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İngilizce - Türkçe

Kahverengi saçın çok güzel olduğunu düşünüyor musun? - Do you think that brown hair is very beautiful?

Koyu kahverengi saçları vardı. - He had dark brown hair.

kahverengi,v.kahverengileş: adj.kahverengi
(Gıda) pembeleşmek
(Gıda) kavurmak
{f} kahverengileş

Sonbaharda yapraklar kahverengileşir. - The leaves turn brown in the autumn.

(isim) kahverengi
kahve renkli
güneşten yanmış
brown paper kahverengi veya diğer koyu renk bir ambalaj
{f} karartmak; kararmak
kahve rengi
brown bread siyah ekmek
{f} kızarmak
(sıfat) kahverengi
esmer derili
Malezya ırkına mensup
{f} karamak

O, tatilinden sonra çok esmerdi. - She was very brown after her holiday.

Tom çok fazla esmer pirinç yer. - Tom eats a lot of brown rice.

kumral (saç)
brown sugar
esmer şeker
brown coal
(Çevre) linyi
brown fish owl
brown hare
(Hayvan Bilim, Zooloji) tavşan
brown meager
(Denizbilim) eşkina
brown meager
(Denizbilim) işkine
brown off
(Dilbilim) canını sıkmak
brown off
(Dilbilim) sıkmak
brown wrasse
(Denizbilim) lapina
brown wrasse
(Denizbilim) lapin
brown algae
kahverengi yosun
brown bear
boz ayı
brown betty
brown bread
siyah ekmek
brown bullhead
kahverengi yayın balığı
brown butter
kahverengi tereyağı
brown coal
brown coal
yağız kömür
brown creeper
kahverengi sürüngen
brown cup
kahverengi kupa
brown forest soil
kahverengi orman toprağı
brown hickory
kahverengi ceviz
brown hyena
kahverengi sırtlan
brown knapweed
kahverengi peygamber çiçeği
brown lacewing
kahverengi kanatlı böcek
brown lemming
kahverengi kır faresi
brown nose
{i} dalkavuk
brown onion sauce
kahverengi soğan sosu
brown paper
ambalaj kâğıdı
brown rat
kahverengi fare
brown rice
dövülmemiş kabuksuz pirinç
brown roof
kahverengi çatı
brown sauce
kahverengi sos
brown study
brown sugar
kahverengi şeker
brown dwarf
kahverengi cüce
brown dwarf
(Astronomi) Detaylarıyla tamamıyla bir yıldıza dönüşememiş ancak, bazı yıldız özelliklerini sahip gök cismi
brown fat
kahverengi yağ
brown iris
Pas lâlesi
brown lung
brown nosing
kahverengi nosing
brown out
Kahverengi dışarı
kahverengi miğferli
brown ash
(Botanik, Bitkibilim) karadişbudak
brown bear
brown coal
kahverengi maden kömürü
brown comber
(Denizbilim) benekli hanibalığı
brown comber
(Denizbilim) benekli hani
brown comber
(Denizbilim) serranus hepatus
brown converter
brown konvertörü
brown diet
brown diyeti (dr.brown)
brown earth
(Jeoloji) kahverengi toprak
brown katydid
(Hayvan Bilim, Zooloji) kahverengi katidid
brown marble
kahverengi mermer
brown muscle
(Denizbilim) esmer kas
brown nose
kıç yalamak
brown nose
dalkavukluk etmek
brown oxide
(Kimya) bronz oksit
brown packaging tape
koli bandı
brown pellicle
(Diş Hekimliği) çekim sonrası, çekim boşluğunu dolduran pıhtının üzerindeki organik aselüler ince film tabakası; edilgin pelikül
brown podzolic soil
(Jeoloji) kahverengi podzolik toprak
brown ray
(Denizbilim) aynalı vatoz
brown rot
kahverengi çürük
brown seaweeds
brown snow
(Meteoroloji) kahverengi kar
brown stain
kahverenkli çürük
brown stone
(Bilgisayar) kahverengi kum taşı
brown study
(deyim) düşüncelere dalmışlık
brown sugar
brown texture
(Bilgisayar) kahverengi doku
brown tinting
light brown
(Tekstil) açık kahverengi ( açık kestane rengi )
brown rice
kahverengi pirinç
brown rice
(Gıda) esmer pirinç
(Gıda) esmerleşme
russet brown
(Gıda) meyane
as brown as
kadar kahverengi
deep brown
koyu kahverengi
grayish brown
gri kahverengi
little brown bat
küçük kahverengi yarasa
olive brown
yeşilimsi kahverengi
reddish brown
kırmızımsı kahverengi
vandyke brown
koyu kahverengi
alaskan brown bear
alaska kahverengi ayısı
amber brown
amber kahverengi
as brown as
gibi kahverengi
as brown as a berry
(deyim) Having a tanned skin after sunbathing

