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İngilizce - Türkçe

Tereyağı kaymaktan yapılır. - Butter is made from cream.


Tom kahvesine çok fazla şeker ve krema koyar. - Tom puts a lot of sugar and cream in his coffee.

Benim kahveme biraz krema koydum. - I put some cream in my coffee.


Ayrıca krem peyniri krema ile değiştirebilirsiniz. - You can also replace the mascarpone with cream.

Kahvenizde biraz krema ister misiniz? - Would you like some cream in your coffee?

{f} suyunu çıkarmak
(Argo) hezimete uğratmak
açık bej
{f} kaymak bağla
(sütün) kaymağını almak
bir şeyin en iyi bölümü
(off ile) (en iyileri) seçmek
krem rengi
(deyim) Suyunu çıkarmak, pestilini çıkarmak, alt etmek, yenmek

Our basketball team really creamed its opponent.

açıkcream cheese yumuşak beyaz peynir
{i} en iyi kısım
{f} kaymak tutmak
{f} krema katmak
{i} (merhem olarak) krem
{i} bej
{i} öz

Tom'un çikolatalı dondurmaya bir özlemi vardı. - Tom has a craving for chocolate ice cream.

{f} tatmin olmak
cream puff içi kremalı pasta
{f} boşalmak
{i} kremalı tatlı
cream sauce beyazcold cream yağlı krem
{f} çırpmak
{f} yormak
{s} kremalı

Koyu, kremalı mantar çorbası severim. - I love thick, creamy mushroom soup.

Kahve, lütfen, kremalı ve şekerli. - Coffee, please, with cream and sugar.

cream of tartar krem tartar
cream of the crop en iyisi
bir şeyin en iyi bölü
{f} kaymağını almak
{s} krem renkli
{f} köpürmek
{f} krem sürmek
cream cheese
(Gıda) yumuşak beyaz peynir
cream of chicken
(Gıda) kremalı tavuk çorbası
cream of the society
(deyim) yüksek sosyete
cream sauce
(Gıda) krema sosu
cream separator
(Gıda,Tarım) krema makinesi
cream sour
(Gıda) ekşi krema
cream cheese
krem peynir

Hiç krem peynirin var mı? - Do you have any cream cheese?

Krem peyniri uzatır mısın, lütfen? - Would you pass me the cream cheese, please?

cream of tartar
tartar kremi
cream of tartar
krem tartar
cream of the crop
en iyisi
cream of the crop
kaymak tabaka
cream puff
kremalı pasta

Bir düzine kremalı pasta istiyorum. - I want a dozen cream puffs.

Gittim ve biraz kremalı pasta aldım. Biraz ister misin? - I went and bought some cream puffs. Do you want any?

cream seperator
kaymak ayırıcı
cream chese
(Pazarlama) Krem peynir
cream coloured
krem renkli
cream cracker
krem kraker
cream for
krema için
cream fraiche
fermante edilmiş ekşimsi ve yoğun bir krema
cream horn
krem boynuz
cream of asparagus soup
kuşkonmaz çorbası krem
cream of tartar
Krem tartar, beyaz tartar, potasyum bitartarat
cream of wheat
buğday krem
cream off
krem off
cream separator
ekromöz, krema makinesi, kaymak ayırıcı
cream slice
krem dilim
cream someone
(deyim) Suyunu çıkarmak, pestilini çıkarmak, alt etmek, yenmek

Our basketball team really creamed its opponent.

