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Polisler onun inkarına inanmadı. - The police didn't believe his denial.

İnkâr korkunç bir şeydir. - Denial is a terrible thing.

{i} ret
{i} reddetme
(Askeri) esirgeme
(Tıp) deniyal
geri çevirme
katiyetle reddetme
yalanlama ret
(Askeri) Dağıtmak, başarmak
a flat denial tam inkâr
{i} tekzip
{i} red
denial of service
(Askeri) hizmet dışı bırakma
denial of service
(Bilgisayar) Bilgisayar güvenliğinde bir kullanıcının, yetkili olmasına rağmen, sistem özkaynaklarını kullanamaz duruma düşmesi
denial-of-service attack
(Bilgisayar) hizmeti engelleme saldırısı.Bir network yada servera yapılan saldırı niteliğindeki yoğun erişim isteklerinden ötürü, o network yada serverın gerçek isteklere cevap veremez duruma getirilmesi
denial measure
(Askeri) ESİRGEME TEDBİRİ: Düşmanın, yerden, personelden ve tesislerden faydalanmasına engel olmak veya imkan vermemek için yapılan işler; ki bunlar tahrip etmek, söküp götürmek, bulaşıcı maddelerle kirletmek veya engeller dikmek gibidir
denial measures
(Askeri) Engelleme tedbirleri
denial operation
(Askeri) esirgeme harekatı
denial operation
(Askeri) önleme harekatı
denial operation
(Askeri) ESİRGEME/ÖNLEME HAREKATI: Düşmanın; taktik veya stratejik değeri bulunan bölgeleri ve hedefleri işgal etmesini ve bunlardan faydalanmasını önlemek veya böyle bir teşebbüse imkan vermemek için planlanmış harekat
self denial

Onun özverisi takdire değer. - His self-denial is admirable.

özünü tutma
holocaust denial
Holokost İnkarı
joint denial
tümel degilleme
to be in denial
inkar olmak
date of separation; days of supply; denial of service; Department of State; disk
(Askeri) ayrılış tarihi; tedarik günleri; hizmet dışı bırakma; Dışişleri Bakanlığı; disk işletim sistemi
flat denial
(deyim) kesinlikle inkar etmek/ red etmek
official denial
(Ticaret) resmi tekzip
point blank denial
kesinlikle reddetme
self denial
nefsine hakim olma
self denial
kendinden verme
self denial
take no denial
itiraz kabul etmemek
Englisch - Englisch
Refusal to believe a problem exists

Suzanne Fields wrote: Denial came out of the therapyspeak prevalent in the middle of the 20th century, especially as it was applied to confronting the reality of mortality. It was popularized as the first stage of grief, and quickly expanded to include refusal to confront any bad news or disturbing ideas.

An assertion of untruth

The singer has issued a sweeping denial of all the rumors.

A refusal to comply with a request

Every time we asked for an interview we got a denial.

The negation in logic

The denial of There might be X is the null, False, there is no X..

