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Englisch - Türkisch
{i} ihtilaf

Yeni okulun yeriyle ilgili ihtilaf vardı. - There was a controversy about the location of the new school.

{i} tartışma

Onun yer verdiği tartışmaya rağmen, sorun hâlâ çözülmemiş kalmaya devam ediyor. - In spite of the controversy it aroused, the question still remains open.

Tartışmada onun yanında yer aldık. - We sided with him in the controversy.

{i} çekişme
{i} anlaşmazlık

Yeni okulun yeri ile ilgili anlaşmazlık vardı. - There was a controversy about the location of the new school.

settle a controversy
(Kanun) uyuşmazlığı çözmek
beyond controversy
Englisch - Englisch
A debate, discussion of opposing opinions; strife
{i} disagreement, debate, argument
Disagreement or dispute over something
{n} a dispute, quarrel, enmity
a contentious speech act; a dispute where there is strong disagreement; "they were involved in a violent argument
Contention; dispute; debate; discussion; agitation of contrary opinions
Quarrel; strife; cause of variance; difference
debate; argument; matter that generates difference of opinion
a contentious speech act; a dispute where there is strong disagreement; "they were involved in a violent argument"
argument, debate
A dispute, usually an expression of opposing views on a matter that cannot be conclusively settled one way or another, often accompanied by the disruption of peace and even quarreling Significantly, the etymology of the word means to turn against Christians are urged repeatedly in God's word to maintain peace among themselves Despite it, some persons cultivate a love for becoming embroiled in controversial confrontations over trivial matters, often with the apparent motive of demonstrating their own dubious intellectual superiority In extreme cases it has caused proud ones to part from the congregation (1Ti 6: 20, 21) When some ``excessively wise'' guy {pushes ahead}, attempts to tamper with the faith of others, leaves the {Truth}, and then even beats his former brothers in public, over some comparatively minor point, it is the pusher who is the loser (Ecc 7: 16)
Federal, state and local income and employment delinquent tax collection and audit investigations Disputed income, employment and penalty assessments appeals Quite simply, all cases where the taxpayer disagrees with the opinions or conclusions of the taxing agency
Controversy is a lot of discussion and argument about something, often involving strong feelings of anger or disapproval. The proposed cuts have caused considerable controversy. controversies a serious argument about something that involves many people and continues for a long time. Investiture Controversy Jesuit Estates Controversy Nootka Sound Controversy West Florida Controversy
A suit in law or equity; a question of right
Hesychast controversy
A particular controversy concerning dogma in the 14th century Byzantine Empire
Investiture Controversy
Struggle between the papacy and the secular rulers of Europe over the latter's presentation of the symbols of office to churchmen. Pope Gregory VII condemned lay investiture in 1078 as an unjustified assertion of secular authority over the church; the issue was pivotal in his dispute with King Henry IV and in the larger struggle over Henry's refusal to obey papal commands. Henry successfully drove Gregory from Rome and installed an antipope, but it would be Gregory's rejection of lay investiture that would ultimately prevail. Henry I of England renounced lay investiture (1106) in return for the guarantee that homage would be paid to the king before consecration, and the Concordat of Worms (1122) forged a similar compromise between Henry V and Calixtus II
Jesuit Estates Controversy
Canadian dispute between Protestants and Roman Catholics after reestablishment of the Jesuit order. After the pope suppressed the Jesuits in 1773, their landholdings in Canada were transferred to the British government. The pope restored the order in 1814, and some Jesuits returned to Canada in 1842. Restitution for their land was discussed, and the Jesuits' Estates Act (1888) gave $400,000 in compensation
Nootka Sound Controversy
(1790) Dispute between Spain and Britain over ship seizures off the western Canadian coast. Spain seized four British trading ships in Nootka Sound, an inlet of Vancouver Island, Can., in accordance with Spanish claims to the northwestern coast of America. Britain threatened war, maintaining that sovereignty necessitated actual occupation of the land. Spain yielded to British demands and signed an agreement acknowledging the right of each country to trade and establish settlements on unoccupied land
West Florida Controversy
Dispute over status of American territory in a region on the Gulf of Mexico between the Apalachicola and Mississippi rivers. First claimed by Spain in 1492, it was occupied by France as part of Louisiana after 1695, then passed under various treaties to Britain (1763) and Spain (1783). The U.S. claimed it as part of the Louisiana Purchase (1803), and American frontiersmen rebelled against Spanish control in 1810. Under the Transcontinental Treaty of 1819, Spain ceded all claim to West Florida, and it became part of the U.S. in 1821
arouse controversy
cause disagreement, stir up contention
bering sea controversy
A court of arbitration, meeting in Paris in 1893, decided against the claim of the United States, but established regulations for the preservation of the fur seal
bering sea controversy
A controversy (1886 93) between Great Britain and the United States as to the right of Canadians not licensed by the United States to carry on seal fishing in the Bering Sea, over which the United States claimed jurisdiction as a mare clausum
beyond controversy
cannot be debated, beyond a shadow of a doubt
plural of controversy
raise controversy
stir up debate
spark bitter controversy
provoke a major dispute
stir controversy
arouse dispute, incite argument
without controversy
without a doubt