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İngilizce - Türkçe
kategoriye ait

Kesin bir şekilde reddettim. - I categorically refused.

Ben şirketin iflas ilan etmesine kesin bir biçimde karşıyım. - I am categorically opposed to the company declaring bankruptcy.


Çok kategorik olmak istemiyorum! - I don't want to be too categorical!

{s} kategorik, kesin, kati
{s} açık
categorical imperative
kategorik zorunluluk
kati surette

Kati surette reddettim. - I categorically refused.

kategorik olarak
kesin olarak
koşulsuz bir şekilde
z. kategorik olarak
ordinal categorical
sıralı kategorik
İngilizce - İngilizce
of, pertaining to, or using a category or categories
absolute; having no exception

Daytime interests are clearly not such far-reaching psychical sources of dreams as might have been expected from the categorical assertions that everyone continues to carry on his daily business in his dreams.

{a} absolute, positive, express
Of or pertaining to a category
Data or variables that differ in kind; they do not vary by amounts or degree Gender (male, female) is an example of a categorical variable; values of 1=male, 2=female are examples of categorical data Also known as qualitative or nominal data/variables Also see nominal scale
If you are categorical about something, you state your views very definitely and firmly. his categorical denial of the charges of sexual harassment = unequivocal + categorically cat·egori·cal·ly They totally and categorically deny the charges He stated categorically that this would be his last season in Formula One. = unequivocally. a categorical statement is a clear statement that something is definitely true or false categorical denial/assurance etc (categoricus, from , from kategoria; CATEGORY)
{s} absolute, definite, decisive
Weights – Refers to weights calculated for each class in an evidential theme In Arc-WofE, describes one of the tables of weights that can be created using the 'Calculate Theme Weights ' function, distinguishing it from tables of cumulative weights Refer to Cumulative Weights; Calculating Theme Weights Categorical; Calculating Response Theme Output Weights Table
Not hypothetical or relative; admitting no conditions or exceptions; declarative; absolute; positive; express; as, a categorical proposition, or answer
A field is categorical if it take on a finite number of unordered values; compare with ordered (field)
A finite number of discrete values The type nominal denotes that there is no ordering between the values, such as last names and colors The type ordinal denotes that there is an ordering, such as in an attribute taking on the values low, medium, or high
not modified or restricted by reservations; "a categorical denial"; "a flat refusal"
relating to or included in a category
Special education classroom that serves children with only one type or category of disability
categorical dual
For a given category C, its dual category Cop is obtained by reversing the direction of each one of the arrows of C
categorical imperative
A fundamental ethical principle intended as a guide for determining whether any contemplated action is morally right, developed by Immanuel Kant (1724-1804)
categorical imperatives
plural form of categorical imperative

Categorical imperatives do not typically contain an 'if. They tell you what to do unconditionally. They may nevertheless be defended by reasons.

categorical product
The product generalizes, through associativity, to between more than two objects
categorical product
Given two objects A and B, their product is an object A \times B , with projections \pi_1: A \times B \rightarrow A and \pi_2: A \times B \rightarrow B, which satisfies the following universal property: for any object X with arrows f: X\rightarrow A and g: X\rightarrow B, then there can naturally be constructed an arrow \langle f,g\rangle: X\rightarrow A \times B such that \pi_1 \circ \langle f,g\rangle = f and \pi_2 \circ \langle f,g\rangle = g, and this arrow is unique (in satisfying these two equations)

For the category of the poset of the natural numbers, in which arrows denote the relation less than or equal to, the categorical product is the greatest common denominator.

categorical variable
A nominal variable
categorical variables
plural form of categorical variable
categorical imperative
rule formulated by Emmanuel Kant stating that one must do what one expects other to do in a similar situation
categorical imperative
the moral principle that behavior should be determined by duty
categorical imperative
In the ethical system of Immanuel Kant, an unconditional moral law that applies to all rational beings and is independent of any personal motive or desire. In Immanuel Kant's moral philosophy, an imperative that presents an action as unconditionally necessary (e.g., "Thou shalt not kill"), as opposed to an imperative that presents an action as necessary only on condition that the agent wills something else (e.g., "Pay your debts on time, if you want to be able to obtain a mortgage"). Kant held that there was only one formally categorical imperative, from which all specific moral imperatives could be derived. In one famous formulation, it is: "Act only according to that maxim by which you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law." See also deontological ethics
categorical designation
sorting according to categories
categorical grouping
grouping according to different categories
categorical proposition
In syllogistic, a proposition in which the predicate is affirmed or denied of all or part of the subject. Thus, categorical propositions are of four basic forms: "Every S is P," "No S is P," "Some S is P," and "Some S is not P." These are designated by the letters A, E, I, and O, respectively; thus, "Every man is mortal" is an A-proposition. Categorical propositions are to be distinguished from compound and complex propositions, into which they can enter as integral terms. In particular, they contrast especially with hypothetical propositions, such as "If every man is mortal, then Socrates is mortal
{a} absolutely, expressly, fully
in such a sure and certain way that there is no doubt categorically deny/refuse etc sth
In a categorical manner
Absolutely; directly; expressly; positively; as, to affirm categorically
in a decisive manner, definitely
in an unqualified manner; "he flatly denied the charges"