cream soup
kremalı çorba
cream soups
krem çorbalar
cream cheese
bir tür yumuşak beyaz peynir
cream colored
krem renkli
cream laid
samanlı (kâğıt)
cream laid
krem renginde (kâğıt)
cream maker
cream of asparagus soup
(Gıda) kremalı kuşkonmaz çorbası
cream of carrot soup
(Gıda) kremalı havuç çorbası
cream of cauliflower soup
(Gıda) kremalı karnabahar çorbası
cream of green pea soup
(Gıda) kremalı bezelye çorbası
cream of lime
(Kimya) kireç kaymağı
cream of society
elit tabaka
cream of society
cream of spinach soup
(Gıda) kremalı ıspanak çorbası
cream of tarhana soup
(Gıda) tarhana çorbası
cream of tartar
beyaz tartar
cream of the crop
bir şeyin en âlâsı
cream of tomato soup
(Gıda) kremalı domates çorbası
cream of tomato soup
(Gıda) şafak çorbası
cream of vegetable soup
(Gıda) kremalı sebze çorbası
cream pitcher
(ufak sürahi biçiminde) sütlük
cream pudding
(Gıda) kremalı puding
cream sauce
beyaz sos
cream seller
cream skimming
(Ticaret) kaymağını alma
cream wove
krem renginde (kâğıt)
cream wove
samanlı (kâğıt)
crack cream
(Tıp) çatlak kremi
ice cream

İki vanilyalı dondurma lütfen. - Two vanilla ice creams please.

Ben çikolatalı dondurmayı severim! - I like chocolate ice cream!

antiseptic cream
Antiseptik krem
cold cream
yağlı krem
kaymak kıvamında olan
krem gibi
eye cream
(Tıp) göz kremi
form cream
kaymak tutmak
form cream
kaymak bağlamak
hazelnut cream
(Gıda) fındıklı krema
mild cream cheese
(Gıda) labne
milk cream
süt kreması
whipped cream
cold cream
yağlı krema
cold cream
yüz kremi
krema içeren

Koyu, kremalı mantar çorbası severim. - I love thick, creamy mushroom soup.

face cream
yüz kremi
heavy cream
ağır krema
ice cream cone
dondurma külahı
light cream
gündüz kremi
like the cat that stole the cream
özünü beğenmiş
mixing cream
vanishing cream
yağsız krem
vanishing cream
az yağlı krem
acne cream
Sivilce kremi
artificially soured light cream
yapay ışık krem soğumuş
asparagus cream soup
kuşkonmaz kremalı çorba
brand ice cream
marka dondurma
butter cream
tereyağı krema
caramel cream
karamel krem
chocolate ice cream
çikolatalı dondurma
cleansing cream
temizleme kremi
custard cream
muhallebi krem
double cream
Çift krem
eye lift cream
göz altı kremi
heavy sour cream
ağır ekşi krema
ice cream soda
dondurma soda
ice-cream cone pants
dondurma koni pantolon
ice-cream parlour
peaches and cream
şeftali ve krem
put cream
krem sürmek
rash cream
(Kozmetik) Pişik kremi
soured cream
krem soğumuş
sweet cream butter
tatlı krema tereyağı
the cream of the crop
mahsulün krem
whipping cream
krem kırbaçlanan
cream of tartar
kaymak gibi
{s} kremsi
İngilizce - İngilizce
An ointment or salve for the skin

You look really sunburnt; you'd better put on some cream soon.

The oily part of milk which rises to the top

standard of identity, US The liquid separated from milk, possibly with certain other milk products added, and with at least eighteen percent of it milkfat.

To ejaculate
The chrism or consecrated oil used in anointing ceremonies

there shall never harlot have happe, by the helpe of Oure Lord, to kylle a crowned Kynge that with Creyme is anoynted.

To puree, to blend with a liquifying process

Cream the vegetables with the olive oil, flour, salt and water mixture.

A yellowish white colour; the colour of cream

cream colour:.

Frosting, custard, creamer, or another substance similar to the oily part of milk or to whipped cream

Originally the cream filling in Oreo cookies was made with pork lard.


When he did come, he spurted his cream all over the front of Rosalee’s T-shirt and neck.

Cream-coloured; having a yellowish white colour
To turn into a yellowish white colour; to give something the color of cream
To obliterate, to defeat decisively

We creamed the opposing team!.

The best part of something

The cream of the crop.