Oh,you look really gorgeous! Where did you spent your holiday? You look as brown as a berry :).

as brown as a berry
(deyim) Güneşten yanmış ve teni kahverengi bir hâl almış
done brown
kahverengi yapıldı
go brown
kahverengi gitmek
having red or reddish-brown hair
veya kırmızımsı-kahverengi kızıl saçlı olan
kırmızımsı kahverengi
yellowish brown
sarımsı kahverengi
acid brown
(Tekstil) asit esmerliği
be in a brown study
{k} dalıp gitmek
bishop bismarck brown
piskopos bismarck kahverengisi
brown nose
kıç yalayan kimse
browning tabanca
chesnut brown
(Tekstil) açık kahverengi ( açık kestane rengi )
dark brown
koyu kahverengi
do smb. brown
gold brown
(Tekstil) altınsı kahve rengi
golden brown
kızıl kahverengi
hair brown
(Tekstil) at kılı fırça
i'm looking for something in brown
kahverengi bir şey arıyorum
light brown
İngilizce - İngilizce
One of the colour balls used in snooker with a value of 4 points
Having a brown colour
To become brown

Fry the onions until they brown.

To cook something until it becomes brown

Brown the onions in a large frying pan.

A red-orange colour, including the colour of chocolate or coffee

brown colour:.

To tan

Light-skinned people tend to brown when exposed to the sun.

