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Tom yarışmadan ayrıldı. - Tom dropped out of the competition.

Biz muhtemelen yarışmayı ertelemeliyiz. - We should probably postpone the competition.


Biz sert bir rekabetle karşılaştık. - We faced some stiff competition.

İşte çok rekabet var. - There's a lot of competition in business.


Çok müsabaka kazandı. - He won many competitions.

{i} çekişme
{i} tic. rekabet
(Tıp) kompetisyon
competition analysis
(Ticaret) rekabet analizi
competition board
(Kanun) rekabet kurulu
competition conditions
rekabet şartları
competition environment
rekabet ortamı
competition environment
(Ticaret) rekabet çevresi
competition examination
(Dilbilim) yarışma sınavı
competition index
(Denizbilim) yarış göstergesi
competition laws
(Kanun) rekabet yasaları
competition watchdogs
rekabet kurulu
competition rule
yarışma kuralı
Competition Authority
Rakabet kurumu
Competition Council
Rekabet kurulu
competition law
(Kanun) Rekabet kanunu
competition on roller-blades
roller-blade rekabetin
competition price
rekabet fiyatı
competition superiority
rekabet üstünlüğü
competition, emulation
rekabet, öykünme
competition department
rekabet bölümü
competition policy
(Avrupa Birliği) rekabet politikası
compulsory competition
zorunlu rekabet
distortion of competition
(Ticaret) rekabetin bozulması
enter competition
yarışmaya katılmak
extreme competition
(Ticaret) aşırı rekabet
fierce competition
(Ticaret) yoğun rekabet
intense competition
(Ticaret) yoğun rekabet
intense competition
(Ticaret) aşırı rekabet
keen competition environment
(Ticaret) aşırı rekabet ortamı
monopolistic competition
(Ticaret) monopolcü rekabet
serious competition
(Ticaret) ciddi rekabet
serious competition
(Ticaret) aşırı rekabet
severe competition environment
(Ticaret) aşırı rekabet ortamı
stiff competition
(Ticaret) yoğun rekabet
stiff competition
(Ticaret) katı rekabet
stiff competition
(Ticaret) aşırı rekabet
stiff competition environment
(Ticaret) aşırı rekabet ortamı
tough competition
(Ticaret) yoğun rekabet
tough competition
(Ticaret) aşırı rekabet
tough competition environment
(Ticaret) aşırı rekabet ortamı
cutthroat competition
kıyasıya rekabet
fiscal competition
mali rekabet
free competition
serbest rekabet
open competition
açık rekabet
perfect competition
tam rekabet
pure competition
serbest rekabet
unfair competition
haksız rekabet
almost as good as the competition
neredeyse rekabet kadar iyi
fair competition
eşit koşullar altında rekabet
fair competition
adil rekabet
fierce competition
free competition market
serbest rekabet piyasası
hold a competition
bir yarışma tütün
perfect competition
Tam rekâbet
destructive competition
(Ticaret) tahrip edici rekabet
destructive competition
yok edici rekabet
establish competition
rekabet yaratmak
excellence in competition badge
(Askeri) ATIŞ MÜSABAKASI BRÖVESİ, ATIŞ YARIŞMASI BRÖVESİ: Tertiplenen milli veya yerel bir tüfek veya tabanca yarışmasında kazanılan yüksek puanı gösterir bröve. Ayrıca bakınız: "distinguished designation badge", "pistol clasp" ve "rifle clasp"
fear competition
(Ticaret) rekabetten korkmak
imperfect competition
(Kanun) noksan rekabet
imperfect competition
(Kanun) tam olmayan rekabet şartları
intensifying competition
yoğunlaşan rekabet
lack of competition
(Ticaret) rekabet yokluğu
lack of competition
(Ticaret) rekabet eksikliği
oecd competition committee
oecd rekabet komitesi
offense of unfair competition
(Kanun) haksız rekabet suçu
open competition
serbest rekabet
organize a competition
yarışma düzenlemek
prize competition
ödüllü yarışma
prohibition of competition
(Ticaret) rekabet memnuiyeti
prohibition of competition
(Ticaret) rekabet yasağı
pure competition
(Ticaret) tam rekabet piyasası
relevant competition authority
(Ticaret) ilgili rekabet yetkili makamı
south african competition act
(Ticaret) güney afrika rekabet kanunu
unduly competition
(Politika, Siyaset) haksız rekabet
unfair competition
(Ticaret) kanunsuz rekabet
win a competition
yarışma kazanmak
win the competition
yarışmayı kazanmak
withdraw from the competition
yarışmadan çekilmek
Englisch - Englisch
The action of competing

The competition for this job is strong.

A contest for a prize or award

The newspaper is featuring a competition to win a car.

