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İngilizce - İngilizce
To agree; to correspond

The other lab's results chimed with mine, so I knew we were on the right track with the research.

The sound of such an instrument or device

The copier gave a chime to indicate that it had finished printing.

An individual ringing component of such a set

Peter removed the C# chime from is mounting so that he could get at the dust that had accumulated underneath.

A small bell or other ringing or tone-making device as a component of some other device

The professor had stuffed a wad of gum into the chime of his doorbell so that he wouldn't be bothered.

A small hammer or other device used to strike a bell

Strike the bell with the brass chime hanging on the chain next to it.

To make the sound of a chime

I got up for lunch as soon as the wall clock began chiming noon.

A musical instrument producing a sound when struck, similar to a bell (e.g. a tubular metal bar) or actually a bell. Often used in the plural to refer to the set: the chimes

Hugo was a chime player in the school orchestra.

{v} to gingle, sound together, join, agree
{n} a sound of bells, agreement, concord
To utter harmoniously; to recite rhythmically
A chime is a ringing sound made by a bell, especially when it is part of a clock. The ceremony started as the chimes of midnight struck
To make a rude correspondence of sounds; to jingle, as in rhyming
Early English term was chymme bells, from chymbals, an Anglicization of the Latin cymbala A set of bells usually numbering up to 16 (but not more than 22) and hung stationary They are played melodically-occasionally with simple harmony-either by automatic action, from an electric keyboard, or from a chime stand of wooden levers and sometimes pedals If sounded automatically, the chime may be set off by clock action or by controls which permit designated periods of play To chime refers to the automatic ringing of the bells of the chime In England it also refers to the ordinary swinging of a church bell in a limited arc (as opposed to the full circle of 360 degrees for bells in change ringing)
emit a sound; "bells and gongs chimed"
{f} ring, make a bell-like sound; strike a bell, cause to ring; harmonize; be in harmony with; enter into a conversation
The bell-like sound made when a clock strikes on the hour, half-hour, etc Two familiar chimes traditionally found in clocks are the Westminster chime made by the famous Big Ben in London, and the bim-bam, a two-note chime
Chained vector time A chime begins each time a resource gets reused in a Do loop
The expanded edge or rim of a barrel, pail, or drum
{i} ring of a bell; harmony
The lip around the opening of a paint can into which the lid is placed
To sound in harmonious accord, as bells
bottom or top perimeter of the drum comprised of the edges of the combined thickness of the head and the body
Pleasing correspondence of proportion, relation, or sound
A sequence of vector operations that can be chained into a single pipeline The limitation on such a sequence is that the same vector functional unit cannot be used twice in the same chain Therefore, a loop that contains two vector adds, for example, contains at least two chimes because there is only one vector add functional unit
To join in a conversation; to express assent; followed by in or in with
When a bell or a clock chimes, it makes ringing sounds. He heard the front doorbell chime. as the Guildhall clock chimed three o'clock. a mahogany chiming clock
The harmonious sound of bells, or of musical instruments
a percussion instrument consisting of vertical metal tubes of different lengths that are struck with a hammer emit a sound; "bells and gongs chimed
See Chine, n
To be in harmony; to agree; to suit; to harmonize; to correspond; to fall in with
A set of bells musically tuned to each other; the music performed on such a set of bells by hand, or produced by mechanism to accompany the striking of the hours or their divisions
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To cause to sound in harmony; to play a tune, as upon a set of bells; to move or strike in harmony
a percussion instrument consisting of vertical metal tubes of different lengths that are struck with a hammer
(n ) Chained vector time, approximately equal to the vector length in a DO-loop The number of chimes required for a loop dominates the time required for execution A new chime begins each time a resource such as a functional unit, vector register or memory path, must be reused
Chimes are a set of small objects which make a ringing sound when they are blown by the wind. the haunting sound of the wind chimes. The rim of a cask
chime in
to talk; to join in conversation or discussion

We appreciate your input, so please don't hesitate to chime in with comments and questions.

chime in
If you chime in, you say something just after someone else has spoken. `Why?' Pete asked impatiently. --- `Yes, why?' Bob chimed in. `It seems like a good idea to me.' At this, some of the others chime in with memories of prewar deprivations
chime in
break into a conversation; "her husband always chimes in, even when he is not involved in the conversation
chime in with
be in harmony with
chime in with
If one thing chimes in with another thing or chimes with it, the two things are similar or consistent with each other. He has managed to find a response to each new political development that chimes in with most Germans' instinct The president's remarks do not entirely chime with those coming from American and British politicians
A person who rings chimes on bells
An instance of chiming; a sound that chimes
Present participle of chime
past of chime
{i} something which makes a ringing sound
A bell that chimes
One who chimes
plural of chime
third-person singular of chime