{n} the name of a reddish color
{a} reddish
An English, Irish and Scottish surname
{i} large Ivy League university located in Providence (Rhode Island, USA)
A nickname for someone with brown hair or a dark complexion
{i} family name
Of a dark color, of various shades between black and red or yellow
adj coklat
To cook food quickly over high heat until the surface turns brown This method allows the juices to stay sealed in and is usually done in a broiler or on a stove top
To cook food quickly at a moderately high heat to brown the surface May be done on the stove top or under the broiler in the oven
Torraenglish | adronato
When you cook in a small amount of oil in order to give some food a small amount of color When browning, you do not want to cook the food right through
To cook in a small amount of fat until browned on all sides, giving food an appetizing color
any of a group of colors between red and yellow in hue, of medium to low lightness, and of moderate to low saturation
3rd kyu
To give the outer surface of a food a brown color by frying, toasting, broiling or baking at a high temperature
Scottish botanist who first observed the movement of small particles in fluids now known a Brownian motion (1773-1858)
{s} having a brown coloring; suntanned; thoughtful, pensive
{f} make brown, make golden; fry, saute
Conserved protein of unknown function
To quickly cook food in a preheated oven, hot skillet, or under a broiler to brown the outside and seal in the juices
{i} color brown; suntan; half penny (coin)
an orange of low brightness and saturation
To give a bright brown color to, as to gun barrels, by forming a thin coat of oxide on their surface
It refers to the standard color of horse that features a mixture of black and brown hairs on the body and black points
a nickname for a sealpoint North American brown or a Siamese Kita and Rama are browns
Something that is brown is the colour of earth or of wood. her deep brown eyes The stairs are decorated in golds and earthy browns
To make brown or dusky
Create a party line from 2 phone lines
an orange of low brightness and saturation abolitionist who was hanged after leading an unsuccessful raid at Harper's Ferry, Virginia (1800-1858) Scottish botanist who first observed the movement of small particles in fluids now known a Brownian motion (1773-1858) fry in a pan until it changes color; "brown the meat in the pan"
To cook food in butter, oil or fat over a high heat until it becomes "browned" according to cooking directions Browning ranges from lightly browned to dark golden brown
To make brown by scorching slightly; as, to brown meat or flour
of a color similar to that of wood or earth
a university in Rhode Island
the color of copper coins that have toned down from their original, bright red color
Cook until food changes color using a small of fat over a moderate heat
ad having the color like that of coffee
The term applied to a copper coin that no longer has the red color of copper There are many "shades" of brown color -- mahogany, chocolate, etc (abbreviated as BN when used as part of a grade)
When food browns or when you brown food, you cook it, usually for a short time on a high flame. Cook for ten minutes until the sugar browns He browned the chicken in a frying pan. American writer and editor who is considered America's first professional novelist. Brown is best known for his Gothic romances, such as Wieland (1798), Ormund (1799), and Jane Talbot (1801). American jazz trumpeter whose work, especially as a member of the quintet he formed with Max Roach (1954-1956), influenced jazz improvisation and bop styles. British-born American chemist. He shared a 1979 Nobel Prize for discoveries in the chemistry of boron and phosphorus. American singer. First popular in the 1950s with hits like "Please, Please, Please," he is often called the "Godfather of Soul.". American football player. A running back with the Cleveland Browns (1957-1971), he led the National Football League in rushing for seven of his eight seasons and is listed as one of the NFL all-time rushing leaders. American abolitionist. In 1859 Brown and 21 followers captured the U.S. arsenal at Harper's Ferry as part of an effort to liberate Southern slaves. His group was defeated, and Brown was hanged after a trial in which he won sympathy as an abolitionist martyr. American author of children's picture books, including the Noisy Book series (1939) and Goodnight Moon (1947). American minister and suffragist who was the first woman in the United States to be ordained in the ministry of an established denomination (1863). Scottish botanist known for his investigation of the sexual behavior of plants. His discovery of the irregular movement of pollen grains led to the concept known as Brownian movement. the colour of earth, wood, or coffee
fry in a pan until it changes color; "brown the meat in the pan"
abolitionist who was hanged after leading an unsuccessful raid at Harper's Ferry, Virginia (1800-1858)
Brown is used to describe grains that have not had their outer layers removed, and foods made from these grains. brown bread. spicy tomato sauce served over a bed of brown rice. white
Selfishness, deception, confusion or discouragement
You can describe a white-skinned person as brown when they have been sitting in the sun until their skin has become darker than usual. I don't want to be really really brown, just have a nice light golden colour. = tanned
A brown person is someone who belongs to a race of people who have brown-coloured skins. a slim brown man with a speckled turban
A dark color inclining to red or yellow, resulting from the mixture of red and black, or of red, black, and yellow; a tawny, dusky hue
Brown Bess
A nickname of unknown origin for the British Army's Land Pattern Musket and its derivatives, standard issue weapon for British soldiers in the American Revolution
Brown Besses
plural form of Brown Bess
Brown Betties
plural form of Brown Betty
Brown Betty
A simple American baked pudding made with layers of sweetened and spiced fruit (usually apple) and buttered breadcrumbs
Brown HT
A brown synthetic coal tar diazo dye
Brown bounce
The increase in popularity of the Labour Party following the change of Prime Minister from Tony Blair to Gordon Brown in June 2007
brown Windsor soup
A hearty traditional British soup consisting of a thick blend of lamb or beef, vegetables, bouquet garni, and Madeira wine
brown adipose tissue
One of the two types of adipose tissue present in many newborn or hibernating mammals which primary serves to generate body heat, and which contains several small vacuoles and a relatively high number of mitochondria and capillaries
brown ale
A type of beer characterised by its brown colour and rich malty and hoppy flavour with hints of caramel
brown ales
plural form of brown ale
brown alga
Any of many seaweeds of the class Phaeophyceae
brown bag
A short presentation or seminar on a given subject, especially one given at lunchtime

Did you attend the brown bag Tuesday on healthy exercise habits?.

brown bag
To carry one's lunch from home, as in a bag, rather than purchase it from a cafeteria or restaurant
brown bagging
The act of brown bagging, of carrying lunch to work (or school), frequently in a brown paper bag
brown bagging
The agricultural practice of planting seed saved from the farmers own harvest, as opposed to buying new seed from a seed company
brown bagging
Present participle of brown bag
brown bastard
A type of sweet wine

All black wines, over-hot, compound, strong, thick drinks, as muscadine, malmsey, alicant, rumney, brown bastard, metheglin, and the like .

brown bastards
plural form of brown bastard
brown bear
a species of bears native to northern America, Europe and Asia having brownish fur (Ursus arctos)
brown bears
plural form of brown bear
brown bits
Caramelized remnants of meat left in a pan after the cooking of the meat, which are often re-cooked in wine or other liquids and then absorbed into cut vegetable pieces in order to make sauce or gravy

