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Englisch - Türkisch
{f} aynı fikirde olmamak
{f} uyuşmamak
{f} with -e
ihtilafa düşmek
aynı düşüncede olmamak
doğru bulmamak
(Bilgisayar) karşı

John Rutledge şiddetle karşı çıktı. - John Rutledge disagreed strongly.

Sana karşı oldukça dürüst olmak gerekirse, o açıklamaya katılmıyorum. - To be quite honest with you, I disagree with that statement.

(Bilgisayar) katılmıyorum

Açıkçası, bu karara tamamen katılmıyorum. - Just for the record, I totally disagree with this decision.

Duygusal bir düzeyde katılıyorum ama pragmatik düzeyde katılmıyorum. - I agree on an emotional level, but on the pragmatic level I disagree.


Katılmamak için çekinme. - Feel free to disagree.

Katılmamaktan çekinmeyin, Tom. - Feel free to disagree, Tom.

(with ile) aynı düşüncede olmamak
uygun düşmemek
{f} uyuşmamak, uymamak, çelişmek: The reports disagree on the cause of the accident. Raporlar kazanın nedeni konusunda çelişiyor
{f} anlaşamamak
{f} karşıt görüşte olmak
{f} bozuşmak
münakaşa etmek
with ile bünyesine uygun gelmemek
{f} uymamak
muvafık olmamak
disagree uyuşma/katılma
hemfikir olmamak
farklı olmak
disagree with

Fikrine katılmamak beni üzüyor. - It pains me to disagree with your opinion.

disagree with
besinlerle arası iyi olmama
disagree with
aynı görüşte olmamak

Benimle aynı görüşte olmamaktan çekinmeyin. - Feel free to disagree with me.

disagree with
aynı düşüncede olmamak
disagree with
disagree with
dokunmak (yiyecek)
disagree with
disagree with
disagree light
uyumsuzluk lambası
disagree with
(Fiili Deyim ) ile aynı fikirde olmamak
i disagree
(Bilgisayar) kabul etmiyorum
third person form of to disagree
katılmıyorum üçüncü kişi formu
Englisch - Englisch
To not agree (harmonize)

informal usage I disagree that this will work.

To not agree (conform, correspond)

My results consistently disagree with yours!.

To not agree (suit)

That burrito disagreed with me.

to be opposite in opinion
{v} to differ, clash, quarrel, not agree
To differ in opinion; to hold discordant views; to be at controversy; to quarrel
to not agree
To be unsuited; to have unfitness; as, medicine sometimes disagrees with the patient; food often disagrees with the stomach or the taste
If you disagree with a particular action or proposal, you disapprove of it and believe that it is wrong. I respect the president but I disagree with his decision agree
{f} have different opinions, differ; be unsuited
If you disagree with someone or disagree with what they say, you do not accept that what they say is true or correct. You can also say that two people disagree. You must continue to see them no matter how much you may disagree with them They can communicate even when they strongly disagree `I think it is inappropriate.' --- `I disagree.' The two men had disagreed about reincarnation. agree
be different from one another
be of different opinions; "I beg to differ!"; "She disagrees with her husband on many questions" be different from one another
be of different opinions; "I beg to differ!"; "She disagrees with her husband on many questions"
To fail to accord; not to agree; to lack harmony; to differ; to be unlike; to be at variance
disagree with
be note very well digestible; "Spicy food disagrees with some people
agree to disagree
To tolerate each other's opinion and stop arguing; to acknowledge that an agreement will not be reached

I know we're never going to agree on the merits of vegetarianism so let's agree to disagree, shall we?.

Past tense of to disagree
Present participle of to disagree
Third person form of to disagree