{n} a denying, refusal, rebuff, objection
the act of asserting that something alleged is not true the act of refusing to comply (as with a request); "it resulted in a complete denial of his privileges"
A refusal to acknowledge; disclaimer of connection with; disavowal; the contrary of confession; as, the denial of a fault charged on one; a denial of God
A refusal to admit the truth of a statement, charge, imputation, etc
An application for a license is denied
defense mechanism in which the subject acts as if consciously unaware of a wish or reality
A defense mechanism that is demonstrated by avoidance of disagreeable realities by the mind's refusal to acknowledge them at a conscious level May or may not be adaptive, depending on the information being denied
a state of mind that precludes developing useful alternatives to vision loss
The denial of something to someone is the act of refusing to let them have it. the denial of visas to international relief workers
the act of asserting that something alleged is not true
Determination that certain care or services cannot be reimbursed
A normal defense mechanism often identified among terminally ill patients and family members, in which there is a refusal to accept a medical prognosis
renunciation of your own interests in favor of the interests of others
Pretending to your others or yourself that some unflattering fact is not true
A decision by a health care organization to refuse payment for a health care service already provided A decision by a health care organization to refuse (deny) an authorization request for services prior to receipt of the health care service   In some cases, a partial payment, modification of an authorization request, a partial authorization approval, or a termination of current care may also be considered denials  
(psychiatry) a defense mechanism that denies painful thoughts
Definition: An unconscious defense mechanism characterized by refusal to acknowledge painful realities, thoughts, or feelings It is a defense to protect the alcoholic's drinking and a way to avoid pain
{i} refusal to accept, refusal to believe, refusal to recognize; act of denying
a defendant's answer or plea denying the truth of the charges against him; "he gave evidence for the defense"
a process of automatically blocking out awareness of painful realities, thoughts, or feelings in order to protect oneself from emotional distress
Written letter by your adjuster stating your claim or a condition is not work related
The act of gainsaying, refusing, or disowning; negation; the contrary of affirmation
Unconsciously refusing to admit that someone is addicted Denial occurs among addicts themselves and among those who are close to them
When the insurance company refuses to pay for or authorize surgery
Notification from an insurer that a claim for payment (or request for pre-authorization) is not approved, due to documentation deficiencies, ineligibility of the member, lack of medical necessity or other reason
w-m: avoiding guilt by pushing the decision that made it out of awareness, rendering it inaccessible to correction or Atonement; roughly equivalent to repression; protects the ego's belief that it is our source and not God r-m: used to deny error and affirm truth: to deny " the denial of truth "
A defense mechanism by which unacceptable impulses or ideas are not perceived or allowed into full awareness See also defense mechanisms
The refusal of an Insurer to provide coverage for a loss, for reasons supported by the circumstances of the loss, and the terms and Conditions of the policy
A refusal to grant; rejection of a request
Call condition that occurs when no circuits are available and a busy tone is returned to the calling party [This situation is distinctly different from delay in that denial is not time-related and can only be measured in terms of the percentage of calls denied ] See blocking
Suspension or withholding of authorization
By denying a permission, a method can prevent its callers and itself from exercising the privilege represented by that permission (unless it is explicitly asserted ) If a method on the call stack denies Permission A, a stack walk checking for Permission A will fail unless a valid assertion is found on the stack between the method doing the denial and the method that initiated the check for Permission A
Inability to acknowledge something apparent to others It can be an involuntary coping strategy
Denial is an integral part of the disease process and a major obstacle to recovery The alcoholic/addict lies about his/her using, hides using by denying and refusing to discuss the extent of the use As the disease progresses, remarkably the denial likewise increases [How many times have you heard ]
French: 1) interdiction d'appel 2) refus; rejet 1) A call-blocking condition which occurs when the access to available circuits is restricted For example, local calling may be allowed and long distance calling denied (See blocking; Section 2: call blocking ) 2) A condition that occurs when no circuits are available and a busy tone is returned to the calling party
assertion of the untruth of a thing stated or maintained; a contradiction
An action available to the building administration and/or the Recertification Subcommittee denying an individual the approval of an activity or the awarding of clock hours This usually occurs when, in the judgement of the building administration and/or the Recertification Subcommittee, an activity does not meet the individual professional development plan and/or the Professional Development Master Plan criteria for approval or when the requirements for a clock hour award are not met by the staff member
In many ways this is similar to Disruption, but more pre-emptive in nature This is when someone attempts an action and you prevent it from ever happening "My denial deck is in full swing By using Shaky on the Dismount on your challenge, 'On Patrol', you get nothin' Nada Zip "
the act of refusing to comply (as with a request); "it resulted in a complete denial of his privileges"
A denial of something is a statement that it is not true, does not exist, or did not happen. Despite official denials, the rumours still persist Denial of the Mafia's existence is nothing new
In psychology, denial is when a person cannot or will not accept an unpleasant truth. an addict who is in denial about his addiction
denial of pregnancy
A condition whereby a pregnant woman refuses to accept or recognise her pregnancy
denial-of-service attack
A type of network computer attack that attempts to render a particular service (e.g. web site) unavailable to its audience
denial-of-service attack
(Bilgisayar) DOS attack is an attempt to make a computer resource unavailable to its intended users.denial-of-service attack ıs a type of attack on a network that is designed to bring the network to its knees by flooding it with useless traffic
denial of service
This is a form of attack on company information systems that involves flooding the company’s Internet servers with huge amounts of traffic Such attacks effectively halt all of the company’s Internet activities until the problem is dealt with
denial of service
The prevention of authorised access to resources or the delaying of time critical operations
denial of service
Internet or IP services disrupted by a flood of phony traffic that clogs the provider's network SYN Flood, Ping o' Death and Ping Flooding are some examples of Denial of Service attacks
denial of service
Often used in a security context, in which no information is compromised, but no one can get any work done, either For example, a denial of service attack on a telephone system might involve large-scale destruction of cables or switching gear
denial of service
An attack that consumes the resources on your computer for things it was not intended to be doing, thus preventing normal use of your network resources for legitimate purposes
denial of service
Action(s) which prevent any part of an AIS from functioning in accordance with its intended purpose
denial of service
Action(s) which prevent any part of an AIS from functioning in accordance with its intended purpose [7]
denial of service
Unwanted or malicious messages that render network resources non-functional Some examples are Ping of Death, SYN flood, IP spoofing and Smurf attacks Top
denial of service
An attack that is specifically designed to prevent the normal functioning of a system, and thereby to prevent lawful access to that system and its data by its authorized users DoS can be caused by the destruction or modification of data, by bringing down the system, or by overloading the system's servers to the extent that service to authorized users is delayed or prevented Denial of Service attacks normally stem from external sources using telecommunications (such as via the Internet); or from disaffected or disgruntled employees who bear a grudge towards the company
denial of service
The prevention of authorized access to resources or the delaying of
denial of service
Preventing legitimate users access to systems and networks A common Internet trick is to force thousands of zombie computers to flood a server with millions of meaningless messages-preventing anyone else from using the system
denial of service
denial of service
On the Internet, a denial of service (DoS) attack is an incident in which a user or organization is deprived of the services of a resource they would normally expect to have Typically, the loss of service is the inability of a particular network service, such as e-mail, to be available or the temporary loss of all network connectivity and services In the worst cases, for example, a Web site accessed by millions of people can occasionally be forced to temporarily cease operation A denial of service attack can also destroy programming and files in a computer system Although usually intentional and malicious, a denial of service attack can sometimes happen accidentally A denial of service attack is a type of security breach to a computer system that does not usually result in the theft of information or other security loss However, these attacks can cost the target person or company a great deal of time and money
denial of service
When a health plan either refuses to pay for a medical procedure received by a patient or refuses to authorize a patient to receive a certain service
denial of service
An attack on a system or portion of a system that results in at least the temporary inability of others to use the system for its intended purpose Such attacks do not directly destroy or steal data
denial of service
By sending a barrage of data at a networked computer, hackers can overload that system and cause it to crash
denial of service
A Denial of Service is a specific arrangement of data sent to a target with the specific intent of interrupting that target's Internet service Examples of denial of services are: Winnuke, Teardrop, Land, Nestea, Smurf and Fraggle There are new denial of service attacks created on a daily basis and the best way to protect yourself is to install all of the appropriate patches
denial of service
A condition in which a system can no longer respond to normal requests
denial of service
Action(s) that prevent any part of an information system from functioning in accordance with its intended purpose Usually flooding a system to prevent it from servicing normal and legitimate requests
denial of service
A denial of service occurs when a piece of hardware or a website is inundated with requests From a client perspective, a denial of service appears as a "page cannot be displayed" error
denial of service
an attack that causes the targeted system to be unable to fulfill its intended function
denial of service
1) A form of attack that reduces the availability of a resource 2) Result of any action or series of actions that prevent any part of an IS from providing data or other services to authorized users
denial of service
A prevention of the use of information resources either intentionally or unintentionally, which affects the availability of the information resources Examples of such attacks are SYN flood, Ping O death and Ping flooding
denial of service
When a network is flooded with traffic, the systems cannot respond normally, so service is curtailed or denied This is a favorite technique of network saboteurs
denial of service attack
A hacker attack designed to prevent your computer or network from operating or communicating
denial of service attack
Conduct directed towards a website or email recipient which has the objective of making it impossible for legitimate users of the website or email address to use the facility This might take the form of using software to generate a very large number of requests for pages off the website, or sending a very large number of emails - mailbombing
denial of service attack
An assault on a network that floods it with so many additional requests that regular traffic is either slowed or completely interrupted Unlike a virus or worm, which can cause severe damage to databases, a denial of service attack interrupts network service for some period A distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack uses multiple computers throughout the network that it has previously infected The computers act as "zombies" and work together to send out bogus messages, thereby increasing the amount of phony traffic
denial of the Holocaust
denial that the intentional extermination of six million Jews by the Nazis actually occurred
Holocaust denial
Denial of the Holocaust as a historical event, i.e. the genocide of six million Jews and others, or underestimating the numbers killed
Referring to devices, typically weapons, intended to prevent an adversary from occupying or traversing a certain area of land