Stir vigorously and scrape all of the brown bits from the pot bottom.

brown bomber
A parking officer, employed to issue parking tickets (ie. fines) to vehicles parked illegally or for longer than the permitted time

1971: There is another kind called 'brown bombers'. They are very interested in parked cars. They put chalk marks on tyres and leave little notes, in envelopes, under windscreen wipers — John O'Grady, Dealing with Cops, from Aussie Etiket, 1971. Quoted in Aussie Humour, Macmillan, 1988, ISBN 0-7251-0553-4, page 200.

brown bombers
plural form of brown bomber
brown bread
brown bread
Bread with a brown colour as distinct from white bread, wholemeal, granary or other specific types of bread
brown butter
A preparation of unsalted butter in which the butterfat and milk solids are allowed to separate and brown over a heat, used in French pastry or as a sauce
brown cheese
Norwegian whey cheese, characterised by its brown colour
brown cheeses
plural form of brown cheese
brown dwarf
A star that is typically about the volume of the planet Jupiter, which has mass approaching that of a star, but insufficient to ignite its elements and cause it to burn as a true star, except that of deuterium, and sometimes lithium
brown dwarfs
plural form of brown dwarf
brown dwarves
plural form of brown dwarf
brown eye
the anus
brown eyes
plural form of brown eye
brown goods
domestic appliances that are mostly electronic in composition

Electronics capabilities led to the emergence of a distinction between white goods (the typically enamelled kitchen appliances such as fridges and cookers) and brown goods (such as wood- or bakelite-cased record players, radios, and TVs).

brown goods
unbleached cotton textiles
brown hare
An alternative term for European hare, Lepus Europaeus
brown hares
plural form of brown hare
brown jolly
Aubergine, eggplant
brown noser
One who brownnoses (flatters or humors somebody in an obsequious manner for personal gain); one who sucks up; a bootlicker, ass-kisser, sycophant
brown nosers
plural form of brown noser
brown oriole
A passerine songbird, Oriolus szalayi, of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea
brown out
To experience a partial loss of vision having the characteristics of a brownout, to suffer a brownout

The pilot pulled up hard into a tight loop and browned out, losing sight of the target.

brown out
Temporary dimming of vision, usually with a brown hue and accompanied by loss of peripheral vision or tunnel vision

On rising suddenly from her chair she experienced a brown out and had to sit down again quickly.

brown owl
the tawny owl, strix aluco
brown power
The production of electricity made from conventional sources, such as coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear power
brown rats
plural form of brown rat
brown recluse
A venomous American spider that has a mark on its back in the shape of a violin; a brown recluse spider
brown recluse spider
A venomous American spider, Loxosceles reclusa, that has a mark on its back in the shape of a violin
brown recluse spiders
plural form of brown recluse spider
brown recluses
plural form of brown recluse
brown rice
Rice with the brownish hull not polished off as in white rice. The hull contains important vitamins, including vitamin B complex, which are missing in white rice

As an unabashed health nut, she always asked for brown rice to go with her vegetarian entrees.

brown sauce
A sauce made by the addition of stock to a heated and browned mixture of butter and flour
brown sauce
Any of many brands of bottled sauce based on malt vinegar, fruit and spices; see, for example, HP Sauce
brown spot
A fungal disease of some plants characterized by brown spots on the leaves
brown spot
The spot on a snooker table where the brown ball is normally placed
brown spots
plural form of brown spot
brown study
Melancholy mood accompanied by deep thought; daydream

Finding that Holmes was too absorbed for conversation, I had tossed aside the barren paper, and leaning back in my chair, I fell into a brown study. Suddenly my companion's voice broke in upon my thoughts.

brown sugar
Street name for heroin
brown sugar
Refined sugar to which molasses has been added
brown sugar
Sugar which has been only partially refined and still contains molasses
brown thumb
Lack of skill at growing plants; something possessed by a poor gardener

I have a terrible brown thumb. I could probably kill silk flowers.

