run counter to

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resist, oppose
run to
To reach the limit of one's abilities or tastes

I don't think my carpentry runs to making a window.

run to
To reach a particular maximum amount, size, value, etc

The repairs ran to 1,200 Euros.

run to
(deyim) Be sufficient for

My income doesn't run to luxuries.

run to
If you run to someone, you go to them for help or to tell them something. If you were at a party and somebody was getting high, you didn't go running to a cop
run to
If you cannot run to a particular item, you cannot afford to buy it or pay for it. If you can't run to champagne, buy sparkling wine. = afford
run to
If something runs to a particular amount or size, it is that amount or size. The finished manuscript ran to the best part of fifty double-sided pages
run counter to


    run count·er to

    Türkische aussprache

    rʌn kauntır tı


    /ˈrən ˈkountər tə/ /ˈrʌn ˈkaʊntɜr tə/

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