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The thematic and motivic works of Mozart and Schubert are basically quite similar. - Mozart ve Schubert'in tematik ve motivik çalışmaları temel olarak oldukça benzer.

relating to a melodic subject
relating to, or having a theme or a topic

He had a thematic collection of postage stamps with flags on them.

Of a word stem, ending in a vowel that appears in or otherwise influences the noun or verb's inflection
A postage stamp that is part of a thematic collection
A collection of stamps or covers relating to a specific topic The topic is expanded by careful inquiry and is presented as a logical story See also Topical
See Theme, n
Of or pertaining to the theme of a word
{s} of or pertaining to a theme
(Topic) The collecting of one subject on stamps, e g birds, mushrooms, computers, space, etc Also known as Topical
Organized set or system of subjects Topic, idea or proposal to develop Central topic of someone's comments, of a work of art Close
Relating to works of literature in which no characters are involved except the author and his audience, as in most lyrics and essays, or to works of literature in which internal characters are subordinated to an argument maintained by the author, as in allegories and parables; opposed to fictional
relating to or constituting a topic of discourse of or relating to a melodic subject
relating to or constituting a topic of discourse
(collection) A collection that relates to a specific theme, often arranged to present a logical and chronological story See also: topical
Of or pertaining to a theme, or subject
A unifying topic or subject transcending traditional subject boundaries
Thematic means concerned with the subject or theme of something, or with themes and topics in general. assembling this material into thematic groups. + thematically the·mati·cal·ly a thematically-linked threesome of songs. relating to a particular theme, or organized according to a theme
of or relating to a melodic subject
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