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İngilizce - Türkçe
İngilizce - İngilizce
An act or instance of annulling
An invalidation of something, especially a legal contract
A state of having been annulled
Total destruction
A legal (notably judicial) declaration that a marriage is invalid; the procedure leading to it
A legal decree that makes a marriage null and void Under Minnesota law, a legal annulment (which is different than a religious annulment) is extremely difficult to obtain and usually requires that one of the parties lacked the capacity to consent to the marriage
A marriage is declared to be annulled where the law does not recognise it as a valid marriage (This is different to religious procedures for annulment Any inquiry about church granted annulments should be made through the relevant church ) •Annulment
a court's decision that a marriage is void; it never legally existed It is available only under certain limited circumstances
To make void; to cancel an event or judicial proceeding both retroactively and for the future Where, for example, a marriage is annulled, it is struck from all records and stands as having never transpired in law This differs from a divorce which merely cancels a valid marriage only from the date of the divorce A marriage annulled stands, in law, as if never performed
A legal decree that states that a marriage was never valid Has the legal effect of wiping out a marriage as though it never existed
A legal action that says your marriage was never legally valid because of unsound mind, incest, bigamy, being too young to consent, fraud, force, or physical incapacity
determination by the court that the marriage was invalid
more often associated with church or religion Florida law requires testimony that the marriage was never consummated A dissolution of marriage is normally preferable to annulment, since the result is the same
– legal dissolution of marriage that treats the marriage as if it never existed
the state of being cancelled or annulled
an order which nullifies the marriage, or declares that no marriage ever existed
– the legal dissolution of a marriage In an annulment, the marriage is treated as though it never existed
To make void or to cancel Appeal: To ask a more senior Court or person to review a decision of a subordinate Court or person
A legal decree that states that a marriage was never valid
The voiding of an act (marriage)
To make void or to cancel
(law) a formal termination (of a relationship or a judicial proceeding etc)
the act of abrogating; an official or legal cancellation
a case brought seeking to declare marriage void This is a legal action and not the type sought for religious reasons Grounds for annulment must have existed at the time of the marriage and include: bigamy, kinship, underage, impotency, false representation of pregnancy, incompetence, or duress
a marriage can be dissolved in a legal proceeding in which the marriage is declared void, as though it never took place In the eyes of the law, the parties were never married It is available only under certain limited circumstances
n The form of divorce practiced by those who classify divorce as mortal sin
A Decision by the Church, based on proof, that on the wedding
in the context of insolvency usually refers to the cancellation of a bankruptcy order
An order which nullifies a marriage, or declares that no marriage ever existed Also called declaration of invalidity or declaration of nullity
{i} cancellation; act of putting an end to
An invalidation; a declaration of something, especially a marriage or legal contract, as being invalid
The annulment of a contract or marriage is an official declaration that it is invalid, so that legally it is considered never to have existed. the annulment of the elections. Legal invalidation of a marriage. It announces the invalidity of a marriage that was void from its inception. It is to be distinguished from dissolution or divorce. To justify annulment, the marriage contract must have a defect (e.g., incompetence of one party because of age, insanity, or a preexisting marriage). Continued absence of one party may also justify annulment. Generally, annulment is easier if the marriage is unconsummated. Both secular law and Christian canon law have annulment procedures
The act of annulling; abolition; invalidation
plural of annulment