party that borrows a security in order to on-deliver it to a client, rather than borrowing it for its own in-house needs Also known as a conduit borrower
is a term synonymous with financial intermediary, and normally refers to the person selling an investment on behalf of a financial institution Back to top
A third party that facilitates trade between buyer and seller An intermediary may be active or passive (See Active Intermediary, Passive Intermediary )
An independent third party that may act as a mediator during negotiations
Professionals who arrange mergers, acquisitions and various funding of companies with most of their transactions in the $1 million+ market Intermediaries do not have their own fund to invest At nvst com, Intermediaries are classified as Advisors
an organization that accepts payments from an insurer and then distributes them to providers via capitation, salary, or fee-for-service; examples include some independent practice associations, physician hospital organizations, and physician group practices
Lying, coming, or done, between; intermediate; as, an intermediary project
Individuals or organizations that introduce deals, frequently working with organizations to assist them in preparing their business plans and refining their strategies
A person or organisation that offers advice and arranges policies for clients Under UK regulations, intermediaries must be either (1) "Tied", whereby they represent only one company in the case of life business or a limited number of companies for general business, or (2) "Independent", whereby there is no limit on the number of companies with which they can deal
A third party in the design, negotiation, and administration of a reinsurance agreement Intermediaries recommend to cedants the type and amount of reinsurance to be purchased and negotiate the placement of coverage with reinsurers
The term used for Medicare contractors who process Medicare Part A claims
A private company that contracts with Medicare to pay Medicare Part A bills (See Fiscal Intermediary )
An intermediary is a person who passes messages or proposals between two people or groups. She wanted him to act as an intermediary in the dispute with Moscow. = go-between. intermediaries a person or organization that tries to help two other people or groups to agree with each other go-between
A nonprofit organization which provides training and technical assistance and financial support to other community-based nonprofits Intermediaries are generally experienced, mature nonprofits with the ability to apply for and administer grants and loan funds to assist less experienced organizations Funding sources for intermediaries include government, foundations and the private sector
A third party in the design, negotiation and administration of a reinsurance agreement Intermediaries recommend to cedants the type and amount of reinsurance to be purchase and negotiate the placement of coverage with reinsurers
A company that signs a contract with the federal government to handle Medicare payments for hospital, skilled nursing facility and home health agency services BCBSKS is the Medicare Part A intermediary for Kansas
One who, or that which, is intermediate; an interagent; a go-between
Corporation or entity who facilitates a 1031 tax deferred exchange (also known as: Accommodator) To be a Qualified Intermediary, the Intermediary must not be a related party
{s} intermediate, located between; mediatory, acting between persons or parties
See: Financial intermediary
{i} mediator, arbitrator, go-between, middle-man; means, intermediate agent; intermediate stage
A strategic and financial advisor employed by either the buyer or seller to facilitate a successful transaction
An institution acting between 2 or more other entities by assuming certain rights and obligations
An agency, usually an insurance company, under HCFA contract to process and pay claims for Part A Medicare services
1) The agent/broker negotiating insurance or re insurance contracts for another 2) Any party representing another party, in negotiation with a third party
An intermediary
an intermediary
financial intermediary
go-between or middle man working in the financial market
plural of intermediary
Brokers and other intermediaries attempt to arrange suitable financial products or policies for you They can be fully independent, part of a network that uses a panel of providers, or tied to certain institutions in which case they can only sell their products
a financial institution with the power to make or implement investment decisions for others
Agents representing the interests and acting on behalf of individual investors in privatised businesses
Those units or institutions in the channel of distribution that either take title to or negotiate the sale of the product
Individuals or groups that influence the buyer-seller relationship, usually aligned with the interests of the buyer
Financial fiduciaries including banks, savings institutions and life insurance companies
all the people or organizations in the marketing channel between producers and customers
Non- or for-profit institutions that have specialized lending capacities They obtain capital in the form of equity and low interest loans from a variety of sources, including foundations and other funders, to form a "lending pool " They then serve as "wholesalers" who process large numbers of small loans or investments This "economy of scale" often allows intermediaries to be more efficient than a foundation or funder could be if it considered each investment individually Also, intermediaries often develop expertise in a particular field or region that foundations or funders cannot afford to develop In the context of this study, non-financial intermediaries include community foundations and financial intermediaries include credit unions, venture capital and loan funds, banks, etc
Broker or person who attempts to sort and arrange financial packages for you