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Englisch - Türkisch
ambargo koymak

Birleşik Devletlerin Irak'ı zayıflatmak için on yıllık bir ambargoya ihtiyacı vardı. - The United States needed ten years of embargo in order to weaken Iraq.

ABD anlaşmayı ihlal edenlere karşı bir silah ambargosu çağrısında bulunuyor. - The U.S. is calling for an arms embargo against violators of the treaty.

müsadere etmek
kadağan etmek
{f} yasaklamak
{i} yasaklama
{i} ticareti kısıtlama
{i} (çoğ. --es) ambargo
ambargo koy
{f} el koymak
men etme
(Askeri) AMBARGO KOYMAK: Bu işi yapmak. EMBARKATION (SAVUNMA BAKANLIĞI, SAVUNMA KURULU): BİNDİRME, YÜKLEME: Kıtaların malzeme ve ikmal maddeleri ile birlikte, bir gemiye ve/veya hava aracına bindirilmesi veya yüklenmesi
(Ticaret) ekonomik ambargo
embargo on imports
ithal malları kısıtlama
el koymak
impose an embargo on
ambargo koymak
impose embargo
ambargo koymak
put an embargo on
ambargo koymak
arms embargo
silah ambargosu
economic embargo
ekonomik ambargo
export embargo
ihracat ambargosu
lay an embargo on
ambargo koymak
lift the embargo
ambargoyu kaldırmak
put an embargo on
-e ambargo koymak
trade embargo
alışveriş ambargosu
third person singular of embargo
üçüncü kişi ambargonun tekil
apply an embargo
ambargo koymak
civil embargo
(Politika, Siyaset) sivil ambargo
food embargo
besin ambargosu
political embargo
siyasi ambargo
take off the embargo
(Ticaret) ambargoyu kaldırmak
Englisch - Englisch
To impose an embargo on trading certain goods with another country
A temporary ban on making certain information public
An order by the government prohibiting ships from leaving port
A ban on trade with another country

Instead he proposed an embargo, an end to all trade between America and England.

To impose an embargo on a document
authoritative stoppage of foreign commerce or of any special trade
{n} a prohibition to prevent vessels from leaving a port, or commodities from being exported
A government order forbidding exportation and/or importation of a particular product
A government-ordered prohibition of trade with another country restricting all trade or only that of selected goods and services
This is an act of international military aggression where an order is made prohibiting ships or goods from leaving a certain port, city or territory and may be enforced by military threat of destroying any vehicle that attempts to break it or by trade penalties The word has also come to refer to a legal prohibition of trade with a certain nation or a prohibition towards the use of goods or services produced by or within a certain nation
restriction of trade It may mean that a particular product is not allowed through a nation’s ports or that trade with a particular nation is not allowed
A restriction or prohibition on exports or imports with respect either to specific products or specific countries
A prohibition upon exports or imports, either with specific products or specific countries
If one country or group of countries imposes an embargo against another, it forbids trade with that country. The United Nations imposed an arms embargo against the country He has called on the government to lift its embargo on trade with Vietnam. = ban
An edict or order of the government prohibiting the departure of ships of commerce from some or all of the ports within its dominions; a prohibition to sail
a ban on trade with another country or group of countries
A warning to the media not to publish a news item until the date and time specified on the release
A government order prohibiting the entry or departure of commercial vessels or goods at its ports The refusal by a carrier, for a limited period, to accept for transport over any route or segment thereof, and to or from any area or point, of a connecting carrier, any commodity, type of class of cargo duly tendered
Total suspension of all business activity with a country
is an economic boycott initiated and enforced by a government
(p 82) A complete ban on the import or export of a certain product
If goods of a particular kind are embargoed, people are not allowed to import them from a particular country or export them to a particular country. The fruit was embargoed They embargoed oil shipments to the US. embargoed goods. = ban. embargoes an official order to stop trade with another country = boycott, sanctions sanctions embargo on/against. Legal action by a government or group of governments restricting the departure of vessels or movement of goods from some or all locations to one or more countries. A trade embargo is a prohibition on exports to one or more countries. A strategic embargo restricts only the sale of goods that make a direct and specific contribution to a country's military power; similarly, an oil embargo prohibits only the export of oil. Broad embargoes often allow the export of certain goods (e.g., medicines or foodstuffs) to continue for humanitarian purposes, and most multilateral embargoes include escape clauses that specify a limited set of conditions under which exporters may be exempt from their prohibitions. An embargo is a tool of economic warfare that may be employed for a variety of political purposes, including demonstrating resolve, sending a political signal, retaliating for another country's actions, compelling a country to change its behaviour, deterring it from engaging in undesired activities, and weakening its military capability
embargoes Lybia" ban the publication of (documents), as for security or copyright reasons; "embargoed publications
An economic boycott initiated and enforced by a government
embargoes Lybia"
a government order imposing a trade barrier prevent commerce; "The U
A complete ban on importing a particular product
a law that bars or forbids trade with another country
To lay an embargo on him or it is to impose certain conditions before you give your consent It is a Portuguese and Spanish word, meaning an order issued by authority to prevent ships leaving port for a fixed period
To lay an embargo on and thus detain; to prohibit from leaving port; said of ships, also of commerce and goods
A charge registered at the Land Registry Office for any unpaid debts, which can be actioned by a court order to proceed with the auctioning of the property to recover the debt
ban the publication of (documents), as for security or copyright reasons; "embargoed publications
{f} impose an embargo, officially restrict commerce
prevent commerce; "The U S embargoes Lybia"
ban the publication of (documents), as for security or copyright reasons; "embargoed publications"
A deliberate cutoff of supply, typically intended as a political statement [FACS] (see also fiscal policy)
a government order imposing a trade barrier
Temporary refusal to accept traffic for transportation at certain points or in certain routes due to emergencies, limitation of facilities, or other abnormal circumstances
In general a governmental order prohibiting the shipment of goods to or from specified countries
To resist or prohibit the acceptance and handling of freight An embargo may be caused by acts of God such as tornadoes, floods, inclement weather, congestion, etc
Legislation passed by a government that prevents imports or exports from a certain country
{i} ban, restriction on commerce
A specific type of quota that prohibits or limits all trade with a nation
An order, usually from a police or government official, to delay broadcasting a story on a situation in progress This can happen during a hostage situation if the media are at the scene collecting information or taking pictures For the safety of hostages, bystanders and police officers, the media may be instructed to refrain from releasing the story until the situation is under control
The time when something can be released News may be released early so that news outlets can be ready to publish or air it, but there may be a restriction on when it can be released to the public Breaking an embargo -- reporting information early -- may cause sources to be less willing to release news
Embargo Act
Legislation by the U.S. Congress in December 1807 that closed U.S. ports to all exports and restricted imports from Britain. The act was Pres. Thomas Jefferson's response to British and French interference with neutral U.S. merchant ships during the Napoleonic Wars. The embargo had little effect in Europe, but it imposed an unpopular restriction on New England merchants and exporters (see Hartford Convention). Legislation passed in 1809 lifted the embargo, but continued British interference with U.S. shipping led to the War of 1812
An embargo
past of embargo
plural of embargo
third person singular of embargo
present participle of embargo
lay under embargo
blockade, besiege, isolate, take control of