listen to the pronunciation of bawl
İngilizce - İngilizce
To wail; to give out a blaring cry
To shout or utter in a loud and intense manner
to proclaim by outcry
{v} to speak very loud, call out, cry aloud
A loud, prolonged cry; an outcry
cry loudly; "Don't bawl in public!"
To cry out with a loud, full sound; to cry with vehemence, as in calling or exultation; to shout; to vociferate
make a raucous noise
{f} cry out; cry; yell; scold
If you bawl, you shout in a very loud voice, for example because you are angry or you want people to hear you. When I came back to the hotel Laura and Peter were shouting and bawling at each other Then a voice bawled: `Lay off! I'll kill you, you little rascal!' He tried to direct the video like a fashion show, bawling instructions to the girls. = yell Bawl out means the same as bawl. Someone in the audience bawled out `Not him again!'
To cry loudly, as a child from pain or vexation
If you say that a child is bawling, you are annoyed because it is crying loudly. One of the toddlers was bawling, and the other had a runny nose. a bawling baby
To proclaim with a loud voice, or by outcry, as a hawker or town-crier does
cry loudly; "Don't bawl in public!" shout loudly and without restraint
shout loudly and without restraint
bawl out
To have a serious argument accompanied with shouting
bawl out
To deliver a loud, hard scolding or lecture; to reprimand

After a mistake like that, there wasn't much to do besides bawl out the offender and clean up.

bawl out
yell at, chew out; scold, rebuke; give what for
bawl out
censure severely or angrily; "The mother scolded the child for entering a stranger's car"; "The deputy ragged the Prime Minister"; "The customer dressed down the waiter for bringing cold soup"
Agent noun of bawl; one who bawls
{n} great noise, loud talking or crying
past of bawl
One who bawls
{i} crybaby
a loud weeper; "their new baby is a real bawler
loud cries made while weeping
{i} loud crying, weeping
present participle of bawl
third-person singular of bawl