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böcek gibi small, brunette
parmak kadar small, mere slip of a
topaç gibi plump and sturdy
{i} evlat

Bu çocuk evlat edinildi. - This child has been adopted.

Tom ve Mary üç çocuğu evlat edindiler. - Tom and Mary adopted three children.

adopted child
foster child

Çocuklar yerde uyumak zorunda kalacaklar gibi. - It seems that the children will have to sleep on the floor.

Alma-Ata halkı, haydi çocuk dostu bir şehir yaratalım! - People of Almaty, let us create a child-friendly city!

{i} küçük

Genç bir çocuğun küçük bir kelime haznesi vardır. - A young child has a small vocabulary.

Küçük çocuklar karanlıkta yalnız bırakılmaktan korkuyorlar. - Small children are afraid of being left alone in the dark.

{i} velet
{i} çocuksu kimse
{i} ürün

Bu ürünü çocukların erişemeyeceği bir yerde saklayın. - Keep this product out of children's reach.

child's play
(deyim) cok kolay is ,cocuk oyuncagi
bastard child
bring a child into the world
bring a child into the world
(Bilgisayar) bağımlı

Bu eski çocuk oyuncu daha sonra bir uyuşturucu bağımlısı oldu. - This former child actor later became a drug addict.

Çocuklarınızın televizyon bağımlısı olmasına izin vermeyin. - Don't let your children become couch potatoes.

(Bilgisayar) ast

Çocukken kızım sık sık astım atakları yaşadı. - As a child, my daughter had frequent asthma attacks.

Okul astım spreyini yanında taşımasına izin vermediği için çocuk astım krizinden öldü. - The child died from an asthma attack because the school didn't allow him to carry his inhaler with him.

child abuse
çocuk suistimali
child abuse
çocuğa kötü muamele
child abuse
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) çocuk istismarı
child adoption
(Kanun) evlat edinme
child allowance
çocuk yardımı
child axis
(Bilgisayar) alt dal
child guidance
(Tıp) çocuk rehberliği
child labor
çocuk işçiliği
child labour
çocuk işçiliği
child level
(Bilgisayar) alt düzey
child marriage
beşik kertmesi
child neurology
(Tıp) çocuk nörolojisi
child node
alt düğüm
child node
(Bilgisayar) oğul düğüm
child nodes
(Bilgisayar) alt düğümler
child nutrition
(Tıp) çocuk beslenmesi
child restraint
(Otomotiv) çocuk koltuğu
child rights
çocuk hakları
child seat
çocuk koltuğu
child support
(Kanun) iştirak nafakası
child welfare
çocuk esirgeme
child welfare
(Tıp) çocuk sağlığı
child window
(Bilgisayar) alt pencere
child's play
çok kolay iş
child's play
çok kolay
cute child
deliver a child
dependent child
bağımlı çocuk
expect a child
çocuk beklemek
foster child
üvey evlat
foster child
bakılan çocuk
foster child fantasy
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) üvey evlat fantazisi
give birth to a child
çocuk doğurmak
middle child
naughty child
naughty child
poor child
yoksul çocuklar
spoilt child
ana kuzusu
Spare the rod and spoil the child
Kızını dövmeyen dizini döver
adopted child
manevi evlat
battered child syndrome
hırpalanmış çocuk sendromu

Sami'nin bir çocukla sonuçlanan bir ilişkisi vardı. - Sami had a relationship that resulted in a child.

