to speed

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İngilizce - Türkçe
hız yapmak
hız sınırını aşmak

Son sürat gitmek istiyorum. - I want to go full speed.

Ben azami sürat yapıyorum. - I'm doing the speed limit.


Ken hızdan dolayı 7.000 yen para cezasına çarptırıldı. - Ken was fined 7,000 yen for speeding.

Haydi Arianna, hızlan, yoksa asla oraya ulaşamayacağız! - Come on, Arianna, speed up or we'll never get there!

başarılı olmak
devir sayısı

Tom süreci hızlandırmak için elinden geleni yaptı. - Tom did his best to speed up the process.

hızlı olma
sürat yapmak
hız vermek
hız yapmak

Tom hız yapmaktan yakalandı. - Tom got caught speeding.

Sami hız yapmak nedeniyle durduruldu. - Sami was stopped for speeding.

hız kazandırmak

Hız limiti saatte 55 mil olmasına rağmen Tom çok daha hızlı sürüyordu. - Even though the speed limit was 55 miles per hour, Tom was driving much faster.

Hiçbir şey vakum içindeki ışık hızından daha hızlı seyahat edemez. - Nothing can travel faster than the speed of light in a vacuum.

çabuk gitmek
hız sınırını aşmak
hız,v.hız yap: n.hız
süratli gitmek
uğur getirmek
ışığa duyarlık
{f} yolunu açık etmek
eski uğur

Bir araba son hızla geçti. - A car passed by at top speed.

Tom yüksek hızla dar tünelden geçti. - Tom drove through the narrow tunnel at high speed.

hızla gitmek
çabuk gitme
{f} yolcu etmek
eski uğurlu kılmak
{i} uyarıcı
(Askeri) HIZ: Bak. "airspeed", "convoy speed", "critical speed", "declared speed", "endurance speed", "maximum sustained speed (transport vehicle) ", "scheduled speed", "speed of advance", "speed of sound"
{f} (sped/--ed) çabuk gitmek, hızla gitmek, süratle gitmek
İngilizce - İngilizce
To increase the rate at which something occurs

Such interventions can help to speed the process of reducing CBRs and help countries pass through the demographic transition threshold more quickly.

any amphetamine drug used as a stimulant, especially illegally, especially methamphetamine
To be under the influence of stimulant drugs, especially amphetamines
the rate of motion or action, specifically / the magnitude of the velocity; the rate distance is traversed in a given time
To help someone, to give them fortune

God speed, until we meet again.

To go fast, especially excessively fast

The Ferrari was speeding along the road.

To succeed; to prosper, be lucky

Aristotle must find out the motion of Euripus; Pliny must needs see Vesuvius; but how sped they? One loseth goods, another his life.

luck, success, prosperity
To exceed the speed limit

Why do you speed when the road is so icy?.