The competition is the person or people you are competing with. I have to change my approach, the competition is too good now
Competition is a situation in which two or more people or groups are trying to get something which not everyone can have. There's been some fierce competition for the title It was in these studios that young painters found the support and stimulating competition of peers
{n} contest, rivalship, strife, disput
Rivalry among individuals in order to acquire more of something that is scarce [FACS] (see also fiscal policy)
a business relation in which two parties compete to gain customers; "business competition can be fiendish at times
The act of seeking, or endeavoring to gain, what another is endeavoring to gain at the same time; common strife for the same objects; strife for superiority; emulous contest; rivalry, as for approbation, for a prize, or as where two or more persons are engaged in the same business and each seeking patronage; followed by for before the object sought, and with before the person or thing competed with
In economics, the buying or selling of goods and servies by businesses cometing in the same open market Competition means rivalry, as the competition between athletic teams
a business relation in which two parties compete to gain customers; "business competition can be fiendish at times"
The struggle between trees to obtain sunlight, nutrients, water, and growing space Every part of the tree - from the roots to the crown - competes for space and food
when two or more organisms have the potential for using the same resource
rivalry between businesses in the same market
In a forest, plants, animals and trees compete for water, sunlight and nutrients
an interactive association between two or more species, where the presence of each is detrimental to the other in some way This may be reflected in increased death rates, or decreased growth or birth rates [3: Competition @ Miami]
Businesses not affiliated with the University that offer the same goods or services as an RPA As it relates to the private sector, the University will not engage in the sale of a good or service to the public unless the activity is related to or a byproduct of the University's mission (instruction, research or outreach) The sale of ice cream produced as a byproduct of Dairy Plant Management courses is an example of an acceptable competitive activity
{i} rivalry, act of competing against another; contest
- Two or more organisms attempting to occupy or use the same niche or resource in an environment at the same time
The competition is the goods that a rival organization is selling. The American aerospace industry has been challenged by some stiff competition
Rivalry between two or more species for a limiting factor in the environment that usually results in reduced growth of participating organisms
Rivalry among individuals in order to acquire more of something that is scarce
Because each plant only forms a finite number of nodules, the ability of indigenous rhizobia to form nodules will limit the number produced by inoculant strains This can limit nitrogen fixation, and in the American Midwest can mean that the plant derives less than 50% of its nitrogen from symbiosis While this is generally seen as a competition between inoculant and indigenous rhizobia, various factors play a role These include the great numerical superiority of the indigenous rhizobia in the bulk soil, and the limited mobility of the inoculant rhizobia It is also assumed that indigenous rhizobia are also better adapted to soil conditions
The struggle between trees to obtain sunlight, nutrients, water and growing space Every part of the tree, from the roots to the crown, competes for space and food
The struggle of trees to maintain a dominant position in the forest stand to be free to grow The struggle is for sunlight, soil moisture and soil nutrients The struggle may be between brush and tree seedlings early in life or between trees of the same or different species later Competition has a profound effect on stand composition development People can play a powerful role in relieving competition in favor of specific trees
A competition is an event in which many people take part in order to find out who is best at a particular activity. a surfing competition He will be banned from international competition for four years
The general struggle for existence (and dominance) in which organisms compete for a limited supply of the necessities of life It is the condition of rivalry between different organisms, usually closely related species (or within a species) which use the same resources and live in the same places, that exists when organisms are in short supply If the resources are not in short supply, the condition that occurs when the organisms seeking and using that resource nevertheless harm one another in the process Competition may be interspecific (i e , between two or more different species), or intraspecific (i e , between members of the same species)
the contestant you hope to defeat; "he had respect for his rivals"; "he wanted to know what the competition was doing"
the act of competing as for profit or a prize; "the teams were in fierce contention for first place"
- originally from the Greek word competere meaning to strive together for something Modern meaning is more toward striving against another as in a rivalry In economic processes, competition can be viewed as one means of achieving the higher goals of productivity, efficiency, equity and sustainability, but not as an end in itself
The rival efforts of two or more people or businesses acting independently to get the business by offering a better price or a higher level of quality in goods or services <top>
Rivalry Similar businesses providing products or services to your potential customers
an occasion on which a winner is selected from among two or more contestants
In the general sense, a contest among sellers or buyers for control over the use of productive resources Sometimes used as a shorthand way of referring to perfect competition, a market condition in which no individual buyer or seller has any significant influence over price
Interaction where two or more organisms in the same space require the same resource (e g , food, water, nesting space, ground space) which is in limiting supply to the individuals seeking it Competition can occur at the interspecific or intraspecific biotic levels Competition may also be the result of two different processes: exploitation or interference
An interaction in which two organisms remove from the environment a limited resource that both require, and both organisms are harmed in the process Competition can occur between members of the same species and between members of different species
the act of competing as for profit or a prize; "the teams were in fierce contention for first place" a business relation in which two parties compete to gain customers; "business competition can be fiendish at times
Struggle among trees and other vegetation, generally for limited nutrients, light, and water present on a site Competition can cause reduced tree growth Severe competition in very dense stands may cause stand stagnation
The idea that to survive agents must fight each other and that only one of them can be successful This assumes that resources are limited (insufficient for both) and is often a negative-sum strategy, i e 'win-lose' or 'lose-lose'
Activity of two or more entities taken in consideration of each other to achieve differing objectives The commercial analogue of military combat
Competition is an activity involving two or more firms, in which each firm tries to get people to buy its own goods in preference to the other firms' goods. The deal would have reduced competition in the commuter-aircraft market Clothing stores also face heavy competition from factory outlets
Generally viewed by a business as those firms that market products or services similar to, or substitutable for, its product or services in the same market
{i} contest