{v} to yield or take off cream
Malai Fat
the best, most desirable, or choicest part of something [the remnant: refine them as gold; the sons of Levi]
Something that is cream is yellowish-white in colour. cream silk stockings. a cream-coloured Persian cat
put on cream, as on one's face or body; "She creams her face every night"
The rich, fatty part of whole milk that rises to the top and which can be separated from the milk The longer sweet cream stands, the thicker it will be
Combine sugars and fat until smooth
Cream is used in expressions such as the cream of society and the cream of British athletes to refer to the best people or things of a particular kind. The Ball was attended by the cream of Hollywood society. You can refer to the best people or things of a particular kind as the cream of the crop. see also ice cream, peaches and cream, salad cream, shaving cream. pale yellow-white in colour. Yellowish part of milk, rich in butterfat, that rises to the surface naturally if milk is allowed to stand. In the dairy industry, cream is separated mechanically. Cream is graded by percentage of fat content. In the U.S., half-and-half, a mixture of milk and cream, contains 10.5-18% butterfat; light cream, commonly served with coffee, contains no less than 18%; and medium and heavy creams (the latter including whipping cream) contain about 30% and 36% respectively. Commercial sour cream, about 18-20% butterfat, is inoculated with lactic-acid-producing bacteria. See also ice cream
{i} fatty portion of milk which rises to the top; fat; frosting; pudding; whipped cream; ointment; moisturizer, balm, lotion; first choice; beige, off-white color
To hit hard
A dairy product taken from whole milk, with varying amounts of butterfat
To mix an ingredient or combination of ingredients until soft, smooth and well-blended
The rich, oily, and yellowish part of milk, which, when the milk stands unagitated, rises, and collects on the surface
add cream to one's coffee, for example
Cream is a thick yellowish-white liquid taken from milk. You can use it in cooking or put it on fruit or desserts. strawberries and cream. see also clotted cream, double cream, single cream, sour cream, whipping cream
or so as to resemble cream
Any creamy layer that separates at the top or the bottom of a pesticide emulsion
To form or become covered with cream; to become thick like cream; to assume the appearance of cream; hence, to grow stiff or formal; to mantle
Cream is used in the names of soups that contain cream or milk. cream of mushroom soup
The part of any liquor that rises, and collects on the surface
To beat one or more foods until soft and creamy, suing an electric mixer or a spoon Cream is used instead of blend when applied to far and sugar
To furnish with, or as with, cream
in America we have many variations according to the amount of butterFAT: half and half (10 5%), light (18%), whipping (30%), heavy or heavy whipping (36%), double (48%), all of which must be refrigerated In Italy they have "panna da cucinare" (cooking cream) in little one portion packages that do not have to be refrigerated and are just right for what you need to add to a pasta sauce for a thickened cream Unfortunately these only last a few months, so when we import them in our luggage, they often sit in the kitchen cabinet waiting for the right occasion and missing it
A preparation for the skin used to impart moisture A cream is usually thicker and more emollient (soother and softener) than a lotion
A delicacy of several kinds prepared for the table from cream, etc
remove from the surface; "skim cream from the surface of milk"
To skim, or take off by skimming, as cream
To beat togeather fat and sugar until they resemble whipped cream
The fatty element of milk
toiletry consisting of any of various substances resembling cream that have a soothing and moisturizing effect when applied to the skin
A cream is a substance that you rub into your skin, for example to keep it soft or to heal or protect it. Gently apply the cream to the affected areas. sun protection creams. see also face cream
A cosmetic; a creamlike medicinal preparation
A thick emulsion of oil and water
To mix an ingredient or combination of ingredients until soft, smooth and well-blended Usually the ingredients contain butter or shortening and sugar
To beat until soft, smooth, and fluffy, as for butter and sugar
a pale yellow
The butterfat portion of milk Also, to beat ingredients, usually sugar and a fat, until smooth and fluffy
To take off the best or choicest part of
The best or choicest part of a thing; the quintessence; as, the cream of a jest or story; the cream of a collection of books or pictures
To cream: beat softened, not melted, butter, margarine, or shortening, alone or with sugar until light, smooth, and creamy
toiletry consisting of any of various substances resembling cream that have a soothing and moisturizing effect when applied to the skin the part of milk containing the butterfat the best people or things in a group; "the cream of England's young men were killed in the Great War"
the best people or things in a group; "the cream of England's young men were killed in the Great War"
add cream to one's coffee, for example put on cream, as on one's face or body; "She creams her face every night"
To obliterate, to win over someone else quite decisively
It is the part of milk from which butter is obtained
make creamy by beating; "Cream the butter
the part of milk containing the butterfat
To cream two or more ingredients together, mash them against the side or bottom of a bowl with a wooden spoon You can also beat them with an electric mixer It is much easier to cream butter, margarine and shortening if they are soft To soften them, leave them out on the kitchen counter for a few hours You can also soften them by putting them in the microwave for one minute on medium heat
{f} beat, defeat; make cream; blend into a creamy mass
make creamy by beating; "Cream the butter"
{s} cream colored, off-white
A baking technique involving combining butter or margarine and sugar together together to a fluffy consistency Done by thoroughly beating butter in a bowl, then gradually adding sugar until mixture is fluffy and creamy Cut in (for pastry dough): To distribute solid fat into dry ingredients with a pastry blender (or two table knives, scissors fashion) until particles are pea size
The oily part of the milk which rises and collects on the top
Beat just enough to make mixture smooth, light, and fluffy
Some ointments or salves to apply to the skin
Cream of Wheat
Alternative capitalization of cream of wheat
cream cake
Any of many varieties of cake that are either filled, layered or topped with any of several forms of cream or custard
cream cakes
plural form of cream cake
cream cheese
A soft, mild-tasting, white cheese that comes from cows milk