brown tinamou
A tinamou, Crypturellus obsoletus
brown tinamous
plural form of brown tinamou
brown trout
A species of freshwater trout, Salmo trutta, that is native to Europe and Asia
To bring one's lunch to work or school in a brown paper bag
A type of halberd used by mediaeval foot-soldiers
Alternative spelling of brown noser. (one who flatters others in an obsequious manner.)
Attributive form of brown recluse, noun
Brown Hare
(Hayvan Bilim, Zooloji) The Cape, Common or Brown Hare (Lepus capensis) is a hare natively found throughout Africa, and has spread to many parts of the Europe, Middle East and Asia. The Cape Hare is a nocturnal herbivore. They are fast. They typically eat grass and other types of shrubs
brown bag
To take (liquor) into a public establishment, such as a restaurant, that does not serve alcohol
brown bag
To take (lunch) to work, typically in a brown paper bag
brown dwarf
A celestial body that resembles a star but does not emit light because it is too small to ignite internal nuclear fusion. The planet Jupiter is a small brown dwarf
brown's syndrome
Brown's syndrome is an eye disorder, involving fibrous adhesions in the upper medial quadrant of the orbit. These lesions involve the superior oblique tendon and trochlea and mechanically limit eye elevation. Limitation of elevation is most marked in the adducted position, and elevation improvement occurs gradually as the eye is abducted. Differential diagnosis is concerned mainly with paresis of the inferior oblique muscle. Forced duction testing is diagnostic, since there is an upward restriction to elevation in adduction when Brown's syndrome is present. The condition is usually unilateral and idiopathic, though rarely it may be due to trauma or inflammation
Brown Swiss
One of a hardy breed of large brown dairy cattle that originated in Switzerland
Brown University
an old and respected US university, established in 1764, in Providence, Rhode Island. Private university in Providence, Rhode Island, U.S., a traditional member of the Ivy League. It was founded in 1764 as Rhode Island College and renamed in 1804 for a benefactor, Nicholas Brown. It became coeducational in 1971 when it merged with Pembroke, a women's college founded in 1891. Today it offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in all major academic fields; its school of medicine awards the M.D. Research facilities include centres for geological, astronomical, and educational research
Brown v Board of Education
landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision of 1954 in which separate schooling for blacks and whites was declared illegal (overturned the decision in the Plessy v Ferguson case)
Brown v. Board of Education
(1954) U.S. Supreme Court case in which the court ruled unanimously that racial segregation in public schools violated the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The amendment says that no state may deny equal protection of the laws to any person within its jurisdiction. The court declared separate educational facilities to be inherently unequal, thus reversing its 1896 ruling in Plessy v. Ferguson. The Brown ruling was limited to public schools, but it was believed to imply that segregation is not permissible in other public facilities. Guidelines for ending segregation were presented and school boards were advised to proceed "with all deliberate speed." See also Thurgood Marshall
Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka
a US legal case which resulted in a famous decision by the US Supreme Court in 1954. It was decided that black students should be allowed to attend the same schools and universities as white students, and this officially ended segregation in the US education system. Following this, some children were taken by bus to different schools in order to mix blacks and whites Plessy v. Ferguson. (1954) U.S. Supreme Court case in which the court ruled unanimously that racial segregation in public schools violated the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The amendment says that no state may deny equal protection of the laws to any person within its jurisdiction. The court declared separate educational facilities to be inherently unequal, thus reversing its 1896 ruling in Plessy v. Ferguson. The Brown ruling was limited to public schools, but it was believed to imply that segregation is not permissible in other public facilities. Guidelines for ending segregation were presented and school boards were advised to proceed "with all deliberate speed." See also Thurgood Marshall
Brown vs Board of Education
landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision of 1954 in which separate schooling for blacks and whites was declared illegal (overturned the decision in the Plessy v Ferguson case)
brown alga
Any of a large group of chiefly marine plants of the division Phaeophyta, including the rockweeds and the kelps, having brown and yellow pigments that mask the chlorophyll
brown algae
algae having the chlorophyll masked by brown and yellow pigments
brown bat
any of numerous medium to small insectivorous bats found worldwide in caves and trees and buildings
brown bear
breed of bear having brownish fur
brown bear
large ferocious bear of Eurasia
brown bear