Sonuçta o hâlâ bir çocuk. - She's still a child after all.

child abuse
çocuğa kötü muamele edilmesi
child abuse syndrome
hırpalanmış çocuk sendromu
child bearing
çocuk doğurma
child bearing
child benefit
çocuk yardımı
child care
çocuk bakımı
child dose
çocuk dozu
child labour
çocuk çalıştırma
child language
çocuk dili
child prodigy
harika çocuk
child psychiatry
çocuk psikiyatrisi
child psychology
çocuk psikolojisi
child relief
çocuk yardımı
child's bicycle
çocuk bisikleti
child's play
kolay iş
child's play
çocuk oyuncağı
female child
kız çocuk
flower child
çiçek çocuk
love child
gayri meşru çocuk
male child
erkek çocuk
natural child
newborn child
parent/child relationship
ana/çocuk ilişkisi
problem child
idare edilmez çocuk
spoiled child
şımarık çocuk

Tom şımarık çocuk gibi davranıyordu. - Tom was behaving like a spoiled child.

Sen bir şımarık çocuk gibi davranıyorsun. - You're acting like a spoiled child.

That child knows a trick or two
O çocuk ne kurnazdır!
a child
Bir çocuk
abandoned child
terkedilmiş çocuk
brain child
beyin çocuk
burnt child dreads the fire
(Atasözü) Bir musibet bin nasihatten iyidir
child abduction
çocuk kaçırma
child labor
çocuk işçi
child minder
çocuk bakıcısı
child minding
çocuk bakımı
child molester
child proof
Çocuklar için güvenilir, dayanıklı, sağlam
child room
Çocuk odası
child support

Tom çocuk nafakasını nasıl ödeyecek? - How is Tom going to pay child support?

Sami çocuk nafakasını ödemek istemiyor. - Sami doesn't want to pay child support.

Çocuk dostu
Çocuk yetiştirme
conceive a child
Bir çocuğun gebe
disturbed child
rahatsız çocuk
exceptional child
istisnai çocuk
give child a pickaback
çocuk pickaback vermek
grand child
büyük çocuk
late child
geç çocuk
pregnant, with child
Çocuklarına hamile
problem child
problemli çocuk
quick with child
çocuk ile hızlı
sick child
hasta çocuk
the child is father to the man
Yedisinde neyse yetmişinde de o olur
to bear a child
çocuk doğurmak, hamile bir kadının çocuk doğurması
wild child
vahşi çocuk
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Definition von (child) im Englisch Englisch wörterbuch

Child Catcher
A fictional character who is employed by the baron to snatch and imprison children
Indigo child
A child with supernatural special abilities (according to certain New Age beliefs)
barrel child
A child in a developing country whose parents have found employment abroad. The stereotype is one of relative financial well-being, but emotional detachment from the parents
boomerang child
A young adult, especially a college graduate, who has returned to the parental home, especially from college due to unemployment
Attributive form of boomerang child

boomerang-child syndrome.

A data item, process or object which has a subservient or derivative role relative to another data item, process or object

The child node then stores the actual data of the parent node.

A daughter or son

My youngest child is forty-three.

A prepubescent person, a minor

For the purposes of the present Convention, a child means every human being below the age of eighteen years unless under the law applicable to the child, majority is attained earlier.

child abuse
The physical, sexual or emotional mistreatment of a child

Abdominal trauma can also result from child abuse and is the second leading cause of child abuse-related death, after traumatic brain injury.

child carrier
Any of several devices for carrying babies or very young children within a framework carried as a backpack or on the front of the body
child labor
The employment of children who are under the legal (or generally recognised) minimum age
child language
The language spoken by a child that doesn't have full control over it yet
child of the manse
A diligent and industrious person
child porn
pornographic material depicting minors; images of naked children

The police raid uncovered a large quantity of child porn on the teacher's laptop.

child pornography
Pornographic material depicting minors
child prodigies
plural form of child prodigy
child prodigy
A talented person who achieves great success at an early age; a wunderkind
child prostitution
The use of a child by others for sexual activities in return for remuneration or any other form of consideration
child rape
rape involving a child as a victim
child safety seat
A car safety restraint designed for infants and young children
child safety seats
plural form of child safety seat
child support
The ongoing obligation for a periodic payment made directly or indirectly by an obligor, usually the noncustodial parent, to an obligee, usually the custodial parent or other guardian, for the financial care and support of children of a relationship or marriage that has been terminated, or which never existed
child's play
Something particularly simple or easy

Compared to my last job, this is child's play.