An area-denial mine might not kill a soldier, but will severely restrict, slow down, or endanger a tank. Most area-denial weapons can also pose long-lasting risks to anyone also entering the area, specifically to civilians, even years after they were first set up.

evolution denial
the refusal to accept that species evolve, especially a refusal on religious grounds
global warming denial
The act of denying the scientific theory of global warming
global warming denial
The movement associated with the disbelief in the global warming phenomenon as generally presented
in denial
refusing to acknowledge a painful reality
The act of refusing to recognize unpleasant facts even when presented by one's self
Taking action that sacrifices one's own benefit for the good of others
A denial
Distributed Denial of Service
(Computers) DDoS, network attack, attack on a computer system or network causing a loss of service to users
plural of denial
flat denial
complete negation, absolute refutation, unconditional repudiation
issued a denial
formal statement denying the charges that have been brought against him
outright denial
total denial, absolute disavowal
self denial
abstention, refusing oneself gratification
renunciation of your own interests in favor of the interests of others
the act of denying yourself; controlling your impulses
Self-denial is the habit of refusing to do or have things that you would like, either because you cannot afford them, or because you believe it is morally good for you not to do them or have them. Should motherhood necessarily mean sacrifice and self-denial?. when you do not do or have the things you enjoy for moral or religious reasons
the trait of practicing self discipline
unequivocal denial
clear refusal, beyond a doubt does not want something