Any of several large bears of the genus Ursus, such as the grizzly and Kodiak bears, inhabiting western North America and northern Eurasia and having brown to yellowish fur. Brown bears are sometimes categorized as the single species U. arctos. Shaggy-haired, characteristically brown species (Ursus arctos) of bear with numerous races native to Eurasia and to northwestern North America. North American brown bears are usually called grizzly bears. Eurasian brown bears are generally solitary animals, able to run and swim well, and usually 48-84 in. (120-210 cm) long and 300-550 lbs (135-250 kg). They feed on mammals, fish, vegetable materials, and honey. The exceptionally large Siberian brown bear is similar in size to the grizzly
brown bells
California herb with brownish-purple or greenish bell-shaped flowers
brown belt
one of the skill ranks of martial arts
brown betty
baked pudding of apples and breadcrumbs
brown bill
See 4th Bill
brown bill
A bill or halberd of the 16th and 17th centuries
brown bread
dark rye bread
brown bread
dark steamed bread made of cornmeal wheat and flour with molasses and soda and milk or water
brown bullhead
freshwater catfish of eastern United States
brown butter
clarified butter browned slowly and seasoned with vinegar or lemon juice and capers
brown coal
intermediate between peat and bituminous coal
brown coat
The second coat of plaster or stucco in three-coat work
brown coat
It is the base coat in a two coat plaster job that would be done on masonry, gypsum lath or other absorptive materials If it's a three coat job, such as on a base of wood or metal lath, it is the second coat, which gets its name from the brown color it turns as it dries The brown coat is the thickest coat applied and gives walls and ceilings their strength If it is not level and smooth, the finish coat will be difficult to smooth
brown coat
A second layer of plaster that is applied on top of the scratch coat to form a base for the finish coat
brown creeper
common American brown creeper with down-curved bill
brown cup
a variety of sclerotinia
brown dwarf
A celestial body that resembles a star but does not emit light because it is too small to ignite internal nuclear fusion. The planet Jupiter is a small brown dwarf. Astronomical object intermediate in mass between a planet and a star. Sometimes described as failed stars, brown dwarfs are believed to form in the same way as stars, from fragments of an interstellar cloud that contract into gravitationally bound objects. However, they do not have enough mass to produce the internal heat that in stars ignites hydrogen and establishes nuclear fusion. Though they generate some heat and light, they also cool rapidly and shrink; they may differ from high-mass planets only in how they form
brown eggs
eggs whose shells are brown in color
brown fat
A dark-colored, mitochondrion-rich adipose tissue in many mammals that generates heat to regulate body temperature, especially in hibernating animals
brown goods
Computers, televisions, radios and other home electronics Named during the days when many televisions and radios had wood or fake wood cabinets
brown goods
- electronic equipment such as computers, printers, televisions, etc These contain hazardous components and should be disposed of at the County's Household Electronics & Chemical Collection Center (HEC3)
brown goods
Obsolete electronic products, such as radios and televisions
brown goods
Brown goods are electrical appliances such as televisions and audio equipment. Compare white goods. Revenue from brown goods, including televisions and hi-fis, rose nearly 12 per cent. electrical goods that provide entertainment at home, such as televisions and computers white goods
brown hyena
of southern Africa
brown lacewing
small dark-colored lacewing fly
brown lemming
of northwestern Canada and Alaska
brown patch
A disease of turf grasses caused by a fungus of the genus Rhizoctonia and resulting in circular patches of dead leaves
brown pine
large Australian tree with straight-grained yellow wood that turns brown on exposure
brown race
The Malay or Polynesian race; loosely so called
brown rat
common domestic rat; serious pest worldwide
brown recluse spider
A venomous spider (Loxosceles reclusa) having an hourglass-shaped mark on the cephalothorax, introduced into the southern United States from South America. Venomous species (Loxosceles reclusa) of brown spider, most common in the western and southern U.S. The brown recluse is light-coloured, generally with a dark violin-shaped design on its back, for which it is sometimes called the violin spider. About 0.25 in. (7 mm) long, it has a leg span of about 1 in. (2.5 cm). It has extended its range into parts of the northern U.S. and is often found under stones or in dark corners inside buildings. The venom of the brown recluse destroys the walls of blood vessels near the site of the bite, sometimes causing a slow-healing skin ulcer. Bites are occasionally fatal
brown recluse spider
{i} extremely venomous brown spider most common in the USA that has a dark mark that looks like a violin on the dorsal side of its body
brown rice
– Whole unpolished rice Come in three main varieties: short, medium and long grain Brown rice contains an ideal balance of nutrients and is the principal staple in macrobiotic cooking