This is one of the best cream cheeses I have ever tasted!.

cream corn
Creamed corn
cream crackered
knackered; tired, sleepy, exhausted
cream in one's jeans
To ejaculate while wearing one's trousers

And you always cream in your jeans when your neck breaks. It has something to do with the pressure on the spinal cord being transmitted through the prostate.

cream in one's jeans
To experience an orgasm while clothed; to be thoroughly excited or delighted

Myrna was certain the woman would cream in her jeans at this opportunity to be a good neighbor.

cream of tartar
potassium hydrogen tartrate (also called potassium bitartrate), a byproduct of wine manufacture, used in baking powder and in cooking to stabilize beaten egg whites
cream of the crop
The best or most desirable among some selection

They hoped to hire only the cream of the crop for the new project team.

cream of wheat
semolina pudding
cream of wheat
cream of wheat
a hot breakfast cereal or porridge made with farina (ground wheat) or semolina
cream pie
A pie, usually filled with fruit, topped with whipped cream
cream pie
A pie filled entirely with cream used as a prop in slapstick films and television
cream pies
plural form of cream pie
cream puff
A weak or ineffectual person
cream puff
A light, hollow pastry typically filled with cream or custard
cream puff
An old motor vehicle in especially good condition
cream puffs
plural form of cream puff
cream soda
soda water flavoured with vanilla etc
cream tea
a light afternoon meal consisting of scones, jam and clotted cream served with the drink tea
cream teas
plural form of cream tea
cream up
to become creamy
cream up
to cover with cream
cream off
1. remove from the surface; skim, skim off, cream2. pick the best, skim off
cream cake
cake which contains whipped cream
cream cheese
type of smooth spreadable cheese
cream cheese
Cream cheese is a very rich, soft white cheese. A soft white cheese made of cream and milk. a type of soft white smooth cheese
cream cheese
soft unripened cheese made of sweet milk and cream
cream colored
of cream color; beige, off-white (also cream coloured)
cream coloured
{s} of cream colour; beige, off-white (also cream colored)
cream cracker
Cream crackers are crisp dry biscuits which are eaten with cheese. = cracker. a light biscuit often eaten with cheese
cream laid
See under Laid
cream of tartar
An acid ingredient which stabilizes beaten egg whites As a rule of thumb, use 1/8 teaspoon cream of tartar per egg white or 1 teaspoon per cup of egg whites For meringues, use 1/8 teaspoon cream of tartar for each 2 egg whites
cream of tartar
A fine white powder derived from a crystalline acid deposited on the inside of wine barrels Cream of tartar is added to candy and frosting mixtures for a creamier consistency, and to egg whites before beating to improve stability and volume It's also used as the acid ingredient in some baking powders
cream of tartar
The ingredient left behind from wine fermentation Used as the main ingredient in baking powder and to stabilize beaten egg whites
cream of tartar
Potassium acid tartrate, a fast reacting leavening acid which is not used much today, but is worth mentioning as it enhances whiteness when added to Angel Food Cake top of page
cream of tartar
A natural fruit acid in the form of a fine white powder derived from a crystalline deposit found inside wine barrels Used as the acid in some baking sodas Also used in frostings, candies, and as an egg white stabilizer
cream of tartar
a salt used especially in baking powder
cream of tartar
This white powder is the by-product of grape fermentation and is used to stabilize whipped egg whites, meringues, angel food cakes, and marshmallow cremes It is the major component of Baking Powder
