listen to the pronunciation of disallowance
Englisch - Türkisch
{i} red
{i} izin vermeme
{i} geçersiz sayma
{i} engel olma
Englisch - Englisch
The action of not allowing, or of withdrawing allowance
{n} a fobidding, rejection, dislike
{i} prohibition, ban, rejection
A power given to the federal government in the Constitution Act, 1867, under which the cabinet can nullify any provincial law, even though it has received royal assent from the lieutenant-governor of the province
To refuse or to set aside For example, the Trustee in Bankruptcy, under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act, can disallow a claim submitted by a creditor
A determination by a regulatory body that certain costs incurred by a utility were not prudent or reasonable and therefore are not recoverable from the utility's customers through rates, and must be borne by the utility's shareholders
A determination by a regulatory body that certain costs that a utility incurred aren't recoverable from the utility's customers through rates These could include costs that regulators find to be unwise, excessive, unaccounted for, or caused by lack of proper foresight
A cost which has been determined by the funding agency to be out of compliance or unallocable to a given project
The act of disallowing; refusal to admit or permit; rejection
Expenditures a sponsor won't pay because they are not in compliance with the award terms
When a payor declines to pay for all or part of a claim submitted for payment
the vetoing of delegated legislation by either house of the Parliament, which has the effect of repealing it