give over

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Englisch - Englisch
To entrust (something) to another

She gave the deeds over to the solicitor for safe-keeping.

To addict, resign or apply (one’s self)
Usually as an imperative. To tell someone to stop molesting, fooling around, or saying silly things. Or sometimes to stop saying flattering things

Give over with your nonsense, will you!.

To give up, hand over, surrender (something)

Diocletian, the emperor, was so much affected with it that he gave over his sceptre and turned gardener.

To yield completely, to quit, to abandon

For, as indeed was very natural in such case, all government of the Poor by the Rich has long ago been given over to Supply-and-demand, Laissez-faire and such like, and universally declared to be ‘impossible’.

To devote oneself to a particular activity

He gave himself over to a monastic life.

give over to
If something is given over or given up to a particular use, it is used entirely for that purpose. Much of the garden was given over to vegetables
give somebody a going-over
(deyim) (British English) hit someone and hurt them
give something a going-over
(deyim) Improve the condition of something, for example by cleaning it thoroughly

You ought to give the place a going-over with the Hoover once in a while.

give over