brown rice
The whole grain of rice, from which the germ and outer layers containing the bran have not been removed; unpolished rice. rice that still has its outer layer
brown rice
unpolished rice retaining the yellowish-brown outer layer
brown rice
is the least processed form of rice It has the outer hull removed, but still retains the bran layers that give it that characteristic tan color and nut-like flavor The outer layer of the bran gives this rice a chewier texture than white rice
brown rice
Dehusked paddy, often referred to as unpolished rice
brown rice
Whole, unpolished rice It is available in three varieties: short, medium and long-grain, and contains an ideal balance of minerals, protein and carbohydrates
brown rice
unpolished rice after the kernels have been removed Not a complete AAFCO definition
brown rice
This is the entire rice grain minus only the inedible husk The nutritious, high-fiber bran coating gives it its distinctive light tan color and nut-like flavor The presence of the bran means a shorter shelf life (about 6 months)
brown root rot fungus
fungus causing brown root rot in plants of the pea and potato and cucumber families
brown rot
any of certain fungous diseases of plants characterized by browning and decay of tissues
brown rot
Any of several plant diseases, especially a disease of peach, plum, apricot, cherry, and related plants, characterized by wilting and browning of the flowers and leaves and rotting of the fruits
brown rot gummosis
disease of citrus trees caused by the fungus Phytophthora citrophthora
brown sauce
bouillon or beef stock thickened with butter and flour roux and variously seasoned with herbs or Worcestershire etc
brown sauce
Chinese brown sauce: a sauce based on soy sauce
brown sauce
A sauce made from butter and flour browned together and stock
brown shirt
member of Hitler's storm troopers (wore brown uniforms)
brown snail
serious garden pest having a brown shell with paler zigzag markings; nearly cosmopolitan in distribution
brown soft scale
pest on citrus trees
brown study
a state of deep absorption or thoughtfulness
brown study
A state of deep thought
brown study
condition of being deeply stuck in one's own thoughts, immersion in thought
brown sugar
a type of sugar that is brown in colour and contains molasses
brown sugar
unrefined or only partly refined sugar
brown sugar
unprocessed or partially processed sugar
brown swiss
large hardy brown breed from Switzerland
brown thrasher
common large songbird of eastern United States having reddish-brown plumage
brown thrasher
A North American bird (Toxostoma rufum) related to the mockingbird and having a reddish-brown back and a dark-streaked breast
brown thrush
A common American singing bird (Harporhynchus rufus), allied to the mocking bird; also called brown thrasher
brown trout
A European freshwater game fish (Salmo trutta) that is dark olive to purple-black above and yellow-brown with reddish spots on the sides. It is naturalized in North America. Prized and wary European game fish (Salmo trutta, family Salmonidae) that is favoured for food. The species includes several varieties (e.g., the Loch Leven trout of Britain). The brown trout is recognized by the light-ringed black spots on its brown body. It has been transplanted to many areas of the world because it can thrive in warmer waters than most other trout. It grows to about 8 lbs (3.6 kg). Oceangoing individuals, called sea trout, are larger than freshwater forms and provide good sport, as do those that enter large lakes
brown trout
speckled trout of European rivers; introduced in North America
brown university
a university in Rhode Island
brown water
Shallow water
having hair of a dark color; "a dark-haired beauty"
to try to make someone in authority like you by being very nice to them - used in order to show disapproval
disapproval If you accuse someone of brown-nosing, you are saying in a rather offensive way that they are agreeing with someone important in order to get their support. Brown-nosing the power brokers won't save you
A surname, a spelling variant of Brown
A surname
Robert Browning, a poet
In Europe, a small, semi-automatic handgun. For the first half-century of their manufacturer, the majority of semi-automatic handguns in Europe were designed by John M. Browning
Charlie Brown
One of the main characters of the Peanuts cartoon strips by Charles Schulz. He is easily recognised by his lemon-shaped head and a yellow T-shirt with a jagged black stripe across it horizontally
Charlie Brown tree
A Christmas tree considered undesirable by normal standards, often small and sparse. Usually, this is a term of endearment

She liked to think of it as a Charlie Brown tree, worthy of pity, not just a plain old ugly tree.

Havana Brown
A chocolate-colored domestic cat breed, similar to the Siamese breed
North Island brown kiwi
A kiwi, Apteryx mantelli or Apteryx australis
North Island brown kiwis
plural form of North Island brown kiwi
Okarito brown kiwi
A recently identified species of kiwi, Apteryx rowi
Okarito brown kiwis
plural form of Okarito brown kiwi
Vandyke brown
A medium brown colour

Vandyke brown colour:.

Vandyke brown
Of a medium brown colour
Somewhat brown; having a brownish tinge