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a short stanza at the end of a poem
{n} a public minister sent to foreign states
a person deputed by a sovereign or a government to negotiate a treaty, or transact other business, with a foreign sovereign or government; a minister accredited to a foreign government
n messenger, ambassador
someone sent on a mission to represent the interests of someone else
a brief stanza concluding certain forms of poetry
An explanatory or commendatory postscript to a poem, essay, or book; also in the French from, l'envoi
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The shorter final stanza of a poem, as in a ballade
the brief stanza that ends a poem such as the ballade or the sestina See also tornada
An envoy is someone who is sent as a representative from one government or political group to another
An envoy is a diplomat in an embassy who is immediately below the ambassador in rank. someone who is sent to another country as an official representative = emissary (envoyé, past participle of envoyer )
A messenger or agent sent to do a certain task; for example, an ambassador
{i} diplomat, messenger, representative; concluding verse of a poem (also envoi)
One dispatched upon an errand or mission; a messenger; esp
a brief stanza concluding certain forms of poetry a diplomat having less authority than an ambassador
Also spelled, envoi, the word envoy refers to a postscript added to the end of a prose writing or a short stanza (often of different meter and rhyme) attached to the conclusion of a poem An example appears at the end of Chaucer's "Clerk's Tale "
An envoy's rank is below that of an ambassador
a diplomat having less authority than an ambassador
A short stanza at the end of a poem, used either to address a person or to comment on the preceding body of the poem
{i} concluding verse of a poem which serves as a dedication; postscript of a book which serves as a dedication
a brief stanza concluding certain forms of poetry
An ending stanza for a ballade or other lyric It's usually distinct in rhyme scheme or meter and very dramatic
An alternative French spelling for envoy, below
A stanza appended to a poem which addresses the work to a specific person, usually a patron or beloved
plural of envoy
non-residential envoy
ambassador which is not a permanent resident of the country where he works but instead visits occasionally
special envoy
special delegate