cream of tartar
Cream of tartar is a white powder used in baking
cream of the crop
{i} finest, the choicest, best there is
cream off
remove from the surface; "skim cream from the surface of milk"
cream off
pick the best
cream off
disapproval To cream off part of a group of people means to take them away and treat them in a special way, because they are better than the others. The private schools cream off many of the best pupils
cream off
disapproval If a person or organization creams off a large amount of money, they take it and use it for themselves. This means smaller banks can cream off big profits during lending booms
cream pitcher
a small pitcher for serving cream
cream puff
A light, but rich, hollow pastry puff which may be filled with a sweet filling for dessert or with a savory one such as chicken salad for a main dish Called a choux pastry after the French word for cabbage, cream puffs do come out of the oven looking like little cabbages Cream Sauce A cream sauce is but a roux you can make this to serve over any vegetable Just chop some onion, sauté in LOTS of butter When onion is translucent, add milk, then flour, stirring until you get the consistency that you want! No measurements needed, just add milk & flour until you get the thickness & taste you want
cream puff
a small filled sweet bun made of choux pastry and filled with confectioners' custard (pastry cream) A favorite of JK
cream puff
small pastry filled with cream; (Slang) weak person, timid person; (Slang) old used car which is in extremely good condition
cream puff
A small hallow puff filled with chantilly cream
cream puff
puff filled with cream or custard
cream puff paste
pastry which is cooked in a pan before using it in baking
cream sauce
white sauce made with cream
cream sauce
A white sauce made by cooking together a mixture of flour and butter with milk or cream
cream soda
sweet carbonated drink flavored with vanilla
cream soda
A sweet carbonated drink with a vanilla flavor
cream tea
- is an afternoon tea that features scones and clotted cream (for the scones)
cream tea
A meal featuring delicacies and sweets at which tea is the main beverage
cream tea
A meal or tea party featuring delicacies and sweets at which tea is the main beverage
cream tea
In Britain, a cream tea is an afternoon meal that consists of tea to drink and small cakes called scones that are eaten with jam and cream. Cream teas are served in places such as tea shops. a small meal eaten in Britain, with small cakes and tea
cream whipper
mixer, blender, appliance used to whip cream
cream-colored courser
courser of desert and semidesert regions of the Old World
cream-of-tartar tree
Australian tree having an agreeably acid fruit that resembles a gourd
Boston cream pie
A round cake that is split, filled with custard or cream, and frosted with chocolate, the official dessert of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Irish cream
A pale coloured liqueur made from whiskey, cream and coffee
bourbon cream
A chocolate flavoured biscuit consisting of two baked halves filled with chocolate icing
butter cream
A thick, sweet icing of butter and sugar, used in cakes as a filling or coating
clotted cream
A thick, sweet dairy product, made by skimming the thickened layer off the top of unhomogenized cream that has been heated and allowed to stand. Fat content is at least 55%

I like to have scones with jam and clotted cream for afternoon tea.

cold cream
: An emulsion of water and certain fats, usually including beeswax and various scent agents, designed to smooth skin and remove makeup
confectioner's cream
cream used by confectioners to make pies etc
Badly beaten; lost by a considerable margin

The other team was so good! We were creamed, and rightly so.

