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To convey, as by will or lease
To give
To transmit by inheritance
end (less common, usually in a negative manner)

The lack of funding ultimately led to the demise of the project.

To die
To pass by inheritance
Transmission by formal act or conveyance to an heir or successor; transference; especially, the transfer or transmission of the crown or royal authority to a successor
The conveyance or transfer of an estate, either in fee for life or for years, most commonly the latter
{n} death, decease, departure, will, lase
{v} to bequeath at one's death, to let
The end of existence or activity; termination, death
To die; death; to convey an estate to another by will or lease; to transfer by descent or bequest
To transfer or transmit by succession or inheritance; to grant or bestow by will; to bequeath
To convey; to give
Transfer to another of an estate for years, for life, or at will
A conveyance of an estate to someone for life, for a certain number of years, or at will by means of a lease The word demise is synonymous with "lease" or 'let' and use of the word in a lease implies a covenant for quiet enjoyment which means the landlord (lessor) guarantees that the tenant (lessee) will not be disturbed by someone having superior claims against the property
The decease of a royal or princely person; hence, also, the death of any illustrious person
Transfer of an estate by bequest or contract for a stated time period or life Alternately, the making of a charter or lease for a specified time period
The demise of something or someone is their end or death. the demise of the reform movement
To transfer an estate to another by means of a lease
The assignment of one's interest in an estate (real property) for a period of years, for life or at will
The transfer of a right to, or title in an estate; to lease
{f} die; come to an end; bequeath, will; transfer an estate (Law)
Law Transfer of an estate by lease or will
the time when something ends; "it was the death of all his plans"; "a dying of old hopes"
A conveyance of an interest in property for a set period of time (such as in a lease)
The grant of a lease of land According to the context, it can also mean death
French démettre, to put away, lay down: Latin dismittere, demittere In a lease for years, creates an implied warranty of title and a covenant for quiet enjoyment Scott v Rutherford, 102 U S 109 (1875)
{i} decease, death; passing, coming to an end
To convey, as an estate, by lease; to lease
demise of the feudal system
decline and fall of the feudal system (political and social system of medieval Europe)