Pertaining to the time between puberty and menopause when a woman is able to bear children
Having no children, especially as a matter of choice
Attributive form of child language, noun

He spoke with a child-language tone of voice but with a full vocabulary.

feral child
A child who is raised without human contact, often raised by wild animals as a result of being abandoned
flower child
A hippie involved with the flower power movement
foster child
A child in foster care
inner child
the essential, or original self, regarded as a child, existing within the shell of an adult, especially when suppressed by negative childhood experiences
latch-key child
A child who returns home from school to an empty house and therefore must unlock/unlatch the exterior door with a key, especially a child of working or absent parent(s)
life child
A person who has lived with his or her parents all the way to their deaths
Attributive form of life child

life-child syndrome.

love child
A child born as a result of a romantic liaison between parents not married to one another; an illegitimate child

Nobody ever came to see her, nobody spoke of her, nobody cared about her. Mr Brass had said once, that he believed she was a ‘love-child’ (which means anything but a child of love).

Alternative spelling of love child
man child
A male human being of a young age. A boy

Speak unto the children of Israel, saying, If a woman have conceived seed, and born a man child: then she shall be unclean seven days; according to the days of the separation for her infirmity shall she be unclean.

Alternative spelling of man child
one-child policy
A policy of population control in China, whereby a married couple is allowed only one child
only child
A person raised as the sole child in a household

An only child is often stereotyped as spoiled.

only child
A person who has no siblings
poster child
One who is a prototypical or quintessential example of something

He's a poster child for militant vegetarianism.

pretermitted child
A child who would likely stand to inherit under a will, except that the testator did not know of the child at the time the will was written, usually because the child was not yet born
problem child
Someone or something persistently difficult or vexing; a frequent source of trouble or annoyance

Locally and across the nation, middle schools have generally been regarded as the problem child for school systems.

problem child
A child who is particularly difficult to raise or educate, especially due to a lack of self-control and disruptive and antisocial behavior

Hill was a problem child who was sent to Woodlands because his parents couldn't handle him at home.

spare the rod and spoil the child
If one does not discipline a child, he will never learn obedience and good manners
war child
A child who has grown up in wartime
wild child
A headstrong, rebellious young person

I was a wild child, she said, sounding devilish, never did get tamed. My mother thought I was incorrigible. She called me bad, beautiful, and selfish.

with child

I should have had two children, but I find myself with only one. Yet he spends his time with other women who are already with child.

middle child
child born between the first and the last children
well child visit
Taking a child/baby to the pediatrician for his check up and shots and evaluaion of the growth and development of the baby in the areas of motor skills, language and social skills
{n} a male or female offspring of the human species
child labour
Employment of boys and girls in occupations deemed unfit for children. Such labour is strictly controlled in many countries as a result of the effective enforcement of laws passed in the 20th century (e.g., the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of the Child in 1959). In developing nations the use of child labour is still common. Restrictive legislation has proved ineffective in impoverished societies with few schools, although some improvements have resulted from global activism, such as boycotts of multinational firms alleged to be exploiting child labour abroad
child labour
Employment of boys and girls in occupations deemed unfit for children
child-directed speech
(Eğitim) Any of various speech patterns used by parents or caregivers when communicating with young children, particularly infants, usually involving simplified vocabulary, melodic pitch, repetitive questioning, and a slow or deliberate tempo
inner child
(Psikoloji, Ruhbilim) The emotions and feelings you had as a child that still form a part of your character as an adult
the child is father to the man
Who we are as children gives rise to (or “is father to”) who we are as adults
the child of a frog is a frog
(Atasözü) 1. A child will grow up to be like his parents2. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree
to bear a child
to give birth to a child


    ... to care for a sick child or a sick parent ...
    ... one of the best investments we can make in a child's life ...

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