Present participle of cream
Of food or drink, having the rich taste or thick, smooth texture of cream, whether or not it actually contains cream

creamy chocolate.

Having the colour of cream
custard cream
a biscuit consisting of a soft layer sandwiched between two crisp biscuits
double cream
A relatively thick cream suitable for whipping and piping
facial cream
any product designed to be rubbed into the face, either as a foundation for other makeup or as a moisturizer
heavy cream
A rich cream, at least 36 percent of which is milkfat
heavy cream
Pasteurized cream at least 36 percent of which is milkfat, optionally homogenized, and optionally containing added flavor, nutritive sweetener, emulsifier, or stabilizer
ice cream
A snack consisting of ice cream on a stick or in a wafer cone

Can I have some money for an ice cream, Mum?.

ice cream
A dessert made from frozen sweetened cream or a similar substance, usually flavoured

Strawberries are particularly delicious with ice cream.

ice cream bar
A frozen dessert on a stick or a candy bar that has ice cream in it. The coating is usually a thin layer of chocolate
ice cream cone
Any sweet, edible cone or half-open cylinder which can be used in this fashion; often made with wafer or waffle techniques
ice cream cone
An ice cream cone filled with ice cream
ice cream cone
A thin, conical confection baked from crepe batter, sealed at its apex, used to hold ice cream while it is being eaten
ice cream cones
plural form of ice cream cone
ice cream headache
An unpleasant sensation or ache in the head experienced when biting into something extremely cold
ice cream maker
a machine used to make homemade ice cream
ice cream sandwich
A dessert consisting of a layer of ice cream between two cookies, often thin chocolate wafers
ice cream soda
A beverage made by adding ice cream to a soft drink
ice cream truck
A vehicle from which ice cream is sold at the roadside, mostly to children
Alternative spelling of ice cream
ice-cream soda
a drink of cream soda (or similar) mixed with ice-cream
iced cream
A dessert made from frozen sweetened cream, usually flavored
light cream
Pasteurized cream at least 18 percent of which, but less than 30% of which, is milkfat, optionally homogenized, and optionally containing added flavor, nutritive sweetener, emulsifier, or stabilizer
light cream
A cream at least 18 percent of which is fat
mint cream
A very faint green colour, like that of crème de menthe

mint cream colour:.

mint cream
Of a very faint green colour, like that of crème de menthe
mint cream
A chocolate filled with peppermint fondant
peaches and cream
A very enjoyable experience

I'm not trying to make it sound like life as part of a championship-level race team is all peaches and cream. Nothing in life is all peaches and cream.

