listen to the pronunciation of thickset
İngilizce - İngilizce
Having a short, heavy build; stout
{n} fustian
{a} closely panted, near
A close or thick hedge
heavy and compact in form or stature; "a wrestler of compact build"; "he was tall and heavyset"; "stocky legs"; "a thick middle-aged man"; "a thickset young man"
Having a short, thick body; stout
Close planted; as, a thickset wood; a thickset hedge
A man who is thickset is broad and heavy, with a solid-looking body. He was of middle height, thick-set. his stout, thickset figure. = stocky. having a wide strong body = stocky
planted or growing close together; "thickset trees"
A stout, twilled cotton cloth; a fustian corduroy, or velveteen
planted or growing close together; "thickset trees
{s} sturdy, strong, solid