He wants to participate in the contest. - He would like to take part in the competition.

contest competition
A type of competition where the resource is inadequate to fit the needs of all and the resource is partitioned unequally among contestants, thus some obtain all they need and others less than they need
exploitative competition
Competition by a group or groups of organisms that reduces a resource to a point that adversely affects other organisms
interspecific competition
Competition for resources between species
intraspecific competition
Competition for resources between members of the same species
scramble competition
A type of competition where the resource is inadequate to fit the needs of all, resulting in each competitor obtaining an equally partitioned amount and thus, never the amount it needs
team competition
A competition where the opponents are not individuals but (usually matched) teams, as in team sports

Academic games played as a team competition lower the threshold for shy individuals and promote school spirit.

unfair competition
In commercial law, any of various distinct areas of law which may give rise to criminal offenses and civil causes of action, usually including antitrust violations such as restraint of trade and predatory pricing, trademark infringement, passing off or palming off, and misappropriation of trade secrets
wet t-shirt competition
A contest in which women wear t-shirts that are wet to make them slightly translucent, and others judge the women on appearance
perfect competition
rational free market of manufacturers and individual buyers that have all needed information (Economics)
The competition
a competition
all-round competition
gymnastics competition which includes every event
Organized opportunities for gifted and talented students to enter local, regional, state or national contests in a variety of subject areas (e g Quiz Bowl, Academic Games, Future Problem Solving, Spelling Bees, Science Olympiad)
Grants for constructing, renovating, remodeling, or rehabilitating property Includes general or unspecified capital support awards See also: Awards, Prizes Topic areas: Fundraising and Financial Sustainability
plural of competition
Organized opportunities for gifted and talented students to enter local, regional, state or national contests in a variety of subject areas (e g , Quiz Bowl, Academic Games, Future Problem Solving, Spelling Bees, Science Olympiad)
A TOB show hosted by a member school in which bands compete against other bands in their group size for scores
fair competition
contest played and judged according to the rules, contest equally fair to all sides
foreign competition
competition from businesses operating in other countries
imperfect competition
situations in which goods are priced too highly because of lack of competition (monopolies, oligopolies, etc ) or lack of information about market conditions
imperfect competition
a market that does not have all the features of a perfectly competitive market (chapter 7)
imperfect competition
A market situation in which one or more buyers or sellers are important enough to have an influence on price
imperfect competition
Occurs when the actions of at least one buyer or seller have an effect on the market price The opposite of imperfect competition is perfect competition
imperfect competition
any market structure in which there is some competition but firms face downward-sloping demand curves
imperfect competition
describes the situation when a single producer can affect the market price by varying the amount of product available in the market
imperfect competition
A market situation or structure in which producers have some degree of control over the price of their product Examples include monopoly and oligopoly See also perfect competition
managed competition
A theory of health care delivery services that holds that the quality and efficiency of such services would improve if, in a market controlled by the federal government, independent groups had to compete for health care consumers
marketplace competition
competition between businesses
monopolistic competition
Market situation in which many independent buyers and sellers may exist but competition is limited by specific market conditions. The theory was developed almost simultaneously by Edward Hastings Chamberlin in his Theory of Monopolistic Competition (1933) and Joan V. Robinson in her Economics of Imperfect Competition (1933). It assumes product differentiation, a situation in which each seller's goods have some unique properties, thereby giving the seller some monopoly power. See also monopoly; oligopoly
open competition
Method of rate and form regulation used by some state insurance departments that allows insurance companies to compete openly with the forms and rates they select, subject only to requirements of adequacy and nondiscrimination
open competition
A competition open to the public, including persons employed in the Public Service
open competition
competition which any qualified club, organization or individual may enter
short course competition
swimming race using a short racing pool
swimming competition
swimming contest
time-based competition
(Ticaret) A corporate strategy that has identified a focus on time as providing a competitive edge due to its value by the customer. It may assume no advantage in product or quality characteristics while focusing on the reduction of variability and total design, production and delivery lead time
unfair competition
unjust contest, competition in which one of the contestants has a clear advantage
withdrew from the competition
dropped out of the race, took his name off the list of competitors
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sidik yarışı competition
to be preeminent in something trifling