peaches and cream
Of facial complexion, smooth, unblemished, with attractive yellow-pink coloring
Of facial complexion, smooth, with attractive yellow-pink coloring
shaving cream
A substance, usually a foam or gel, that is applied to the face or wherever else hair grows, to provide lubrication and avoid razor burn during shaving
sour cream
Cream which has been treated with a benign bacterium to turn it slightly sour
soured cream
A cream that has been soured and thickened by using Lactobacillus bacteria; used in soups, salads and meat dishes such as beef Stroganoff
sweet cream
Cream: the oily part of milk that rises to the top
tequila cream
A cream-based liquor made from tequila
vanishing cream
A moisturizing lotion intended to remove wrinkles
whipped cream
thick cream that has had air incorporated into it by rapid beating
resembling or containing cream
{a} full of cream, luscious, rich, nice
ice-cream cone pants
(Giyim) Slim-fit pants have a snug fit through the legs and end in a small leg opening. Jeans may be cut in this style, and then are often called skinny jeans. Other names for this style include carrot leg pants, cigarette pants, drainpipes, peg leg pants, pencil pants, skinny pants, slimjims, tapered pants, old-school hood jeans or ice-cream cone pants. In some styles, zippers are needed at the bottom of the leg to facilitate pulling them over the feet. Stretch denim, with anywhere from 2% to 4% spandex, may be used to allow jeans to have a super-slim fit
{i} texture of cream, consistency of cream
The state of being creamy
The quality of being creamy
the property of having the thickness of heavy cream
A pejorative term used to describe a form of gaming behavior that consists of serving the easiest-to-serve in order to improve an entity's performance measures without regard for the customer or clients' interest As opposed to using capacity to benefit in screening and referring customers or clients to employment and training programs, creaming is discouraged by the way performance measures are mixed or is forbidden expressly by the way the application eligibility rules are moni-tored and enforced (See also Capacity to Benefit and Gaming )
a cookery technique in which fat and sugar are mixed together with the incorporation of air to form a cream
one of the basic methods for making cakes Beat butter and sugar together until they are completely blended and are light and fluffy, like thick cream
A concentrating of oil droplets of an emulsion near the surface when the emulsion stands quiescent for a sufficient period of time
Logging operation where only the best trees in the stand are cut
are waterbased products that should easily work into skin Creams tend to degrade more rapidly than an ointment and are often combined with perfumes or fragrances Creams are thicker than lotions but are not as thick as Ointments
emulsions of different lipids (mineral or vegetable oils, synthetic lipids, paraffin, mineral greases, waxes, etc ) and water Creams can be divided into oil-in-water, water-in-oil and ambiphilic emulsions
third-person singular of cream
Chemicals Runoff and Erosion from Agricultural Management Systems Model - a physically-based, field-scale watershed model developed for comparing pollutant loads from alternate management practices
plural of , cream
An emulsion of water and oil that usually don't mix such as almond oil and rose water
Used to describe both the taste and sometimes the texture of certain cheeses
Full of, or containing, cream; resembling cream, in nature, appearance, or taste; creamlike; unctuous
Food or drink that is creamy contains a lot of cream or milk. rich, creamy coffee. a creamy chocolate and nut candy bar
Of food or drink, having the fatty taste or thick texture of cream, whether or not it actually contains cream
of the color of cream; "creamy translucent pebbles" thick like cream
Refers to "silk-like" taste component of wines subjected to malolactic fermention as opposed to the "tart/crisp" taste component of the same wine lacking the treatment Almost a synonym for "buttery" Opposite of "crisp"
of the color of cream; "creamy translucent pebbles"
Of any liquid, having the thick texture of cream
thick like cream
Containing cream
Refers to "silk-like" taste of some wines Almost a synonym for "buttery" Opposite of "crisp"
{s} smooth; like cream; containing cream
Food that is creamy has a soft smooth texture and appearance. creamy mashed potato Whisk the mixture until it is smooth and creamy
Moderately high level of oily material suspended in the coffee beverage The result of pronounced amounts of fats present in the beans

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    /ˈkrēm/ /ˈkriːm/


    [ 'krEm ] (noun.) 14th century. Middle English creime, creme, from Anglo-Norman creme, cresme (compare French crème), blend of Late Latin chrisma 'ointment' (from Ancient Greek χρῖσμα (chrisma) 'unguent'), and Late Latin crāmum 'skim', from Gaulish *crama (compare Welsh cramen 'scab, skin', Breton crammen), from Proto-Indo-European *(s)krama- (compare Middle Irish screm 'surface, skin', Dutch schram 'abrasion', Lithuanian kramas 'scurf'). Replaced Old English ream. Figurative sense of "most excellent element or part" appears from 1581. Verb meaning "to beat, thrash, wreck" is 1929, U.S. colloquial. The U.S. standard of identity is from .

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