to obey

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İngilizce - Türkçe
itaat etmek

Ben o emirlere itaat etmek niyetindeyim. - I intend to obey those orders.

Emirlere itaat etmek zorundayız. - We have to obey orders.

{f} itaat etmek

İtaat etmekten başka bir seçenek yoktu. - There was no option but to obey.

Çocuklar ebeveynlerine itaat etmek zorundadır ve ebeveynler patronlarına itaat etmek zorundadır. - Children must obey their parents and parents must obey their employers.

{f} itaat etmek; -e uymak, -e riayet etmek
riayet etmek

Yasalara riayet etmek görevimizdir. - It is our duty to obey the law.

baş eğmek
(Politika, Siyaset) boyun eğmek
-e uymak
biat etmek

Trafik kurallarına uymak çok önemlidir. - It is very important to obey the traffic rules.

Kurallara uymak zorundayız. - We have to obey the rules.

denileni yapmak
{f} sadakât göstermek
tabi olmak
{f} söz dinlemek
İngilizce - İngilizce
To do as ordered by (a person, institution etc), to act according to the bidding of
To be obedient, compliant (to a given law, restriction etc.)

They were all taught by Triton, to obay / To the long raynes, at her commaundement .

To do as one is told
{v} to submit to, observe, regard
be obedient to
{f} comply; listen to, mind
To yield to the impulse, power, or operation of; as, a ship obeys her helm
To give obedience
To submit to the authority of; to be ruled by
To give ear to; to execute the commands of; to yield submission to; to comply with the orders of
If you obey a person, a command, or an instruction, you do what you are told to do. Cissie obeyed her mother without question Most people obey the law It was still Baker's duty to obey. to do what someone in authority tells you to do, or what a law or rule says you must do   disobey (obeir, from oboedire, from audire )
To do as ordered
to obey