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Hiding one's feelings or purposes
The act of concealing the truth; hypocrisy or deception
{n} a dissembling, hypocrisy, guile
{i} dissemblance, quality of being false or misleading, purposeful deception, hypocrisy, pretense
Hiding ones feelings or purposes
The act of dissembling; a hiding under a false appearance; concealment by feigning; false pretension; hypocrisy
the act of deceiving
To practise deception by concealment or omission or by feigning a false appearance

But now, as he paced alone in his apartment, now that he was not upon exhibition, now when there was no eye to behold him, and there was no reason to dissimulate or veil a single thought or feeling, his look was anything but open; the last trace of frankness disappeared; the muscles at mouth and eyes shifted; lines and planes intermingled and altered subtly; there was a moment of misty transformation -- and the face of another man emerged. It was the face of a man uninstructed in mercy; it was a shrewd and planning face: alert, resourceful, elaborately perceptive, and flawlessly hard.

To hide or disguise by adopting a false appearance

Public feeling required the meagreness of nature to be dissimulated by tall barricades of frizzed curls and bows.

To connive at; to wink at; to pretend not to notice

That al thyng be forgiven to theim that be olde and broken, and to theim that be yonge and lusty to dissimulate for a time, and nothyng to be forgiuen to very yong children.

hide (feelings) from other people
Feigning; simulating; pretending
To dissemble; to feign; to pretend
When people dissimulate, they hide their true feelings, intentions, or nature. This man was too injured to dissimulate well They were decked out in tracksuits, seemingly to dissimulate their true function. = dissemble. to hide your true feelings or intentions, especially by lying (dissimulare, from simulare )
{f} dissemble, act in a false or misleading manner, disguise one's true motives
To deceive by concealment or omission





    [ (")di-'sim-y&-"lAt ] (verb.) 15th century. From Latin dissimulātiō.

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