{v} to hasten, give or have success, assist, aid
{n} quickness, haste, dispatch, success, issue
If you speed somewhere, you move or travel there quickly, usually in a vehicle. Trains will speed through the Channel Tunnel at 186mph The engine noise rises only slightly as I speed along. = race
{f} cause to move quickly; accelerate; expedite, further; hurry, move quickly; drive faster than the legal speed limit; wish Godspeed to; succeed (Archaic)
Speed is a very fast rate at which something happens or is done. I was amazed at his speed of working. the sheer speed of the unification process
The act or state of moving swiftly; swiftness; velocity; rapidly; rate of motion; dispatch; as, the speed a horse or a vessel
Normally measured in surface feet per minute (sfpm) or surface meters per minute (smpm) - is the tangential velocity of the saw tooth
To hurry to destruction; to put an end to; to ruin; to undo
Rate of motion Ratio of travel distance and travel time
The number of revolutions per minute of the compressor shaft (060)
changing location rapidly
from raising a requisition to placing an order typically takes about 11 days1 in the NHS WANDER™ does it in two days A 15-20 minute paper-based requisition is now over in two to three minutes
to pick up speed: see pick
a rate (usually rapid) at which something happens; "the project advanced with gratifying speed"
To cause to be successful, or to prosper; hence, to aid; to favor
1 The relative ability of a lens to transmit light Measured by the largest aperture at which the lens can be used A fast lens has a larger maximum aperture and can transmit more light than a slow one 2 The relative sensitivity to light of photographic film See Film speed
To hasten to a conclusion; to expedite
The speed of something is the rate at which it moves or travels. He drove off at high speed With this type of camera, the shutter speed is fixed An electrical pulse in a wire travels close to the speed of light Wind speeds reached force five
To make haste; to move with celerity
To go; to fare
The rate of change in the phase of a constituent expressed in degrees per hour The speed is equal to 360° divided by the constituent period expressed in hours
distance travelled per unit time
changing location rapidly a rate (usually rapid) at which something happens; "the project advanced with gratifying speed" distance travelled per unit time travel at an excessive or illegal velocity; "I got a ticket for speeding
move faster; "The car accelerated"
the ratio of the focal length to the diameter of a (camera) lens system
cause to move faster; "He accelerated the car"
The speed of something is the rate at which it happens or is done. In the late 1850s the speed of technological change quickened Each learner can proceed at his own speed. = pace
To prosper, be lucky
travel at an excessive or illegal velocity; "I got a ticket for speeding"
{i} quickness; velocity; numerical indication of the sensitivity of film (Photography); transmission gear in a motor vehicle; amphetamine (Slang); something which appeals to a person (Slang)
To wish success or god fortune to, in any undertaking, especially in setting out upon a journey
distance travelled per unit time travel at an excessive or illegal velocity; "I got a ticket for speeding
Someone who is speeding is driving a vehicle faster than the legal speed limit. This man was not qualified to drive and was speeding. + speeding speed·ing He was fined for speeding last year
the sensitivity to light of film, plates
One who, or that which, causes or promotes speed or success
To be expedient
sets the number of sweeps between successive displays, and hence the animation rate Run long anneals at fast speeds, but watch individual spins adjust on the time scales of single sweeps (Restricted to positive integers )
There are several speeds Design speed; is the maximum safe speed that can be maintained over a specified section of highway when conditions are so favorable that the design features of the highway govern The design speed of a roadway dictates which geometric design standards are used such as stopping sight distance, radius of curves, and banking (superelevation) of road surfaces Operating speed; is the speed at which drivers are observed operating their vehicles Posted speed; is the maximum speed limit posted on a section of roadway using a regulatory sign TxDOT's Procedure for Establishing Speed Zones states that the posted speed "should be based primarily upon the 85th percentile speed when adequate speed samples can be secured " This method has also been the standard practice nationwide Speed limits can not be posted in excess of legislatively mandated speed limits "85th percentile speed" is the speed at or below which 85 percent of drivers are operating their vehicles
move very fast; "The runner zipped past us at breakneck speed"
To fare well; to have success; to prosper
In general, the rate of motion or distance per unit of time When used in conjunction with ECDIS, speed could be either
Prosperity in an undertaking; favorable issue; success
The rate f change in the phase of a constituent, usually expressed in degrees per hour The speed is equal to 360° divided by the constituent period expressed in hours
The rate of change of distance with time; the magnitude of velocity
The measure of how fast an object is moving; the rate of change of position per change in time
To cause to make haste; to dispatch with celerity; to drive at full speed; hence, to hasten; to hurry
n the rate or measure of motion of an object
the time rate of change of distance
but speeded for the phrasal verb
Speed is an illegal drug such as amphetamine which some people take to increase their energy and excitement. see also -speed
Time rate of motion
The distance traveled by an object divided by the time required to cover the distance
The speed at which information is read out of a pattern row by row For finer adjustments, tempo is used Normal speeds range from 3 to 8 This is the amount of frames that the player holds each row for before going on to the next
Speed is very fast movement or travel. Speed is the essential ingredient of all athletics He put on a burst of speed The car is quite noisy at speed
The time it takes to put information into memory or get information out of memory It is measured from the time that an address and proper control signals are given, until the information is stored or placed in the device's output(s) RAM speed is typically expressed in nanoseconds (lower is faster) for EDO and FPM, and in MHz (higher is faster) for SDR SDRAM, DDR, SDRAM, and RDRAM
Recognize the need to accommodate speed, including compressed product development cycles, faster customer response, as a competitive move
to speed

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