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İngilizce - Türkçe
{i} ders programı
öğretim izlencesi
(Askeri) öğretim programı
öğretim bağdarlaması
müfredat bağdarlaması
{i} ders özeti
öğretim izlence
{i} müfredat

Öğretmen birinci sınıfta bize müfredatın bir kopyasını verdi. - The teacher gave us a copy of the syllabus in the first class.

Müfredatta bir sürü savaş şiiri var. - There's lots of war poetry on the syllabus.

{i} karara bağlanmış dosyaya eklenen not
{i} liste
i., çoğ. --es (sîl'ıbısız)/ (sîl'ıbay) özet
(Dilbilim) izlek
(Askeri) cetvel
(Havacılık) program
(Dilbilim) izlence
syllabus design
(Dilbilim) izlence deseni
outline syllabus
(Askeri) ders planı
syllabus for
detailed syllabus
(Askeri) ayrıntılı eğitim programı
functional syllabus
(Dilbilim) işlevsel izlence
linear syllabus
(Dilbilim) sarmal izlence
structural syllabus
(Dilbilim) yapısal izlence
task syllabus
(Dilbilim) görev temelli izlence
İngilizce - İngilizce
A summary of topics which will be covered during an academic course, or a text or lecture
outline of a subject, course, lecture, or treatise
{n} an abstract, the heads of a lecture
A document students usually receive on the first day of a class, offering an overview of the course Often included in a syllabus is an outline of topics, assignments, grading requirements, and related course details
A course outline provided by instructors that lists course requirements, grading criteria, course content, expectations, and other relevant course information
The headnote of a reported case; the brief statement of the points of law determined prefixed to a reported case
An outline of the topics in an academic course
A description of an education and training program, the outcomes to be achieved and the evidence required to show that learners have achieved these outcomes
A list of course objectives, lecture topics, assigned readings, exams, etc , prepared and distributed by a professor at the beginning of the term
A syllabus is a document usually given out in the first class meeting It contains information of great importance to successfully completing a course, such as: the name, phone number and office hours of the professor; the text(s) to buy; the manner in which your grade will be computed; class policies on attendance, missed exams, late papers etc ; a listing of topics in sequential order with readings, exams times and dates; and just about anything else the instructor thinks you ought to know about the course Keep you syllabus safe and refer to it frequently if you have any questions on the topics it covers
an integrated course of academic studies; "he was admitted to a new program at the university"
A document providing a curriculum framework which a school uses in preparing a work program for a senior Category A (formerly Board) subject
A document provided by the instructor of a course that explains the course material, what students are expected to do, and how students will be graded/evaluated A syllabus may be printed or Web-based
Readings Resources Career References Instructor Global Economics MGT361
a written outline of a particular course including the requirements for the course
A compendium containing the heads of a discourse, and the like; an abstract
one or more written pages that the professor provides as a course outline; it will usually include due dates, assignments, grading and attendance policies
You can refer to the subjects that are studied in a particular course as the syllabus. the GCSE history syllabus
{i} summary outline stating the main points of a curriculum (or lecture, text, etc.)
A syllabus is an outline or summary of the subjects to be covered in a course. a plan that states exactly what students at a school or college should learn in a particular subject curriculum on a syllabus (from a mistaken reading of sittyba )
At the beginning of each course, you will receive a course syllabus or outline providing information on reading assignments, exam dates, the grading policy, and faculty office hours
(pl Syllabi) Language, General Language, Culture Communicative/Experiential are the four syllabi that are the main curriculum components
a document which describes the content to be taught in a given subject at a given grade level A syllabus comes from the curriculum, and contains topics, objectives, competencies, and a description of assessment
A document from an instructor containing a course outline, assignments, attendance and grading policies, and office hours The syllabus is usually handed out to students on the first day of class
A course syllabus is a guide that outlines the goals, content, prerequisites, materials, assignments and grading procedures for a course It often includes a course calendar that tells students when each topic will be covered and when the tests will take place It is crucial to honor the syllabus in that it serves as a kind of contract between the department, the instructor and the students
The opinion controls the syllabus, the latter being merely explanatory of the former
A written set of objectives and expectations prepared by the professor of each class
This is a document that specifies the units of which the course is composed, or the topics covered by a particular unit The syllabus is extremely useful for exam revision and as a means of keeping track of what you have covered or what you will need to cover in future You may wish to refer to this when choosing a particular course, as it can provide very detailed information regarding what the course will cover and what will be expected of you
Sequenced course material created by Symposium Course Builder Slides, videos, and quizzes are all available from the syllabus
An outline of topics covered in an academic course
a summary paragraph usually prepared by the court preceding the body of a reported case which in some jurisdictions is the black-letter law of the jurisdiction
changes in the syllabus
changes that occur in lesson plans after the official schedule is already made up
plural of syllabus
plural of syllabus



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    /ˈsələbəs/ /ˈsɪləbəs/


    [ -b&s ] (noun.) circa 1656. From Late Latin syllabus (“list”), a misreading of Ancient Greek σιττύβας (sittybas) (accusative plural of σιττύβα (sittyba, “parchment label, table of contents”) of unknown origin) in a 1470s edition of Cicero's "Ad Atticum" iv.5 and 8. This misprint of syttabas as syllabos was later wrongly related to the Greek noun συλλαβή "syllable".

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