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İngilizce - İngilizce
One who performs a trick
A fraud (A person who performs a trick for the purpose of unlawful gain)
An impish or playful person
A mythological figure responsible for teaching others through the use of guile and treason
{n} one who tricks or cheats
One who tricks; a deceiver; a tricker; a cheat
A trickster is a person who deceives or cheats people, often in order to get money from them. someone who deceives or cheats people confidence trickster
someone who plays practical jokes on others
a mischevous supernatural being found in the folklore of many primitive people; sometimes distinguished by prodigious biological drives and exaggerated bodily parts
{i} person who plays tricks; rogue, crook, swindler, cheat
someone who leads you to believe something that is not true
trickster tale
In oral traditions worldwide, a story of deceit, magic, and violence perpetrated by a mythical animal-human (trickster). The trickster-hero is both creator god and innocent fool, evil destroyer and childlike prankster. Coyote, the trickster of tales from American Indian peoples in California and the Southwest, is one of the most widely known. In the Pacific Northwest, the trickster is Raven. Many African peoples also have tales about tricksters (hare, spider, tortoise, etc.), which slaves brought to the New World. Tales involving the trickster Brer Rabbit were given literary form by Joel Chandler Harris
confidence trickster
Someone who conducts a confidence game: who defrauds someone after winning his trust
three-card trickster
A con man who plays three-card monte
A trickster
plural of trickster



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    /ˈtrəkstər/ /ˈtrɪkstɜr/


    () Derived from trick +‎ -ster.

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