come upon

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To befall; to affect; to happen to

I pray no harm will come upon you.

To come across; to encounter; to stumble upon; to discover or find, especially by chance or accident

Kala sometimes talked with the older females about her young hopeful, but none of them could understand how a child could be so slow and backward in learning to care for itself. Why, it could not even find food alone, and more than twelve moons had passed since Kala had come upon it.

If you come upon someone or something, you meet them or find them by chance. I came upon an irresistible item at a yard sale. = come across
find unexpectedly; "the archeologists chanced upon an old tomb"; "she struck a goldmine"; "The hikers finally struck the main path to the lake"
If an attitude or feeling comes upon you, it begins to affect you. A sense of impending doom came upon all of us
take possession of; "She entered upon the estate of her rich relatives"
find, discover; happen upon, bump into, find by chance
come down upon
rebuke, reproach, upbraid, punish
come upon


    come up·on

    Türkische aussprache

    kʌm ıpän


    /ˈkəm əˈpän/ /ˈkʌm əˈpɑːn/


    [ 'k&m ] (verb.) before 12th century. Middle English, from Old English cuman; akin to Old High German queman to come, Latin venire, Greek bainein to walk, go.

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